About 3DSourced

3DSourced was founded in 2017 with one overarching goal: to be the world’s most informative 3D printing source.

We’ve since interviewed some of the biggest figures in the history of 3D printing, from Dr Adrian Bowyer, founder of the RepRap movement, to Dr Behrokh Khoshnevis, the inventor of 3D house printing.

If you’re a 3D printing fan with a penchant for writing, and you’re interested in writing for us, read through our write for us guidelines and get in contact.


Scott Hamill

I’m Scott, a professional writer currently living in Edinburgh. My interest in 3D printing began when a college peer of mine was building his own as part of his Masters degree. Since then I’ve become very involved with 3D printing, ever fascinated by its seemingly endless potential.

I’ve written extensively for 3DSourced on everything from feature stories on 3D printing in the automotive industry, to round-ups of the coolest STL files for certain types of prints to save you time on your next project! I’ve also written about CNC projects for CNCSourced.

You can view my full author profile and all my articles here.

Tom Bardwell

Tom Bardwell is a contributor and the newest face here at 3DSourced.com. With several years of writing about and sharing his keen interest in 3D printing under the belt, Tom is often found tending to his growing fleet of 3D printers, such as the new Anycubic Kobra, and other DIY oddities.

Meg Reichenbach

Meg’s a freelance writer and CNC hobbyist who enjoys tinkering with 3D printers as well as laser engravers in creative pursuits. 

Her interests lie less in DIY and focus more on applications that highlight useability and intuitive interactions, so you’ll find her fawning over the latest Prusa 3D printers and putting “beginner-friendly” platforms to the test.

You can view my full author profile and all my articles here.

Sammy Ekaran

I’m a technical writer who specializes in writing content on 3D printing and 3D modeling, having previously worked for SelfCAD, a browser-based 3D CAD design software company.

I’ve also worked with companies such as Endurance Lasers in the past, and I’ve written for a number of other 3D printing publications, including All3dp, 3druck, and many others. I have a Bachelors’s degree in Information Technology.

You can view my full author profile and all my articles here.

Max A.

Originally from Leicester, UK, I’m a current maths Ph.D. student studying at a university in the North of England. I’m fascinated by the latest tech, especially with how 3D printers turn 3D drawings into tangible objects, and I’ve tested printers such as the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, and Sovol SV04 for 3DSourced.

You can view my full author profile and all my articles here.

Our Values – TIPE

3DSourced bases its actions on its four overriding values – T.I.P.E.


We take care to present information without bias, and we turn down business if we feel we could not genuinely recommend the product. Therefore, if we ever promote or recommend a product, it is because we truly believe in the company, the product, and the technology. What is the value of work without integrity?

We do include affiliate links for 3D printers we recommend, and are an Amazon Associate among other programs, but only recommend products we feel are of high quality.


We aim to showcase some of the most exciting, inspirational and extraordinary developments in the 3D printing sector, and further people’s interest in this growing technology. We believe 3D printing will become more and more impactful in the coming years, and intend to help democratize it further by inspiring curious minds.

Provide Value

We focus only on publishing the highest quality content possible — that is what the 3DSourced brand is built on. We always try to go above and beyond with our research, and never cut corners in our content writing process. We would be doing a disservice to ourselves, as well as our readers, if we ever published anything that wasn’t our absolute best.


At 3DSourced, our purpose is to educate people on the current state and future of 3D technologies. We take care to provide bias-free and accurate information to provide the maximum education to our readers. If you leave our website without any additional insights, we have failed in our mission.

Bringing 3D Printing Info To The Masses

We aim to become the premier resource for 3D printing fans, makers, and businesses all over the world for the latest and best 3D printing news.

More than that, we strive to create the most comprehensive guides to 3D printers, 3D printing technologies, 3D software, 3D scanners, 3D printing services, 3D printer manufacturers, and more.

We believe wholeheartedly in 3D printing, and want to help bring 3D printing to the world’s attention.

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