3D printed toys are an excellent way to have your own personalized ornaments and fun playthings to express yourself and make your space your own.

Whether you’re a parent looking to encourage a child’s creativity or someone who’s just tired of paying too much for cheap factory-made items, 3D printing your own toys is a wholesome and enjoyable way to inject your personality into your fun and games, and I want to share some of the best 3D printed toys, along with some of my personal favorites, with you today.

The Best 3D Printed Toys: Print Your Own Fun and Games!

3D printed toys can be decorative, practical, or just something to keep your kids busy. They can even encourage creativity and imagination.

Even generic STL files can be modified or decorated to make something unique, as well as act as educational tools.

3D Printed Toy Video Game Figures

Have you ever wanted to own your own Pokémon and print the complete set, or play that famous Ocarina? Maybe have Cloud Strife or Vivi on your desk? If you’re a gamer of any kind, you can find 3D models from any console or franchise to decorate your home.

3D printed toy Pokémon, Majora's Mask, and PS1 Cloud Str

Do you want Vulpix on your mantelpiece, Majora’s Mask on your wall, or maybe a Kingdom Hearts keychain? Personalized 3D printed memorabilia can really show off your gamer style.

Fidget Spinners and Beyblades

A blast from the recent past. It wasn’t so long ago that fidget spinners were everywhere you looked. Those who missed the trend may be happy to know that there are dozens of models available to 3D print your own fidget spinner at home.

Fidget Spinners, Dreidel

Available in styles from the classic mini drone to shuriken and even love hearts, there’s a rotating desk ornament for any aesthetic.

If fidgeting isn’t your thing, models for spinning tops and dreidels are also available, some with traditional letters of the Hebrew alphabet. For a faster toy, you can always go for a spinning top with a working pull cord for extra spinning power and even more fun!

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3D Printed Board Game Pieces

3D printed toys don’t necessarily mean playthings. A good board game collection is necessary for any host, and can be fun for the whole family on rainy days, but with the mass-produced store-bought sets found in every household, it can be hard to think of a game as really being yours.

Have you ever wanted to play Monopoly as R2D2? Or Carcassonne with an army of Bulbasaur? Now you can!

3D printed board game pieces, Star Wars and Pokémon Monopoly pieces, 3D printed dice

To put a personal touch on any board game, you’d usually have to ransack your house looking for a piece that you want, and then hope it’s a decent size. With 3D printing, you can find many free designs of minifigures with flat bases to move to your dice throws.
Speaking of, why not make your own dice for even more fun? There are plenty of cheap and free designs for dice that are all simple to make and customize in any color or size to throw a little more of yourself into your favorite game. Just be aware that many board game pieces are choking hazards, so be careful if you have kids in your home.

Chess Pieces

Any hardcore chess player will know how important a personal chess set is, and what could be more personal than a chess set you build yourself? Whatever your aesthetic preference, 3D printable chess pieces and boards are available as models all over from sleek modern designs to ancient figures and pop culture icons.

3D printed Milan, Eldtrich, and Pokémon chess pieces

Even the city of Milan is available as a CAD model, featuring the city’s skyline as the pieces. Lovers of horror need not be left out either, as this creepy Dark Chess Set could be just the way to bring a little Arkham-esque horror and dark magic to your game.

Or for something a little more wholesome, there’s no shortage of Pokémon chess sets out there. Mewtwo is king, after all.

3D Printed Action Figure Toys

Thanks to the complex designs created with CAD models, 3D printed action figures and toys don’t have to be statues. Some are designed with articulated limbs to enable easy movement while kids play.

3D printed action figure toys, 3D Printed Wolverine

Action figures are a great expression of imagination and humor for kids and adults alike, with interesting poses for tabletop tableaus or inspiration for artists. Though they are a little more difficult to print and build, and you may need extra materials like glue or a rubber band set to get them to hold together and move easily without falling apart.

3D models for action figures can be found as blank figures for easy customization, articulated robots, and even superheroes like Wolverine. You can even find turtles with moving flippers and a fully poseable hand that can be moved into any gesture.

RC Vehicles

For the more engineering-savvy printers and monster truck enthusiasts, models for RC-ready boats that really float as well as drivable cars are available for printing in a variety of styles, and you can even find RC planes that can really fly. These normally come in the form of a 3D printable chassis, each model of which can be modified and customized before being fitted with an engine for a race around the park.

3D printed RC Vehicles, cars, boats, chassis

But not all the fun is restricted to tiny roads, 3D printed toy boat models are a nice way excuse to get to the water without the expense of factory-made RC crafts. And even if you’re not comfortable with electronics, you can use a simple rubber band system to make the boat move as it floats on the water.

The styles for these vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of features that are fun for the whole family, and each model can be printed to any specification to complete the look you want.

Fancy Dress and Cosplay

Any cosplayer will tell you how much their costumes mean to them, and 3D printing toys, accessories, and clothing will always add that special touch while you’re playing as your chosen hero (or villain).

No one wants to show up as Link with no gauntlets or as Princess Leia without her famous braid or any other missing feature from their favorite protagonist.

Iron Man Helmet

With the variety of 3D printed models around, any costume can be made perfect with the small additions that make all the difference. You can also print your own full suit to become your favorite hero.

It could be something as grand as Batman’s armor, or that perfect finishing touch with Cloud’s iconic shoulder guard.

No matter who or what you’re wanting to emulate, you can 3D print your very own touches and features to make any costume or cosplay stand out with a bit of work and a lot of imagination.

3D printed clothing is currently on the rise. If you’d like to learn more about 3D printed clothing, you can read more in our article on how 3d printing is changing the world of fashion here.

3D printed cosplay items. Link's Bracer, Iron Man suit, Batman Armor.

If it’s more than just props your looking for, then you’ll have a great time knowing that there are tons of designers out there who have created their own 3D printed swords for cosplay and decoration. While not all of them are appropriate for children, they can really complete an outfit whether you’re looking to play as a Jedi with a lightsaber, or want one of the many famous swords used by your favorite JRPG characters

It’s important to remember that these are not necessarily kid toys (again, a 3D printed blade is probably unsuitable for children), you can find a host of 3D printed sword files to complete your full cosplay in our detailed article here.

Or for something a safer for kids to play with, why not check out our top picks for 3D printed lightsabers instead? Many of them work well as toys, even if we’re all well aware of how any kid can turn any thing into a lightsaber if they want to.

3D Printed Puppet Toys and Dolls

For something more creative than statuettes and minifigures, 3D printed toy puppets can also be found online. These range from collapsible animal statuettes to finger puppets and fully jointed marionettes.

For even more fun, these figures can be painted and shaped for any design or character, original or otherwise, for extra fun indoor activities or creative storytelling methods.

3D printed dolls, Russian nesting dolls, lobster marionette, collapsing puppets.

Puppeteering can take a long time to master, and what better way to hone the craft than with a character you’ve printed and made yourself? You can even act out your favorite scenes or plays to bring your design to life and really connect with your kids during story time.

If marionettes aren’t your thing, cleverly designed Russian nesting figures can also spruce up your décor with fun little surprises for your kids and adults alike.

Piggy Banks

3D printed toys aren’t just about decorative knick-knacks or playthings, you can also 3D print your own piggy bank!

These money-storing mantelpiece monuments can be cute, realistic, or even have bullhorns for a unique twist. They’re often only printed as one piece, too, so they’re fairly easy for beginners to make, and they’re a great way to teach kids the importance of saving money.

3d printed elephant piggy bank, mesh piggy bank, piggy bank with horns.

Just remember, they may need supports to make sure the hollow interior doesn’t cause issues while printing.

To keep an eye on your change collection, you can 3D print a mesh piggy that lets you see inside.

Are pigs not your style? Why not 3D print your own elephant or Homer Simpson head to store your pennies?

3D Printed Toy Boxes/Chests

We’ve gone through a lot of 3D printed toys for any age and preference. But what do you do with all these new play items when the playing is done? Fortunately, you can also 3D print a toybox!

3D printed toy chests, large toy box, small toy box, police box chest.

Personalization doesn’t end with storage. Police boxes and treasure chests are available as CAD models, as well as tons more subtle designs with minimalistic patterns. And making a toybox is a great way to start teaching any kids in the family the importance of tidying up after themselves.

These containers come in all shapes and sizes. So regardless of your preferred style, you can keep your new 3D printed marvels safe, contained, and ready to be enjoyed another day.

Is it cheaper to 3D print toys?

3D printing a complete set of toys may be more difficult than buying from a company, but it is a lot cheaper. 3D printing materials like ABS and PLA filament are not only cheaper, but are also what a lot of store-bought toys are made from anyway, and most of what you’ll need otherwise is often no more expensive or complicated than a rubber band.

This means that, with the right designs and a bit of work, you can create quality toys without spending much money.

Are 3D printed toys safe?

Not all 3D printed toys are safe for kids, especially not babies. If you’re planning on sharing the cool designs you’ve created with any youngsters in your life, be sure there are no small pieces and each model is sanded down to remove sharp or breakable edges that could become choking hazards.

When in doubt, you should contact the designer to be sure their model is designed to be used by kids.

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