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  • Award-Winning 3D Printing Publisher: Renowned in the field since 2017, recognized for excellence and innovation in 3D printing, 3D scanning, and related technologies.
  • Hands-On Trusted Reviews of the Latest 3D Printers: We've tested more than 25 3D printers on our website, with hands-on benchmark testing to help you pick the best 3D printer for your specific needs.
  • Pioneer in Democratizing 3D Technologies: Committed to making 3D printing accessible worldwide, with a focus on educating hobbyists and covering industrial advancements.
  • Widely Referenced and Respected: Featured in prestigious publications like the New York Times, Business Insider, and referenced by major organizations like HP, Siemens, and Wikipedia.


At 3DSourced, we are dedicated to the world of 3D printing, striving to bring the latest and most reliable information in this rapidly evolving field. Our mission is to educate and inspire both hobbyists and professionals in the 3D printing community. We simplify complex technical concepts to make 3D printing more accessible to everyone, from beginners to industry experts. Our content is a trusted resource, referred to by leading names like the New York Times and Wikipedia, and utilized by industry giants such as HP and Siemens. Each month, over 200,000 readers turn to us for the latest guides and tricks in 3D printing, and our newsletter reaches thousands of subscribers, keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements.

Additional Roles

As a leader in the field, 3DSourced not only publishes authoritative content but also actively participates in educating the community. We provide comprehensive guides and tips, helping our readers to excel in 3D printing. Our influence extends beyond our website, contributing significantly to the broader conversation on 3D technologies in various online platforms and forums.

Writing Philosophy

Our approach to content creation is rooted in a deep passion for 3D technologies and a commitment to sharing knowledge. We believe in democratizing technology, breaking down barriers to access and understanding. Our content is crafted to be both informative and engaging, ensuring that it resonates with a diverse range of readers, from enthusiastic hobbyists to industry professionals.

Future Projects and Goals

Looking forward, 3DSourced aims to expand its reach and impact in the 3D printing community. We are continuously exploring new ways to bring cutting-edge information and insights to our audience, staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Our goal is to remain a leading voice and trusted authority in the world of 3D printing and related technologies.

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