AnyCubic has unveiled an array of can’t-miss deals on its high-quality printers and accessories.

With discounts soaring up to 35%, enthusiasts and professionals alike have the perfect opportunity to upgrade or start their 3D printing journey.

Top Picks from AnyCubic’s Sale

03/07/2024 05:19 pm GMT

These deals are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re looking for the massive build volume of the Photon M3 Max or the precision of the Photon Mono X 6Ks there’s a deal for every maker.

03/07/2024 05:11 pm GMT

Mark your calendars! These deals are live from February 26th, 00:00 AM PST until March 10th, 11:59 PM PST.

Photon Series: Precision Meets Affordability

The Photon Series is renowned for its stellar precision and ease-of-use, making it a favorite across the 3D printing community.

The standout, Photon Mono X 6Ks, offers remarkable 6K resolution for enthusiasts and professionals seeking extraordinary detail in their prints.

Photon Mono X 6Ks
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03/07/2024 05:11 pm GMT

Kobra Series: Versatility in 3D Printing

The Kobra Series embodies versatility and reliability, offering a model for every level of expertise and ambition.

The Kobra 2 Pro, the series’ top pick, stands out with advanced features for detailed and complex projects.

Kobra 2 Pro
$399.99 $259.99
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03/07/2024 05:14 pm GMT
  • Kobra 2: Speed and quality at 30% off.
  • Kobra 2 Neo: Budget-friendly option at 33% off.
  • Kobra 2 Plus: Large and in charge with 33% off.
  • Kobra 2 Max: Go big with another 33% off.
  • Kobra 2 Pro: Professional-grade printing at a 35% reduced price.
  • Kobra Max: Your maxed-out printing solution with a 31% saving.

Post-Processing Equipment: The Finishing Touch

The Wash&Cure series from AnyCubic complements the printing process by bringing efficiency to post-processing.

Leading the pack, the Wash&Cure Max offers an expansive size for washing and curing, accommodating larger prints.

Wash & Cure Max
$419.99 $329.98
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03/07/2024 05:30 pm GMT

It represents AnyCubic’s vision for a seamless 3D printing experience, ensuring that your prints emerge not only well-crafted but also with a professional finish, simplifying the transition from the printer bed to the display shelf.

  • Wash&Cure 3: Clean and cure with a 27% discount.
  • Wash&Cure 3 Plus: Larger models require the Plus, so this 30% discount is super handy
  • Wash&Cure Max: The ultimate post-processing companion at 22% off.

Savings on Supplies

Don’t miss out on the essentials. Standard and specialty resins, along with a variety of filaments, are also seeing price slashes. Stock up on Standard Resin or grab the durable Water Wash Resin at a 25% discount.

AnyCubic’s offerings are a blend of quality, affordability, and innovation, and with these deals, the barrier to entry has never been lower. Check out their full range on Amazon and find the perfect match for your 3D printing needs.

But hurry, these deals are only available from February 26th to March 10th. Check out AnyCubic’s Amazon storefront and secure these bargains before time runs out!

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