18+ 3D Printed Ashtrays You Can Print At Home in 2022

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3D printed ashtray cigars

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Ashtrays are pretty cool when you think about it. They can act as both decorative and functional additions to any home or garden. 3D printed ashtrays take this a step further, and open a lot more doors for creativity and functionality than your standard dimpled dish affair.

If you’re a smoker, then ashtrays are a must, but if you don’t smoke, it’s still a good idea to keep an ashtray or two around for friends and family who do. 

Goodness knows you don’t want to host a barbeque only to find out that people have been flicking their cigars into the neighbor’s yard (or worse yet, in yours).

Sure, an empty bottle or soda can will work, but where’s the fun in that?

Classic Ashtrays

Sometimes you don’t want all the bells and whistles and just want to go with something old and familiar, and that’s where classic ashtray designs come in.

They don’t look out of place with any home décor while still being perfectly functional, making them ideal if you have a preference for minimalism, or simply don’t want to fiddle around with more complicated designs.

Simple 3

Of course, even the classics have variations. This low-poly ashtray, for example, is simple enough for any 3D printer to handle and can still be used as a working ashtray.

This typical shape translates well to this simple design that mimics the kind of ashtray you’d find in a traditional bar or pub.

Simple Ashtray

If you want a standard, no-frills 3D printed ashtray but still can’t quite decide what shape to go for, you’ll find this all-in-one selection very helpful. Personally, I prefer the square one aesthetically, but the choice is all yours.

Closable Ashtrays

Whether you just don’t want to risk ash getting everywhere, or are environmentally conscious enough to bring a receptacle on the go, you can also find 3D printed ashtrays with included closable caps or seals to help keep your ash where it belongs until you can dispose of it properly.

Using these portable, spill-proof ashtrays is a very responsible way to make sure your habit doesn’t hurt the environment. Even I, as a smoker, can’t stand the thought of just flicking the end of my cigarette wherever.

Closable Ashtray

The Smokny Ball ashtray is a classy and even elegant solution for your tobacco waste, and won’t leave an unsightly pile of gray and white ash visible for you or your guests to have to ignore.

If you’re looking for an easier 3D printed ashtray on the go and don’t mind a simpler look, this car ashtray and this beach ashtray are both designed for responsible cigarette disposal if you don’t happen to have a trashcan nearby.

Beach Ashtray

Just don’t confuse them for travel mugs. Believe me when I say that is not a fun experience.

For something a little quirkier, why not check out this fun sealable ashtray designed to look like South Park’s Kenny McCormick? And that’s not the only fun 3D printed ashtray we’ve got up our sleeves.

Fun 3D Printed Ashtrays

Ashtrays don’t need to be presentable or even subtle if you don’t want them to be. Kitschy designs and pop culture references will never get old, and naturally there are quite a few 3D printed ashtrays that are bound to make you smile.

Be sure you don’t get a fright when you click here to see a 3D printed ashtray based on what appears to be a mix of Edvard Munch’s Scream as well as the far more recent Ghostface from Wes Craven’s legendarily meta film franchise.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but I had to include it as a personal favorite.

If you happen to like (or, I suppose, even dislike) dogs, then you’ll probably get a kick out of this American Bulldog ashtray with a comically gaping maw, seemingly hungry for your ash and embers.

Bulldog Ash

If you’re a meme fan, which I think all of us are deep down, then you’ll know that the flat face Squidward will always be a classic, and the heavy indents around the eyes make for a surprisingly great ashtray design.

If you like the memes but don’t want something a little more minimalist, then the Bold and Brash ashtray available here is a pretty good halfway point between subtle and funny.

Squidward Ashtray

For you videogame fans out there, this Donkey Kong ashtray is a complex print that will require a lot of post-processing and painting to look right, but it belongs in the quarters of any old-school game enthusiast who isn’t afraid to put in a little more work for something pretty special.

And of course, what kind of nerd would I myself be if I didn’t point out this awesome Dragon Ball Z ashtray complete with a winding Shenron to complete the shape?

DBZ Shenron Ashtray

Lastly, while not quite ‘fun’, per se, skull ashtrays are strangely popular. The irony isn’t lost on me, of course, but there’s also something to be said for adding something a little spookier to even the most traditional of décors.

These 3D printed skull ashtrays come in catacomb styles or realistic for an extra dose of the macabre.

3D Printed Ashtrays for Cigars

Those of you who’ve smoked cigars will know that these simply shaped ashtrays aren’t suited to thicker smokables. This often leads to an awkward and delicate balancing to make sure the mouth end doesn’t dip into the ash while still staying steady enough to not catch fire.

Fortunately, you can print two kinds of ashtray with the files found here, one designed for standard cigarettes to accommodate all needs.

Cigar Ashtray

Cigar trays also come in different shapes and styles. This spades suit cigar ashtray is a pretty cool design and wouldn’t look out of place at a poker table.

They can be pretty simple too, however, as this one-holder cigar ashtray is an easy 3D print that won’t put a strain on any printer or slicing software.

Skull Ashtray for Cigars

If you’re still not over the macabre just yet, there are, of course, skull cigar ashtrays ready for 3D printing to add a little darkness to your habit. My personal favorite of these is this one. Don’t ask me why, I could just very much see it fitting well in a lot of rooms.

Hints and Tips for 3D Printing Ashtrays

Before we get to the fun stuff, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when 3D printing ashtrays.

What Materials are Best For 3D Printed Ashtrays?

Because you’ll be using your ashtrays for discarded embers and putting out still-lit cigarettes.

Of course, this means you’ll want to go with a good, sturdy filament with high heat resistance that won’t melt or warp when in contact with what is essentially an active flame.

Idle cigarettes burn at around 200℃, so a good rule of thumb is to use any filament that can withstand such a temperature. I.e. use a filament that needs nozzle temperatures of over 200℃ to print and you should be fine.

Beach 2

Ceramic and wood PLAs work well, though they can be expensive. Of course, there are some more standard filaments that are even better.

PETG is the best option, though ABS will work well too. If you’ve got your heart set on – or only have access to – less heat-resistant materials like PLA, then don’t fret!

You can always print your ashtray as you like and make sure it’s filled with water or sand when in use.

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This little trick makes them harder to clean out, sure, but it opens the doors for a lot more filaments that would otherwise be unsuitable for 3D printing ashtrays.

I tend to use water anyway in the height of summer, regardless of ashtray material, to make sure my embers don’t go astray and start fires. If you don’t already, I recommend you do the same. It’s pretty great for peace of mind if nothing else.

How to Treat a 3D Printed Ashtray

If you don’t like the water idea, there are other ways to treat your ashtray so it stays both dry and intact with use.

Printing your basic design and then coating it with plaster is a good way to keep your ashtrays in good condition.

Squidward 2

For an easy, low-cost solution, you can also use aluminum foil to line the inside. This not only protects the filament from direct exposure to heat, but also makes your ashtray easier to empty and clean.

If you’d rather avoid these steps altogether, and don’t mind a little more work, you can instead use your 3D printer to make your desired mold that you can then coat with harder, more heat-resistant crafting materials.

This mold can then be tweaked and reused so you can make as many as you like as gifts or even to sell.

Kenny South Park Ashtray

With all these tips under your hat, let’s take a look at some examples of the coolest 3D printed ashtrays you can download and use today.

As a smoker myself, I’m also going to be peppering in a few personal favorites that I’ll be looking further into once I’m done here!

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