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MSLA vs SLA: The Main Differences

SLA (Stereolithography) and MSLA (Masked Stereolithography) are two common types of resin 3D printing technologies, both using UV light to solidify liquid resin. The key difference between MSLA and SLA is that … Read more

3D Printing Yourself – How to Print a Mini You!

Self-portraiture has been an art form for as long as art has existed. Sketching, painting, and photography have all been used to capture the self from their inception. This practice eventually came … Read more

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Download our FREE 3D Printing Technologies eBook!

At 3DSourced we’re dedicated to creating the most informative 3D printing content. Part of this involves detailed guides on how 3D printing works, and we have written several guides on how different … Read more

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Every 3D Printing Stock & Share Price Publicly Traded 2023

In the early 2000s there were hardly any 3D printing stocks to buy; the industry was not large enough for companies to go public. Stratasys was the first 3D printing stock you … Read more

Directed Energy Deposition Thumbnail

Directed Energy Deposition (DED): A Complete Guide

Directed Energy Deposition (DED) — sometimes just Direct Energy Deposition — is a metal 3D printing technology offering key advantages in larger metal part creation. Similar to other metal 3D printing methods, … Read more

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The 10 Main Types of 3D Printer Explained

This article will familiarize you with the 10 main types of 3D printer, including both plastic and metal 3D printing technologies: Here’s a brief overview: Type of 3D Printer Price Speed Complexity … Read more

sla vs dlp vs lcd 3d printing

SLA vs DLP vs LCD 3D Printing: Which Is Best?

Stereolithography (SLA), Digital Light Processing (DLP), and LCD are three very similar resin 3D printing technologies. They all use photopolymer resins in a resin tank, and cure the resin to form solid … Read more

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The Complete Guide to Lost Wax Casting and Wax 3D Printing

Most 3D printing technologies are direct; they directly create the finished object with no casting or further steps needed. These include Fused Deposition Modeling, Stereolithography, and many more. However, one lesser-known technique … Read more

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Electron Beam Melting: Everything You Need To Know About EBM 3D Printing

Electron Beam Melting is one of the main metal 3D printer technologies, having been commercialized by Arcam in recent years. It’s similar to Direct Metal Laser Sintering, though with one key difference … Read more

Direct Metal Laser Sintering DMLS 3D Printing guide cover

Direct Metal Laser Sintering: Everything To Know About DMLS 3D Printing

Direct Metal Laser Sintering is the most widely used metal 3D printing technology. Many major valuable 3D printing companies including 3D Systems, SLM Solutions, Concept Laser and EOS sell DMLS metal 3D … Read more

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Material Jetting (PolyJet) 3D Printing: Everything You Need To Know

PolyJet / Material Jetting is a 3D printing technology which has been around for 20 years. It’s very similar to standard inkjet printing, just with each printed layer stacking up to make … Read more

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Binder Jetting 3D Printing: Everything You Need To Know

Binder Jetting is a lesser known but versatile 3D printing technology which has applications in a variety of industries. Binder Jetting is similar to Selective Laser Sintering in that it requires powder on … Read more

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Stereolithography: Everything You Need To Know About SLA 3D Printing

Stereolithography, or SLA, was the first 3D printing process invented, the first patent having been filed in 1984 by Charles Hull and granted in 1986. Since then, SLA has become a dominant … Read more

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Multi Jet Fusion: Everything You Need To Know About MJF 3D Printing

Pioneered by HP, one of the most valuable 3D printing companies, and boasting performance numbers never previously seen in 3D printing, it’s no wonder Multi Jet Fusion has been adopted so quickly. … Read more

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Selective Laser Sintering: Everything You Need To Know About SLS 3D Printing

Selective Laser Sintering is one of the main 3D printing technologies used, though SLS 3D printers have been around since the late 1980s. Along with fused deposition modeling and stereolithography, SLS has … Read more

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Fused Deposition Modeling: Everything You Need To Know About FDM 3D Printing

Fused Deposition Modeling (also known as FDM), is the most commonly used 3D printing technology for everyday makers and consumers. In this article, 3DSourced explain: the history of FDM; how to set … Read more

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The Complete Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printing Guide

Digital Light Processing technology is one of the most interesting 3D printing technologies out there. It’s also the only one to achieve mainstream usage in other industries — the tech is used … Read more

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FDM vs SLA 3D Printing: Which Is Best For You?

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) and Stereolithograpy (SLA) are two of the most commonly used and well-known 3D printing technologies. But which is better? This guide is also part of our FREE 3D … Read more