Editorial Policy

3DSourced is committed to the highest editorial and ethical standards in creating content related to 3D printing and related industries such as 3D printers, 3D printing accessories, and 3D software.

We live through our TIPE values, which you can read here, as well as on our About page, and our Code of Ethics.

Our TIPE Values

TIPE stands for Transparency, Inspire, Provide value, and Educate.


We take care to present information without bias, and we turn down business if we feel we could not genuinely recommend the product. Therefore, if we ever promote or recommend a product, it is because we truly believe in the company, the product, and the technology. What is the value of work without integrity?

We do include affiliate links for 3D printers and 3D printing accessories and supplies we recommend, and are an Amazon Associate among other programs, but only recommend products we feel are of high quality.

Read more about how we do our hands-on product reviews.


We aim to showcase some of the most exciting, inspirational and extraordinary developments in the 3D printing sector, and further people’s interest in this growing technology. We believe 3D printing will become more and more impactful in the coming years, and intend to help democratize it further by inspiring curious minds.

Provide Value

We focus only on publishing the highest quality content possible — that is what the 3DSourced brand is built on. We always try to go above and beyond with our research, and never cut corners in our content writing process. We would be doing a disservice to ourselves, as well as our readers, if we ever published anything that wasn’t our absolute best.


At 3DSourced, our purpose is to educate people on the current state and future of 3D printing. We take care to provide bias-free and accurate information to provide the maximum education to our readers. If you leave our website without any additional insights, we have failed in our mission.

Our Editorial Process

Stage 1: Investigation

The information that grounds our materials is sourced from the firsthand encounters of individuals engaged in sector-specific content. To amalgamate this data and offer users a comprehensive and objective collection of content on a given topic, we mandate our content creators to reference peer-reviewed studies. In-house, we’ve established a methodology to categorize varying kinds of research documentation based on their credibility.

For insights from firsthand experiences, they liaise with individuals who have immediate and ongoing familiarity with 3D printing-specific content, established non-profit organizations with acknowledged proficiency and dedicated focus, and those who a certain subject or concern might directly impact.

Stage 2: Production

Once a piece of content has been drafted, it is edited by a member of the 3DSourced editorial team:

It is checked for:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Balance
  3. Accessibility
  4. Tone

Written content is then passed on to the website Editor to be checked for:

  1. Any factual errors
  2. Spelling
  3. Grammar
  4. Consistency with our editorial guidelines
  5. Overall presentation and layout
  6. Clarity

Stage 3: Approval of Guidelines

The CEO needs to give a green light to our guidelines before they are displayed on the web.

Stage 4: Assessment of Material

The material on the 3DSourced site (3DSourced.com) undergoes regular scrutiny. The primary material is assessed multiple times yearly, while content that is less prone to updates in information and proof is evaluated at a minimum biennially.

Feedback from users and interested parties regarding the live content is taken into account as it comes in daily. If needed, the content gets an immediate re-evaluation and update.

Stage 5: Appeals procedure

Should there be an unexpected grievance regarding web material that the chief editor cannot address, the issue will be forwarded to the the Head Editor.

3DSourced is committed to the highest standards of integrity in all of our business practices. We have adopted this Code of Ethics to guide our employees and contractors in conducting business legally, ethically, and responsibly.

As well as these Code of Ethics, we are also committed to our TIPE values.

Code of Ethics

Honesty and fairness

We uphold transparency and integrity in every interaction with clients, staff, and collaborators. We refrain from mischaracterizing our offerings or making false claims. We steer clear of any actions or behaviors that may be perceived as deceitful or unjust.

Conflicts of interest

We steer clear of scenarios where our individual or corporate agendas might clash with the priorities of others or our obligation to provide unbiased services. Both employees and contractors make known any genuine or potential conflicts of interest.


We safeguard the private details of our clients, staff, and collaborators and only reveal this information when mandated or allowed by legal statutes.

You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

Compliance with laws

We adhere to all relevant legal standards and anticipate that our employees and contractors will be acquainted with and abide by the legal prerequisites pertinent to our operations.

Protection of company assets

We protect the company’s assets and resources, ensuring their use is lawful, moral, and solely for valid business objectives.

Diversity and inclusion

We value diversity and inclusion in our workforce and business partners. We respect and celebrate the differences among people, cultures, and perspectives. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying based on protected characteristics such as age, disability, gender identity, race, religion, or sexual orientation.


We are dedicated to running our enterprise with responsibility and sustainability in mind. We weigh the environmental, societal, and financial outcomes of our choices and deeds. We aim to reduce any adverse effects and enhance our positive influence on the community.

These tenets are foundational to all our activities and signify our pledge to operate within legal, ethical, and responsible boundaries. Breaches of this Code will face corrective measures, potentially leading to the cessation of employment or business ties.