3DSourced Has Acquired Rigid.Ink

We’re very pleased to announce that we have struck a deal to acquire rigid.ink, and all the excellent content that the rigid.ink team have posted over the years will now be hosted on our site.

Founded in 2014, rigid.ink was known throughout the industry for manufacturing and selling some of the highest-quality 3D printer filament around – and at a time when 3D printing was still in its infancy, and getting ahold of reliable filament was a real struggle.

More recently, rigid.ink stopped selling filament, with the founding team focusing on their 3D printing educational platform, IO3DP. Over the time they operated, they posted excellent content on different aspects of 3D printing, from their ultimate 3D printing troubleshooting guide, to how to unclog your extruder or nozzle, and much more.

We have agreed on a deal to host that excellent on our site, and to keep it updated as changes and advances occur in the industry, as part of our commitment to being the most informative 3D printing site on the web. All the content from the rigid.ink site is available within this section of our site, and you can view all the posts previously on that site below.

Rigid.Ink Content

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