15 Cool 3D Printed Dice You Can Print At Home

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3d printed dice

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Game-players of all kinds tend to have their prized, custom pieces that reflect their pride. Chess players have custom boards, and trading card players have their rare favorites. For players of many games of chance, their pride is usually their dice.

3D printed dice are especially popular for those who play games like Dungeons and Dragons, as the game revolves around building unique settings and scenarios with customized characters.

While custom dice are the pride of many a serious D&D player, 3D printed dice can also be used to replace lost pieces in old board games, or act as prizes for competitions.

Dice may seem like a simple enough concept, but the different varieties and cool ideas make 3D printed dice a lot more of a creative pursuit that most would assume.

Here we’re going to look at some of our favorites, as well as 3D printed dice towers that put the ‘fair’ back in ‘fair play.’

First, we have 3D printed dice you can download for free and print today, and we’ve also included 3D printed dice towers, and dice holders.

3D Printed Dice


This 3D printed die may seem on first look like a simple hollow cube with an LED in it, but it’s actually a little cooler than that.

This design includes a ball that acts like a gyroscope, keeping the internal 5mm LED pointed skyward, this means that the only number that lights up is the number the die rolls!

LED Dice

It’s an easy but attractive concept, and by making a whole set of these, you’ll have a collection of 3D printed dice that stand out regardless of your game of choice.

While some wiring is involved, the instructions included in the files here lay out the steps clearly for those who are new to the electronics side of 3D printing.

Outset D&D Dice

Since its inception in 1974, Dungeons and Dragons has been a consistently popular role playing game for casual and hardcore players alike.

The key draw to the game is its endless customizability, in both player characters and their various adventures, and unique and custom dice are a must for anyone who plays D&D both regularly and seriously.

DND Dice 3D Print

Because of this, 3D printed D&D dice are not only popular, but creative designs have been uploaded on many sites. Our favorite are these 3D printed dice with outset numbers that reflect the arcane nature of the game itself!

As well as being printed in a variety of colors, the files found here come with all the necessary shapes one needs when questing, from D4 to D20.

Fitness Dice

Many people feel like they could do better when it comes to exercise, but between the bustle of our everyday lives and the amount of effort and time it takes to get and stay in shape, it’s often a lot easier said than done.

The hundreds of contradictory videos and articles don’t help, as each one tells you the supposed best way to exercise without ever really telling you why.

Exercise Dice

For exercisers who just want to raise their heart rate and try something new, these 3D printed dice, called ‘fitness dice’, work like a game to make exercising more fun by removing the dreaded routine of strict moves and reps.

These 3D printed dice are customizable to include any exercises you want, but the standard in the files found here include workout sides like ‘dance’ or ‘sit ups’, as well as a time die and a rep die, to include different exercises of various intensity levels.

While designed to be used in a group or as a family, these 3D printed exercise dice also work as solo exercises, and include a ‘deep breath’ die just to be sure you don’t overwork yourself.

Exercise Dice 2 Flipped

For a different way to exercise, the designer has included D20 versions here, which have a standard numbered die and one with various exercises to roll. The constantly changing exercises are great for keeping your workouts interesting by removing the routines that can tire us out more than just physically.

3D Printed Braille Dice

Most dice are imprinted to make the numbers easily readable by those with reduced eyesight. However, to many blind people, these numbers involve an extra learning curve and can lead to mistakes in reading.

Quite often, people with reduced vision have to rely on others to tell them the total they’ve rolled, so this designer made a set of 3D printed dice that have braille numbering so those who need to use braille to understand.

3D Printed Braille Dice

These 3D printed dice – found here – are larger than standard sets, making them easier to find and read when rolled, and come with the standard 6-sided die as well as D4s to D20s for use in any game.

The added accessibility of these 3D printed dice makes them a welcome addition to anyone’s game sets for themselves or for blind friends who may not be comfortable using standard indented dice.

3D Printed Dice Towers

Not all games are fair, and let’s be honest, not all players are either. Dice towers act like pachinko machines in that they bounce the inserted dice around a series of internal platforms to ensure a fair roll to combat manipulation and cheating.

3-Way Dice Tower 2

Naturally, dice towers don’t have to look like boring structures, and so 3D printed dice towers have been uploaded all across the internet to jazz up a playfield. Here are just some of our favorites.

3D Printed Dice Tower

Starting with the simplest 3D printed dice tower, this easy-to-pring, pocket-sized dice tower is very handy for both home use and for taking on the road or camping.

Simple 3D Printed Dice Tower

Its narrow design means it doesn’t take up too much space in a suitcase, and it also doubles as a container box to store the dice when not in use.

Dice Dice Baby

Yes, you read that right. This 3D printed dice tower was designed to look just like a castle tower made entirely of different sized dice. While a little on the nose for most, this dice tower is quite clever and looks pretty cool too!

Dice Dice Baby

While most of the Dice Dice Baby will need to be glued together for stability, the top and bottom parts of the main tower can be kept detachable for easy storage and transportation.

The Clockwork Monster Dice Tower

Unlike most of the other entries on this list, the clockwork dragon 3D printed dice tower isn’t free to download, but one look at it and most will agree that it’s well worth the $7 price tag.

Monster Dice Tower Dragon

The steampunk dragon design is undeniably cool, and the designer has ensured that the files come as both one large print and as two separate pieces so it can be easily printed on smaller 3D printers.

While it is designed for larger dice like D20s, the print can be reduced in size by 60% to accommodate standard 10mm dice too.

Three-Path Dice Tower

No matter how cool they look, 3D printed dice towers are little more than ornaments if they don’t ensure fair play. This three-story, three-path 3D printed dice tower ensures fairness by upping the randomness of the rolls compared standard towers.

3-Way 3D Printed Dice Tower

This free project was something of a passion project by the designer, and has seen numerous updates and improvements to ensure it both looks cool with its stone-like finish, and functions well as a dice tower.

The three-path dice tower doesn’t need supports, and is simple enough to be made on almost any 3D printer. The files found here also come with instructions to ensure even newbies will be able to get this print up and rolling in no time!

DM Screen Dice Tower

Any D&D player knows that the dungeon master needs to ensure that their secrets are well kept, lest they spoil the game, and so DM screens are used to ensure the hidden details of any given journey stay hidden.

3D Printed DND Screen Dice Tower

Dungeon masters also need to roll to determine the outcomes of various circumstances, and so this designer created a 3D printed dice tower that also acts as a DM screen. This not only hides the details of the quests from the players, but also ensures that the dungeon master’s rolls are random.

3D Printed DND Screen Dice Tower 2

This design should turn the head of any veteran dungeon master, as its dual use as a DM screen and a dice tower makes for one handy (and very customizable) tool for anyone sending their friends towards unknown dangers.

Read more: our full list of 3D printed dice tower files (20+)

3D Printed Dice Holders

Dice are fickle things. Despite their cubed shape they seem to roll around a lot, getting lost under tables and even down sofa cushions somehow!

3D Printed Dice Holder

While most dice collections bought separately will come in their own containers, there are a lot of 3D printed Dice holder designs to make the storage a little more interesting.

Portable Dice Holder here / DND Dice Tray here / Round Dice Holder here / Large D20 Dice Holder here / Hinged Dice Case here

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