In the early 2000s there were hardly any 3D printing stocks to buy; the industry was not large enough for companies to go public.

Stratasys was the first 3D printing stock you could buy, having gone public in 1994, selling 1.38 million shares to raise around $5.7M. Other big 3D printing companies to go public include 3D Systems in 2011 on the New York Stock Exchange

Here are all the publicly traded 3D printing companies, with their share prices, market caps and areas of specialty listed, along with some company information. Not all the featured companies act solely in the 3D printing industry — though any company with a sizable portion of its revenue related to 3D printing was included.

However, not all large 3D printer companies are traded publicly. For a comprehensive list of all companies in 3D printing, check our list of the most valuable 3D printing companies.

Note: Stock prices are taken from 26th Feb 2021. Share prices and market caps will fluctuate beyond this time, but we will endeavor to update this list as often as we can.

Desktop Metal

  • Stock exchange: NYSE
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $4.68b
  • 3D printing share price: $19.42
  • Area of 3D printing: metal 3D printing

Despite being founded in late 2015, Desktop Metal has already grown to multi-billion dollar valuations, having originally listed on the New York Stock Exchange at a $2.5bn valuation for $10 per share.

The American company has taken hundreds of millions in investment, and aims to make carbon fiber and metal 3D printing as accessible as possible for engineers, designers and manufacturers.

desktop metal 3d printer stock


  • 3D printing stock market cap: To list at $2.1b
  • Area of 3D printing: metal and composite 3D printing

Formed in 2013 by Greg Mark, Markforged very recently announced a SPAC merger with ONE to list at a $2.1b valuation.

Markforged print with composite materials like carbon fiber to produce extremely durable parts, and have moved into metal 3D printing since. This merger is due to close in summer 2021.


3D Systems

The original 3D printer company, and industry legend of over 30 years, 3D printing would likely not be where it is now without 3D Systems.

Three decades after releasing the first ever 3D printer — the SLA-1, utilizing stereolithography technologies — 3D Systems are still a leading name in the industry. They’ve expanded into Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Selective Laser Sintering, and more as the company continues to innovate and grow.

3d systems printer range
3D Systems’ 3D printer range.


  • Stock exchange: NASDAQ
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $1.86b
  • 3D printing share price: $33.68
  • Area of 3D printing: FDM 3D printers, PolyJet, Lost Wax Casting

Like 3D Systems, Stratasys also have over 30 years 3D printing experience, having launched the first ever FDM 3D printer — the 3D Modeler — back in the early 1990s.

Since then, Stratasys have moved into Polyjet among other 3D printing technologies having merged with Object Geometries, as well as buying Makerbot for around $400M in stock.

Additionally, Stratasys run Stratasys Direct, a 3D printing service; and SolidScape, a jewelry 3D printer manufacturer.

stratasys 3d printer range

Proto Labs

  • Stock exchange: NYSE
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $4.07B
  • 3D printing share price: $145.06
  • Area of 3D printing: 3D printing service

Proto Labs don’t make their own 3D printers, but instead offer a 3D printing service as well as services in CNC milling and injection molding.

Now employing over 1,000 staff across Europe, Japan and North America and a share market cap in the billions, Proto Labs is undoubtedly one of the most successful companies to operate in the 3D printing industry.

It’s important to note however that despite the large share capital, not all of Proto Labs’ sales are in the 3D printing industry — in their reported Q3 2019 earnings only an estimated 13.4% of revenues came from 3D printing.

Proto labs also recently acquired 3D printing service 3D Hubs for a total $280m, consisting of $130m cash and $150m Proto Labs stock, in what they are calling the biggest ever digital manufacturing deal.

proto labs 3d printing stock

Materialise NV

  • Stock exchange: NASDAQ
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $2.30b
  • 3D printing share price: $42.53
  • Area of 3D printing: professional 3D software, manufacturing & marketplace

The first European 3D printing stock on our list — despite being listed on the NASDAQ exchange — Belgian company Materialise sell 3D software for manufacturing and use in the medical industry, as well as operating online platform i.materialise.

i.materialise is very interesting as, in a similar vein to Shapeways, it allows budding designers to upload their 3D models, and when customers order, Materialise fulfill the order and the designer gets a commission.

Combining both this consumer market with the B2B software and manufacturing market has proven successful for Materialise NV, with their share capitalization in the billions of dollars.

materialise nv 3d printing stock


Autodesk are undoubtedly a software giant — and with a market cap of over $30B, their immense success is undeniable.

The American company makes 3D CAD software tools for almost every industry, encompassing rapid prototyping, industrial manufacturing, architecture, as well as making phone apps for for basic endeavors. Fusion 360 is commonly used to create 3D printer files.

Autodesk’s product list is almost endless: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mobile, Civil 3D, Fusion 360, and Maya are just some of the software options you can purchase from the American company. It’s worth noting however that not all Autodesk’s products involve 3D printing, but the company has close enough ties to include.

autodesk 3d printing stock
Autodesk 3D software has applications in almost every sector, including designs for gaming.


  • Stock exchange: NYSE
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $36.36b
  • 3D printing share price: $29.09
  • Area of 3D printing: Multi Jet Fusion and Metal Jet 3D printers

HP are well known as a leader in desktop computers, but are lesser known for some of the innovation HP have brought to the additive manufacturing sector in the last two years.

Utilizing their patented Multi Jet Fusion technology, HP have released a number of industrial 3D printers capable of printing in full-color, including their Jet Fusion 4200, 5200, and Metal Jet models. Though it’s difficult to tell how much of HP’s $20B+ valuation is down to 3D printing, HP are undoubtedly one of the most innovative companies currently in the industry.

hp 3d printing stock


  • Stock exchange: NASDAQ
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $89.32m
  • 3D printing stock price: $12.69
  • Area of 3D printing: 3D bioprinting

We’ve previously covered Organovo in our 3D bioprinting and 3D printed organs feature story. Organovo work on created 3D printed tissues which can be used to fight diseases, and overcome some of the current difficulties in transplants such as rejection by the host.

Despite at one point being valued at $500M, Organovo’s share price has dwindled of late. Hopefully the bioprinting company can turn it around and find success.

organovo 3d printing stock
Organovo 3D bioprinters can create living tissues that form parts of organs.

Robo 3D

***We cannot find any new information on Robo 3D and current stock prices. This current data is from April 2020.

Robo 3D are another fast-growing, US-based desktop 3D printer brand, and currently sell a range of low cost printers, including their C2, R2 and E3 printers.

Recently, Robo 3D has acquired education startup MyStemKits, and now sell a variety of education kits featuring their Robo E3 3D printer, along with online training guides, filament and everything else necessary to teach a class full of children about additive manufacturing.

robo 3d r2 3d printing stock
The Robo R2, one of Robo 3D’s most successful printers.

Nano Dimension

  • Stock exchange: TLV
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $2.41b
  • 3D printing share price: $9.79
  • Area of 3D printing: industrial 3D printing

Israel-based Nano Dimension are unique in the 3D printing industry in that they do not make 3D printers that only attempt to print plastics, or metal. Instead, they simultaneously print any polymers necessary for structure with the conductive metals to form functioning electronics.

nano dimension circuit board 3d printer
Nano Dimension’s Dragonfly 3D printer can print basic circuit boards.


  • Stock exchange: NYSE
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $90.37m
  • 3D printing share price: $16.42
  • Area of 3D printing: Metal 3D printers

We’ve previously discussed Voxeljet in our metal 3D printer write up, with the company showing impressive expansion across Germany, the UK, and setting up Voxeljet China. Since then, the company has kept up with its track record of innovation, releasing the VX4000 — the largest 3D printer in the world, according to Voxeljet.

voxeljet 3d printing stock
A group of Voxeljet VX1000 3D printers.


  • Stock exchange: NASDAQ
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $704.66m
  • 3D printing share price: $33.00
  • Area of 3D printing: Binder Jetting

ExOne are an industry leader in binder jetting 3D printers, capable of printing not just in metal but also in sand and ceramic 3D printing.

Based now in Pittsburgh, USA, ExOne was founded in 2005, and has grown to offer sand and metal 3D printers, as well as a service to produce high quality metal parts on demand.

exone 3d printing stock
The ExOne S-MAX Pro

Conformis — Medical 3D Printing Stock

  • Stock exchange: NASDAQ
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $170.85m
  • 3D printing share price: $0.97
  • Area of 3D printing: 3D printed knee replacements

Conformis is a very interesting company, pioneering 3D printed knee replacements. They are made using CT scans which are then 3D printed exactly to the patient’s specifications, reducing discomfort and movement difficulties.

conformis 3d printing stock


  • Stock exchange: TSX.
  • 3D printing share price: $0.10 CAD
  • 3D printing stock market cap: $5.21m CAD
  • Area of 3D printing: cheap 3D printers, focused on education

Tinkerine is a Canandian 3D printer company — and Canada’s first publicly traded 3D printer company — focused on education through what they call ‘Applied Creativity’, effectively learning through being creative and exploring.

Their range of 3D printers include their DittoPro range, and they also have a range of online courses and other helpful resources within their Tinkerine U education platform.

tinkerine 3d printing stock

These are all the 3D printing stocks publicly traded, though more companies will likely go public in the future. We’ll keep this list updated as new companies launch the latest 3D printing company stock to keep you informed.

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