18+ 3D Printed Phone Stands You Can Print At Home

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3D printed phone stands

As someone who mainly uses his phone for entertainment, I could talk for hours about how much of a godsend phone stands and phone holders are.

Making a phone holder for your desk is a great way to have an extra screen for videos and calls without taking up too much space, and phone stands are also very useful for relaxing while watching your favorite content.

3D printing a basic DIY phone stand is simple, but there are some really fun and cool designs out there to spice up your screen time. So here we’re going to see some of the coolest and most practical phone holders for your desk or bedside table so you can enjoy your phone hands-free.

Simple Phone Holders

Beginning with a simple design for those of you who want to make a phone holder without all the bells, whistles, or eye-catching motifs.

Of all the basic 3D printed phone holder models I came across, this modular phone stand one is my favorite. Based on a simple tripod and easily adjustable, it’s easy to print and use regardless of the size of your phone.

Modular Phone Holder 3D Print

What I like most about it is that it has an opening for a charging cable. As someone whose cell can barely hold a charge through a phone call, this kind of design choice is a lifesaver.

Desk Phone Mount

The modular phone holder was remixed from this mounted desk phone holder that acts as a sort of vice for holding and maneuvering small devices like cell phones and cameras. These designs are also well worth a look if you need to adjust your phone regularly during calls.

Standard Cell Stands

If you still need something simpler, this range of basic 3D printed phone stands should suit you just fine. While buying something similar in a store is simple, they’re often a rip-off, so 3D printing your own phone stand like these is the better way to go.

All in One Phone Stand 3D Print

If your family all carry cell phones of different sizes, then you’ll want to print this one-size-fits-all design that can hold a wide variety of phones with no trouble. With minimal to no tweaking necessary, it’s the perfect fit for those of you with a little more variety in your devices.

Foldable Phone Stand

Useful as phone stands are, they’re not very easy to carry around. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve propped my phone up on salt shakers in cafés and books in the library just so I can see my screen clearly.

Foldable 2

Phone stands are often too wide or pointy to just slip in your pocket, which is bad news for those of us who like to use our phones to read or watch on the go.

Phone Stand Foldable

Fortunately, that’s where this 3D printed foldable phone stand comes in. It’s a great basic design that’s hinged so it can be folded flat and easily taken anywhere without sticking out of your pocket or jabbing you in the leg.

The Phone Hand Stand

An easy model that looks pretty cool is the hand stand, a 3D printed holder for your phone that looks like an actual hand holding your phone.

Hand Stand for Phones

Designer Voronzov has made a few models of human hands posing in various signs as ornaments and decorations, but this practical work of theirs is a funky (and a little kitschy) way to keep your phone held up without using one of your own hands.

You may need to tweak the design a little to perfectly fit your phone, though the designer promises that the basic shape should be suitable for all kinds of cell phones, holding steady in both landscape and portrait.

Bed Phone Stand

We’re all aware (most of us first-hand) of the experience of your phone slipping from your hand in bed and landing square on your face. It’s painful, it’s embarrassing, and it’s annoying.

Phone Holder Bed

There’s also the problem of trying to fall asleep to your favorite music, videos, or meditative app but being unable to really enjoy it. Be it because you can’t see the screen, or because your speaker is always at the wrong angle when your phone is lying flat.

Regardless of what bedtime screentime difficulties you’ve found, the answer to your woes lies in this awesome model for a partially 3D printed phone stand, easily the best phone stand for bed.

Bed 2

It does need a few extra materials and a bit of engineering, but nothing too complicated, don’t worry! If you’re handy at all, or are just looking for a project that helps you improve your nighttime routines, then you’ll find the bed phone stand to be an excellent addition to your bedside table.

Just don’t headbutt it when you wake up from a nightmare, yeah?

Magnetic Phone Holder for Your Car

While I obviously don’t recommend screentime of any kind while driving, it can’t be denied that hands-free calls have been the savior of many a commuter.

Phone stands for your car are a good way to ensure safety if you have to make or receive a call while driving. If you’re lucky enough to have a car that connects to a voice-activation system with your phone, then you’re all good. If not, then this is the 3D printed phone holder for you.

3D Print Phone Holder Car

With some easy-to-find magnets and a touch of super glue to hold it all together, this phone holder for your car connects right onto the radio system and holds your phone in place with the screen facing the driver’s seat.

With modern smartphones, you can ask your smartphone’s AI to make or answer phone calls, control the music, or even check local news and weather. Bonus if you connect your phone to your car’s speaker system.

Car 2

Because of how hot cars can get, the designer recommends printing with more heat-resistant filaments like ABS or PETG so your DIY phone holder doesn’t warp or melt on those hot summer days.

3D Printed Phone Hanger

Phone holders aren’t always for while you’re actively using your device. Like bowls for keys and hangers for coats, it’s a good idea to give your devices a spot in your home so you’ll always know where they are.

This 3D printed phone hanger is designed to hang on your wall so you know where your phone is while you’re not carrying or using it, provided you remember to use it, of course.

Phone Wall Hanger

You can even hang it off an outlet so you can hang your phone while it’s charging. No more following the cable to remember where you left the darn thing.

The wall hanger phone holder is particularly useful if you have small children or pets that you don’t want playing with and possibly breaking your cell phone. It keeps your devices out of reach and safe from sticky and clawing hands.

Just note that the design linked above is specifically for bigger phones, so you’ll want to change the size before printing if you have a smaller device.

Wall 2

A cool variation on this phone holder is this phone shelf that actually fits over the wall socket to keep your phone in place while it’s charging.

While it’s more secure than the phone hanger, it does hold your phone somewhat more precariously, so you should probably keep it out of high-traffic areas in your home lest your phone goes crashing to the floor.

Fun Phone Holders

Phone holders don’t all have to be super practical or particularly technical, sometimes they can just be cool and unique ways to keep your hands free.

Here are some honorable mentions of 3D printed phone holders for your desk, coffee table, or nightstand that are fun as well as useful.

Dinosaur Phone Holders

Who said phone holders couldn’t be cute? These dinosaur phone stands are an adorable way to keep your phone propped up using their tails.

Dinosaur Phone Stands

There’s even a small range to the dinosaur varieties, so you can print out your favorite kind or make all of them for different household members to have their own.

Animal Phone Stands

On the topic of 3D printed phone stands that resemble cute critters, 3D printing designer Ben Crop has a few neat little phone stands that are guaranteed to make you say ‘aw.’

3D Printed Phone Stand Fox

There are a lot to choose from in his collection here. While my favorite is the baby fox phone holder, I can’t deny I also love the manatee, kangaroo, and dolphin designs. If you want a really useful DIY phone holder for your desk, though, you’ll want to print out this elephant that also has slots for pens and pencils.


The only real issue is that many of these designs rely on the animal’s tail to stay propped up. This isn’t a problem if you’re using your phone stand on a desk or table, but is bad news if you want to be lying down while watching or calling.

Surf Board Rack

Another example of a DIY phone stand that just resembles something fun is this surf board rack. It’s a funky holder that just looks like a cool decoration when not in use.

Phone Stand 2

The surf boards are 3D printed separately and can be removed and played with. You can also make the stands a little bigger if you want to hold your fingerboards instead.

Phone Head

One of the absolute coolest, and most complex, 3D printed phone stands is this phone head robot. It takes some engineering, making it great for you tinkerers out there, and is well worth the time and effort.

Robot Phone Holder

The robot’s hands even open and close to hold other things, making it a great desk phone stand.

If you’re a little uneasy about your DIY skills, or just need more information, the designer is open to questions from the community, so there’s no reason not to give this fun and creative phone stand a try!


How do you use a 3D printer to hold a phone?

By downloading or designing any slanted holder, you can change its size to make a 3D printed phone holder that can hold any kind of mobile device.

How long does it take to 3D print a phone stand?

Printing time depends on the complexity of your phone stand. Simpler designs could take as little as 30 minutes, while more complex prints will take hours.

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