Key Takeaways

  • Filament calculator: Enter the weight of your remaining spool and select the material to find out how much filament is left in grams and length.
  • Filament density: Different materials have different densities, which affect how many meters of filament are in a 1KG spool. PLA has a density of 1.24g/cm^3.
  • Filament length: A table in the article shows the lengths of filament for various materials, diameters, and spool weights. For example, 1KG of PLA that is 1.75mm has 335.3 meters.
  • Filament usage: Knowing the length and weight of your filament can help you budget your prints and avoid running out of filament mid-print. You can also request new materials to be added to the list.

Use the calculator below to work out how much filament you have left on a spool. Simply weigh your remaining spool, and select the material.

Our calculator will tell you how much filament is left in grams and length. The table below also shows popular spool sizes and lengths for filament over a variety of different materials. 

Filament Length Calculator

Basic Spool Weight Assumed to be 248g

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This is a comprehensive list of filament materials and their lengths on 500g, 750g, 1KG, and 3KG spools for both popular 1.75mm and 2.85mm sizes, based on each material’s density.

This should allow you to correctly budget your remaining filament for prints based on the remaining weight of your spool. So you can work out exactly how many meters of filament in a 1KG (or whatever size) spool you’re using. 

What is PLA Density g/cm3?

PLA Density is 1.24g/cm^3.

Here we explain the relationship between filament volume, density and length. Before we can ask how much filament is on a 1kg spool, we first need to know the weight of the empty spool. 

How Much Does an Empty Filament Spool Weigh?

For reference, our empty spools weigh 248g. And this is approximately an industry average.

Using this knowledge you can easily weigh your spool, to see how much filament in weight is left – and knowing the weight, diameter and density of the material, you can work out how much is left on your spool in meters.

How Long is 1kg of PLA Filament?

Wondering how many meters are in a KG of filament? We make it easy for you in the table below. 

Our filament calculator has been made to 6 decimal places, which should be accurate enough given that manufacturers’ resin densities are always rounded to just 2 decimal places.

These lengths are meant as an accurate guide only, not a guarantee of what you will have received on your spool from other suppliers. They are however a guarantee as to what you will have received from us, had you ordered filament from us.

You might be wondering how much does PLA weigh, or any other filament for that matter.

Well, we use a density figure to work out how many grams of filament in each cubic cm. This is represented as usually a figure just over 1. For example, the density of PLA filament is 1.24 grams per CM^3.

This means we know how many meters in a kilogram of PLA 1.75mm to be 335.3 meters. Or if you’re wondering how many grams in a meter is 1,000 Grams / 335 Meters = 2.98 grams per meter. 

To see how many meters is 1KG of filament, look under the 1KG spool column. Move left and right to see lengths for other spool weights.

How Long is a Spool of Filament

Filament Material / Density

500g Spool

750g Spool

1KG = How Many Meters

3KG Spool

PLA: 1.24g/cm3

1.75mm = 167.6m

2.85mm = 67.0m

1.75mm = 251.5m

2.85mm = 94.8m

1.75mm = 335.3m

2.85mm = 126.4m

1.75mm = 1005.9m

2.85mm = 379.3m

ABS: 1.04g/cm3

1.75mm = 199.9m

2.85mm = 75.4m

1.75mm = 299.8m

2.85mm = 113.0m

1.75mm = 399.8m

2.85mm = 150.7m

1.75mm = 1,199.3m

2.85mm = 452.1m

ASA: 1.07g/cm3

1.75mm = 194.3m

2.85mm = 73.3m

1.75mm = 291.5m

2.85mm = 109.9m

1.75mm = 388.6m

2.85mm = 146.5m

1.75mm = 1,165.8m

2.85mm = 439.5m

PETG: 1.27g/cm3

1.75mm = 163.7m

2.85mm = 61.7m

1.75mm = 245.6m

2.85mm = 92.6m

1.75mm = 327.4m

2.85mm = 123.4m

1.75mm = 982.2m

2.85mm = 370.2m

Nylon: 1.08g/cm3

1.75mm = 192.5m

2.85mm = 72.6m

1.75mm = 288.8m

2.85mm = 108.9m

1.75mm = 385m

2.85mm = 145.1m

1.75mm = 1,155m

2.85mm = 435.4m



1.75mm = 173.2m

2.85mm = 65.3m

1.75mm = 260m

2.85mm = 98m

1.75mm = 346.5m

2.85mm = 130.6m

1.75mm = 1039.4m

2.85mm = 391.9m

HIPS: 1.07g/cm3

1.75mm = 194.3m

2.85mm = 73.3m

1.75mm = 291.5m

2.85mm = 109.9m

1.75mm = 388.6m

2.85mm = 146.5m

1.75mm = 1,165.8m

2.85mm = 439.5m

 PVA: 1.19g/cm3

1.75mm = 174.7m

2.85mm = 65.9m

1.75mm = 262m

2.85mm = 98.8m

1.75mm = 349.4m

2.85mm = 131.7m

1.75mm = 1,048.1m

2.85mm = 395.2m

 TPU/TPE: 1.20g/cm3

1.75mm = 173.2m

2.85mm = 65.3m

1.75mm = 260m

2.85mm = 98m

1.75mm = 346.5m

2.85mm = 130.6m

1.75mm = 1039.4m

2.85mm = 391.9m

PMMA: 1.18g/cm3

1.75mm = 176.2m

2.85mm = 66.4m

1.75mm = 264.2m

2.85mm = 99.6m

1.75mm = 352.3m

2.85mm = 132.8m

1.75mm = 1,057m

2.85mm = 398.5m

CopperFill: 3.90g/cm3

1.75mm = 53.3m

2.85mm = 20.1m

 1.75mm = 80m

2.85mm = 30.1m

 1.75mm = 106.6m

2.85mm = 40.2m

1.75mm = 319.8m

2.85mm = 120.6m

Now You Can Work Out How Much Filament is on a Roll

We hope this list of lengths based on weight and density is useful to you. Now you know how many meters of ABS in a 1KG spool. Or you’ll know the answer to how much can you print with 1KG of filament. 

Please comment below if you have any questions, and feel free to provide any constructive feedback if you feel we’ve missed anything. We hope this tool allows you to easily calculate how much filament is on a 1KG spool.

Alternatively, there might be a material we’ve missed, so you cannot work out the length of filament in a 1KG spool – if yours isn’t mentioned, please let us know. 

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