19 Cool 3D Printed Lego Designs You Can Print Now

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3d printed lego

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Arguably the most significant Danish contribution to global culture since Hans Christian Anderson, Lego has found its way into millions of people’s homes, hearts, and (let’s face it) feet all over the world.

From the plastic bricks so many of us know, to the critically acclaimed movies, it’s no wonder that the imagination-stimulating building blocks have many people wondering how to 3D print Lego for themselves.

3D Printed Lego Example

3D printing seems to almost have been built for custom Lego figures. Its use of plastic to bring the machinations of the imagination to life is perfect for bringing new life into the pieces used by children and adults alike to build whatever they can think of.

Here, we’re going to look at some of the coolest and most interesting 3D printed Lego models and figures still available to make yourself and continue to play well.

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How to 3D Print Lego

Because Lego builds are all about creativity, it’s important to find a file that matches what you’re looking for, or makes for a good substitution. Despite how well 3D printing lends itself to Lego, it can be difficult to find exactly what you want if you’re not up to designing your pieces from scratch.

If you can find and download an STL file that you like, then you’re free to resize it to match standard Lego dimensions or make them bigger or smaller depending on your project and desired use.

Lego pieces are made from ABS, meaning they’re perfect for recreating with ABS filament. But be warned, Lego has recently been cracking down on unofficial figures.

3D Printed Lego Minifigures

Any form of creative pursuit begins with the equivalent of a blank canvas, and this design for a 3D printed minifigure model is exactly that.

3D Printed Lego Figures Blank

The basic shape we all know and love is there in the dimensions we expect, and once finished, the minifigures are open to painting, drawing, or decorating with decals for the clothes and face to give the blank little person some personality.

The parts, which you can download here, are all printed separately and connected together so they can be disconnected and posed just like the official models.

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Customizable Text Bricks

Starting with the basics, Lego bricks are quite literally the foundation of any build. While there are some simple designs for basic bricks, these files come with a changeable file that will print bricks of various sizes with whatever text you want.

This means that you can use the included customizer to print standard Lego bricks with a name, slogan, or text emojis depending on your project. This gets even cooler when you realize just how much fun text-based art can make something look.

3D Printed Lego Bricks With Text

The files found here also include a default style for a simple, textless brick, so adding letters is an optional feature.

3D printed Lego bricks with text make for excellent additions to a build, and even has a separate key fob design for a cool key chain addition or gift.

Working Lego Cable Car

Building a Lego ski resort? Then this is the project for you. This 3D printed cable car has included slots and holds to make it compatible with Lego figures.

It’s motorized and uses a pulley system to really move for that extra realistic feel, and is designed to reach up to around 13 feet, but can be altered to reach as long as you like if you’re dreaming a little bigger.

3d printed lego cable car

3D Printed Lego Ferry

If there’s one downside to Lego, it’s that it doesn’t float. Many a builder has designed and created their own boat for their figures only to find it sinking to the bottom of the bath in no time.

In response, this designer made a 3D printed a Lego ferry with included files for floaters to keep this lovely looking boat above water where it belongs.

Made as a design for his son, whom he says adores it, a lot of love went into this 3D printed Lego compatible ferry. Complete from hull to cabin roof, this design will delight and entertain for a long time.

3D Printed Lego Ferry Boat

3D Printed Lego Weapons

A Lego figure’s hands are designed to perfectly hold a variety of weapons. From bows to lightsabers, there are a lot of things that our little plastic friends can wield. Very few of these are available to purchase separately, so many have turned to 3D printing Lego items to suit their building needs.

Bow and Arrow

This simple 3D printed Lego bow and arrow is a cool little model for anyone building a warrior. The original was designed on a 1:1 scale, and then blown up to fit the large Lego models pictured.

The drawstring is designed to look pulled back, this adds to the dynamic look of the bow and arrow as well as making it fit more comfortably in the model’s hands.

3D Printed Lego Bow and Arrow

3D Printed Lego Swords

Continuing the weapons theme, this 3D printed Lego fantasy sword is a neat little addition to a warrior’s or knight’s ensemble.

This standard broadsword is great for any fantasy or medieval build that adds a little extra detail to your tiny stalwart defenders.

For something a little more creative, there’s also this half-serrated blade designed by a child to make their own playtime more personal. The fancy hilt and katana-style blade shape is an interesting take on the classic weapon.

If you’re looking for more of scimitar or broadsword, then have a look at this sword collection available to 3D print from one source!

3D Printed Lego Sword Collection

Magic Wand

Not all weapons are sharp or pointy, and these designs for a classic lightsaber and star-tipped magic wand are printed to standard Lego dimensions to turn any one of your figures into a Jedi, Sith, or wizard.

lightsaber and wand 3d printed

Lego Scythe

Another cool little addition for any Lego tableau featuring farmers or the Grim Reaper, this simple and cool looking 3D printed Lego scythe makes for one of those little details that can make all the difference.

3D Printed Lego Man Holding Scythe

3D Printed Lego Pop Culture Figures

These days it feels like there’s nothing that hasn’t been reimagined with Lego, but that doesn’t mean all the imagining has been done for us. Learning how to 3D print your favorite characters and icons from all sorts of media is part of the fun.

Lego Sonic the Hedgehog Head

The blue blur is as recognizable today as he was in 1991, and this design for a Lego figure compatible Sonic the Hedgehog head is hard to beat.

It’s difficult not to think of how satisfying adding a Sonic the Hedgehog you made yourself to a Green Hill Zone build would be.

Sonic the Hedgehog head 3d printed

Lego Batwing

Lego Batman found a new audience with his memorable role in The Lego Movie, so much so that he even got a feature all to himself!

This Lego compatible Batwing brings one of the caped crusader’s many vehicles to life for your little vigilante.

3D Printed Lego Batman Batwing

Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber

Sometimes professional designers don’t quite hit the mark in recreating our favorite film memorabilia. That’s what this designer thought when they received their Kylo Ren Lego figure, and so decided to 3D print their own and share their creation.

This memorable twist on the famous sci-fi sword is remade as a 3D printed Lego cross-guard hilt. The designer even included the files to recreate the original Lego design for anyone else who wants to make their own customizations.

3D Printed Lego Star Wars Kylo Ren Lightsaber

Christmas Trees

Lego trees are important for fleshing out any scene, but they don’t come in many styles. Standard Lego trees may feel out of place in a Christmas scene, for example.

Fortunately, this designer uploaded their files for a 3D printed Lego compatible pine tree. The beauty of this tree lies in its minimalist design, meaning it’s easy to decorate to suit your festive tastes!

If you want to finish off your little Christmas scene with style, you can also check out this 3D printed Lego Santa to add a little more magic to your build.

3D Printed Lego Christmas Set

Practical 3D Printed Lego Models

Not all 3D printed Lego models are for use with traditional Lego sets. Many people have taken to designing and printing practical Lego-inspired objects for use around the house.

Usable Lego Cup

This scaled up Lego cup is a simple design that can be 3D printed with safe materials and used as an actual cup.

This makes for a really cool addition to your kitchen cabinet for any Lego fan, and makes for an adorable and shatter-proof tumbler. It can also be used to store things like sugar or salt, or be modified for use as a measuring cup.

3D Printed Lego Cup

Harry Potter TP Holder

Lego figure toilet paper holders are a surprisingly common find in many homes, but this designer wanted to create their own.

This scaled-up 3D printed Lego Harry Potter comes with a removable broomstick to hold your toilet paper, and is a fun addition to any bathroom.

3D Printed Lego Harry Potter TP

Lego Man Storage Container

Every Lego builder needs somewhere to store their bricks. While it’s easy to find or make a box to store your pieces in, there’s always a more creative option.

This giant 3D printed Lego man head has a removable top for storage. While clearly a perfect way to put your Lego away for later, it can be used to store anything from screws to stationary.

lego head storage container

Lego Pen Storage

This desktop design for stationary storage is a simple and easily modifiable 3D printed Lego project that leaves room for decals and further personalization.

It’s simple enough that it can be printed on any machine, and the lack of stress in using the product means almost any material will do.

3D Printed Lego Stationary Holder

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