Best Small Things to 3D Print - Easy & Quick Pieces

3D printing small stuff is a fun and resourceful way to make sure your free filament sample leftover materials don’t go to waste.

There are plenty of cool small 3D prints you can produce with only around 30g worth of filament, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tiny prints that are useful if you’re lacking a little inspiration.

My Top Tiny 3D Prints

Tiny Ship

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: drcameron
  • Price: Free

This tiny ship is an adorably small 3D print that’s perfect for pools or park ponds.

Making a floating boat can be tricky do to from scratch, as everything from the design to the infill settings need to be just right to make sure the boat floats even when in motion.

Luckily, this project comes with simple printing instructions that are easy to follow – even for beginners.

Just remember that even though this is a small print, it does use electric components near water. So be sure to water seal the ship and make sure all electronics are in good condition and installed carefully.

Pocket Smartphone Stand

Phone stands that attach to your smartphone’s case are common, but quite bulky. While there are some slimmer alternatives out there, few are more convenient and easy to carry around than this one.

Small 3D Prints Phone Stand

The beauty of this 3D printed phone stand is in its simplicity. It’s a universal shape that most devices will comfortably lean on, making watching YouTube videos or video calling easier.

3D Printed Tiny Ricks

Fans of the show Rick and Morty will recognize ‘Tiny Rick’, but this isn’t the de-aged genius from the show. Instead, these are 2 different miniature models of the show’s titular nihilistic scientist.

3D printed Tiny Rick comes as either drunk or happy, and even have a base and mini portal gun. If you’re a real fan of the show, you’ll be happy to know that the designer has made small versions of other characters like Morty and Mister Meeseeks too!


  • Example: Thingiverse 
  • Designer: Phochan
  • Price:  Free

UK Robotics has used their PLA sample filament to print these brightly visible rotors for their quadcopter. For something like this, you can never have too many back ups. And who wants to wait days for replacement 3D printed drone parts?

They were really happy with the color they received, which we think goes nicely with the rest of the quadcopter.

Working Bearings

3D printed bearing for spinners and gears

Working bearings are another tiny print that can come in very handy if you have more mechanical uses for your 3D printer in mind. Making sure they serve their desired purpose by withstanding motion and reducing friction, you can 3D print simple, working bearing-based items like fidget toys.

Custom Guitar Picks

3D Printed guitar picks

If you’re in a band, why not hand out custom guitar picks at your next gig for a memorable takeaway? You can customize this fun 3D printed guitar project however you like to make an effective promotion tool (or even sell them as merchandise).

We recommend using ABS for guitar picks due to its strength and flexibility, but PLA will work too. 

Belt Tensioner

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: Misguided
  • Price: Free
belt holder

3D printer belts can slacken off over time, replacing them can be costly and frustrating.

If you notice square edges forming on your prints, you could be suffering from a loose belt. Go for the quick lazy man’s fix and print a small belt tensioner.

While it’s important to address any 3D printer issues with caution, sometimes simple and small 3D printer fixes like this will at least buy you some time.

Spiral Vase

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: YSoft_be3D
  • Price: Free
3D Printed small vase

3D printed vases are great. They’re easy to print and very economical to run

Instead of scrambling around the day before Valentine’s day, this tiny 3D printed vase fits a single rose (or other flower) perfectly, making a wonderful, and efortless, homemade gift.

Micro Ruler

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: boncester
  • Price: Free

The well-named “Rule of Thumb” is a 3D printed miniature ruler that comes in more handy than you’d think. Small enough to be with you all the time, it lets you measure a host of things up to 5cm long in 0.5cm precision.

It’s clever, dead simple stuff like this that makes us smile.

Tiny 3D Printed Ruler 'Rule of Thumb'

Feel inspired yet? This is just a fraction of what’s possible with your free sample. The important thing is, don’t overthink it – just print something and see for yourself.

For reference, if you’d like to know how many meters are on each size spool for different materials and diameters, you can check out our filament spool length chart here.

3D Printer Upgrades Specifically for High-Precision Tiny Prints

When your 3D printing projects scale down in size, the demand for precision scales up exponentially.

Stock 3D printiners may require specific upgrades to achieve the detail required for impressive small-scale prints.

Below are some targeted modifications for those who are keen on mastering the art of tiny 3D prints.

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Upgraded Nozzle for Fine Detail

Why It’s Essential for Tiny Prints:

A smaller nozzle diameter can significantly increase the level of detail in your prints, making it ideal for tiny prints that require fine features.

Smaller nozzles also reduce the layer height, improving layer adhesion and thereby creating a more solid tiny print.

Precision Feeder Mechanism

Why It’s Essential for Tiny Prints:

A high-precision feeder ensures a consistent flow of filament, a crucial factor in tiny prints where even slight inconsistencies can be glaringly obvious. 

Some upgraded feeders offer micro-stepping capabilities, providing incredibly fine control over filament feed rate, thereby improving the precision of small parts.

High-Resolution Stepper Motors

Why It’s Essential for Tiny Prints:

Stepper motors that offer higher resolutions can control the movement of the printer head with greater accuracy, a must-have for small, intricate prints.

Higher-resolution stepper motors typically operate more quietly, reducing vibrations that can affect print quality—crucial when your print dimensions are small.

Specialty Filament

Why It’s Essential for Tiny Prints:

For tiny prints, consider using a smaller diameter filament. This allows the printer to lay down thinner lines of material, enabling greater detail.

Choosing a filament like ABS or specialized high-strength PLA will also help improve the durability of your tiny creations.

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