21+ Cool 3D Printed Dice Towers to Spice Up Your Games

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3D printed dice towers

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Games of chance involve just that, chance. And the best way to optimize this key feature is by ensuring randomization wherever possible.

Dice towers are one such way to do this, and 3D printed dice towers let you put your own spin on things and bring a new level of creativity to your games, the best of which we’re going to look at today.

While you’re at it, why not check out our selection of the coolest 3D printed dice? There are even a few choice dice towers in there too!

What is a 3D Printed Dice Tower?

Dice towers are essentially like shuffled around Plinko boards for dice, tumbling them through a series of often hidden layers and rolling them as randomly as possible.

Of course, this is ideal for any manner of dice game, but the most popular use for 3D printed dice towers is for DND sessions.

Because of this, there are a lot of different cool designs with fun creative choices thrown into them. And here we’re going to look at some awesome dice tower 3D print files to check out today just in time for your next game!

Simple Dice Towers

3D printing your own dice tower is fun, but that doesn’t mean you need to attach much to them to make a working dice tower for simple games.

And even if you do want to put a more creative spin, you can take a simple/basic dice tower file and create your own additions to make it really work.

Simple 2

Whether you’re after a simple tower, or a blank canvas, then you can 3D print dice towers like this one.

If you’re a gamer on the go, then this easy-to-print collapsible dice tower is a great print. It fits right into its own box and is a great way to keep both the tower and dice safe in transit.

3D Printed Dice Tower Simple

For a more all-in-one experience, there are also these files for a modular and easily portable selection of dice towers. The files even include a pegboard for scorekeeping, which comes in handy for a variety of games and even opens some opportunities to create your own!

Dice Garden

My favorite of the simple 3D printed dice towers, however, is the dice garden. It’s a cool design that looks like a real tower with a courtyard-like platform for the dice to roll into.

It’s a cute design that would look great regardless of the game you’re playing.

Complex 3D Printed Dice Towers

While the plain and simple 3D printed dice towers may work for some, I know there are a lot of you reading this who are looking to go all-out.

Plague Doctor

The more complex dice tower files out there come in a variety of styles, so you’re sure to find one that suits you and your gaming style with little issue.

From medieval to steampunk, fantastical to Eldritch, let’s check out some of the more awe-inspiring 3D printed dice towers to give your playtime more of an edge.

Fates End

Highly experienced and remarkably creative designer FatesEnd has some of the most impressive 3D printed dice tower files out there, along with some other game-enhancing add-ons that any serious DND player would do well to check out.

3D Printed Cthulu Dice Tower

As a fan of Lovecraft’s impressively terrifying universe, my personal favorites are naturally the Cthulu and Kraken dice towers, but there are so many more to choose from depending on your tastes.

You can even combine the tentacled terrors with a steampunk aesthetic with this Octopunk 3D printed dice tower that’s just plain awesome.

Steampunk 3D Dice Tower

Also yes, I am aware that the Kraken comes from Scandinavian folklore and not Lovecraft, but you can’t argue the similarities.

The plague doctor dice tower is an unexpected but impressively detailed addition, as is the Moon Worm. Both are imposing, unique, and well worth a look.

Moon Worm

If you prefer a more traditionally fantastical setting, then don’t worry, you’re covered! The Fairy and Merchant’s Cart 3D printed dice holders look amazing in any fantasy setting and really add to the feel of your chosen world.

Fairy 3D Dice Tower

While none of the designs are free, I’m sure you’ll agree that the $7 price tag for each of these designs is more than worth what you’re getting. Fates End is any tabletop player’s one-stop-shop for enhancing any session.

Three Path Dice Tower V2

In my article about 3D printed dice, I talked about the three-path dice tower which amplifies the randomization of your rolls by giving your dice different paths to travel down.

3D Printed Dice Tower

What I didn’t get around to mentioning was the upgraded three-path dice tower V2, which build on the original with more floors and space for decoration to let your imagination run wild.

As you can see in the files here, the designer has taken a fair few creative liberties already. With tiny knights, dragons, and skulls adorning the stone-like exterior to really give the impression of a living fantasy castle.

Upgraded Tower

The designer recommends grey paint with a stone effect spray for the best results, and encourages you to give it a go regardless of your experience, as little mistakes or minor printing errors will only add to the tower’s already worn aesthetic!

Quartered Dice Tower

If you’re a DND player, you’ll know the feeling of sitting around a table with your friends all too well. While you may be working together, you’re still separated by your actions and dice rolls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t combine your equipment.

Quarters Tower

This quartered dice tower 3D print was designed with a four-player game in mind. By printing four of these towers, you can place them in the center of the table and effectively create an action space on your table where the fates call the shots.

Quarter Tower

It’s a great idea that makes the bonding experience of DND play just a touch more special. Personally, I recommend each of you decorate your respective towers to reflect your character to add to the fun!

3D Printed Pop Culture Dice Towers

3D Printed dice towers don’t have to reflect whatever fantasy world you’re playing in, there’s no rule saying you can’t make a dice tower reflecting your favorite characters or franchises.

While finding a dice tower for your specific niche may be more difficult than we’d like, you can always try your hand at designing one yourself or commission your favorite designer to make it for you.

Vadar 2

If you’re still stuck on which dice tower to 3D print, here are a few of my favorite examples of pop culture icons reimagined as 3D dice towers.

Be advised that a lot of these designs don’t directly reference their inspirations, but the images should still be easily recognizable to any nerd like me out there.

Darth Vader Dice Tower

It’s actually kind of nuts just how many Darth Vader dice towers there are out there. It wasn’t my first thought when I looked at him as a kid, but to each their own!

3D Printed Darth Vadar Dice Tower

My personal favorite is this head and shoulders Darth Vader dice tower complete with lightsaber due to its detailing and generally cool design.

Most of these feature only Lord Vader’s head, which isn’t a bad choice either!

Dragon Ball Dice Tower

My love of anime and Dragon Ball led me to this impressive dice tower complete with a crawling dragon.

While the design doesn’t specifically mention Dragon Ball inspiration, the dragon’s resemblance to Shenron (Shenlong if you like) who appears from the titular orbs is unmistakable.

Dragon Dice Tower 3D

If you want to go for the Dragon Ball look with this tower, then naturally you should paint the dragon green. Though that’s not to say I’m not a fan of the red that the designer went with instead for their example piece.

Skyrim Dice Tower

On the topic of dragons, the imposing grimace of Skyrim’s villain Alduin is impossible to ignore in this dragon dice tower design.

Skyrim Tower

The files include everything you’ll need from a dice tower, including a courtyard, base, and of course, the dragon to act as the cherry on top.

Any fan of the eternally re-released Elder Scrolls V will love this design about as much as I do.

Oogie Boogie Dice Tower

The Nightmare Before Christmas’ villainous bug sack Oogie Boogie is a gambling man, as any fan of the film will know. And my fellow Halloween Town lovers will recognize this skeletal dice tower briefly used by Oogie himself in the movie.

The skull design fits in with the look of the film, likely designed by Burton himself.

Oogie Boogie Skeleton Dice Tower

While Oogie throws the dice into the skeleton, attempting to do so yourself is not recommended by the designer. The base isn’t as stable as others due to the lopsided nature of the figure, but you could always find ways of sticking it down or making a bigger or heavier base to keep it upright while you play.

Pokéball Dice Tower

Of course, if it exists, there’s something Pokémon-based made with it. It’s just a rule of the internet, and one I thoroughly enjoy.

This Pokémon dice tower looks like a square pokéball and acts as a dice storage box, a carry case, and a dice tower.

3D Printed Pokémon Dice Tower

It does this with a hinged design that folds out to make a dice tower with all your favorite dice already contained inside! While it is designed to be used with the Pokémon Trading Card Game, you don’t have to limit its use to that.

Pokémon 2

Even if you’re not a Pokémon fan, this is a really useful 3D printed dice tower that’s as practical as it is cool. Letting you carry around both your dice and their tower in style.

Honorable Mention: Tumble Dice

While not a dice tower, Tumble Dice is a dice rolling game that could be played with one provided you remove any included platforms that stop the dice from rolling off the table.

Each player needs 4 of the same-colored dice and takes turns rolling the dice onto the various platforms, tallying scores depending on the accuracy of the throw and generating negative scores for misses and falls.

Tumble Dice

I could go over the finer details, but I instead encourage you to check out the Tumble Dice game here, along with the included game rules.

It’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s a work in progress, meaning Tumble Dice is ripe for additions and tweaks to make your own fun game!

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