55+ 3D Printed Home Décor Projects To Decorate Your Home

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3D printed home decor

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Injecting your own personality and tastes into your living space is exactly how you turn a house into a home. I know I’d not feel like my place is really mine without my shelf of fox statuettes and Majora’s Mask propped up by their side.

That mask, and a few of the foxes, are great examples of 3D printed home décor. For me, they’re some of my favorite decorative pieces because they’re homemade and they’re mine. Sure, they were made with STL files found online, but that doesn’t make them any less special to me.

3D printed decorations are a great way to make your home your own. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt that having only store-bought décor was always a little hollow. The same things are probably adorning thousands of people’s shelves and walls, right?

Secret Shelf 2

With 3D printing, you can make unique and personalized decorations for your home and garden, making your home truly yours.

There are a lot of options for printing decorations depending on your tastes and which rooms you’re wanting to decorate. Of course, your preferences are your own, but I’m going to show you a few of my personal favorite 3D print ideas for your home.

3D Printed Home Décor Picture Frames

Here at 3DSourced we’ve actually already seen a lot of great 3D printed decorations like vases, planters, pencil holders, and even toys. So here we’re going to look at some new things we haven’t got to talk about before!


Cute or ferocious, real or fictional, everybody’s got a favorite animal. As I mentioned above, I quite like foxes, and so have decorated some of my apartment with them. A good friend of mine has done the same in her home too, but with hedgehogs.

3D Printed Animal Decorations

There are a good few ways to make 3D printed decorations of any animal you choose. Statuettes like this shark, this goat, or this rhino are very cool and highly detailed, while simpler or ‘low poly’ animals like this elephant, this zebra, and this collection of critters are more cute and subtle as decorations.

Animals 2 Zodiac 3D printed Décor

If you simply can’t decide, you can follow this link to find a whole host of low-poly animals to choose from! Or you can pick your animal from the Chinese zodiac from the collection here. All of them make great, personal decorations to 3D print.

You can also 3D print wall decorations depicting your favorite animal. Personally, I love the geometric designs like this hummingbird, this bear, and this owl to name a few.

Cat Home Wall Hanging

If you prefer more realistic wall art, then files like this killer whale and this cat are very cool and can be printed in one color for a nice silhouette effect. Though my personal favorite of these is this tiger, which seems to be coming right at you!

As an extra cute honorable mention, I adore these cat wall hangers that spell the word ‘love.’ Now that’s how you use 3D printing to make a home… or just a good thing if you also happen to like voles.

Picture Frames

What better way to make a home yours than by decorating it with cherished memories and photos of loved ones? A great way to make these even more your own is to 3D print decorative picture frames!

Mickey Photo Frame 3D Print

Themed classics like Mickey Mouse are always a cute choice, while this rope design is perfect either as a standard décor addition or to go with photos of a boating or rock climbing session.

Heart-themed picture frames like this one are perfect for remembering special days like weddings and anniversaries, and this minimalist photo frame is perfect for just about any photo you want to display with pride.

Heart Frame

Of course, even though your 3D printing to decorate, they don’t have to be themed. Displaying a picture of your loved ones will look great in any printed frame like this abstract frame made from recycled PLA to reduce waste, or this backlit frame with a lithophane base.

Of course, you can always stay with simple but elegant styles like this one.

3D Printed Window Home Décor

I really love these window-style picture frames that are ideal for one or two photos displayed as though you’re looking out onto them. They’re highly customizable and make for both excellent 3D printed decorations or even gifts!

For something a little more playful, projects like this Lego picture frame is a great picture frame for the youngsters in your life (or just children at heart.)

Minimalist Picture Frame

If you have or want a more minimalist home décor, then you’ll probably rather go for these clever floating frames instead.

Coat Hooks

What is a home if not a place to hang your hat at the end of a long day? Sometimes more than just your hat, depending on your fashion preferences and locale’s general climate.

3D prints for your home don’t just have to be decorative, they can be practical too! And coat hooks are a good way to make sure you not only get comfortable in your abode as quickly as possible, but also so you don’t lose your jacket or keys (like I do every single day…)

3D Print Coat Hooks

This collection of customizable U-hooks includes pretty much everything you’ll need to get started. Whether you want a shallow hook for keys, or deeper ones for hats, jackets, and bags.

Of course, standard u-hooks are just the basic shape. Despite being practical, hooks and hangers can still be 3D printed decorations, so don’t be afraid to get creative. This elephant hook is a nice choice for something a little different, and there’s also this tentacle design for you ocean lovers out there.

Tentacle Coat Hooks

If you have little ones around, then this smiling octopus hook will help you keep track of their coats in a cute, child-friendly way, and could even help teach your kids basic organization and tidying skills.

Thinking outside the box is fun when decorating, especially for something useful. That’s why my top picks for these hooks include this surprisingly detailed likeness of Super Mario, the famous Batman logo, and this hook with a Simpsons background that’s perfect for any nuclear family!

Simpsons Coat Hook

If you’re a gamer but aren’t that big on Nintendo, then maybe these PlayStation coat hangers will better suit your tastes.

Things to Print for Your Room

As nice as it is to make your home yours, bedroom decorations are probably the most important ones to get right. Finding the right things to print for your room that match your tastes will help you relax. The bedroom should never be a stressful place, after all.

The Hive is a group of small 3D printed hexagonal drawers that would be perfect for any vanity table. These drawers are perfect for jewelry, makeup, spare keys, or just little trinkets and keepsakes you don’t want to lose.

3D Prints for Your Room Hive Shelves

The drawers of The Hive are individually printed and interlocking, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve got limited space to work with, and you can always print more if you need to.

As for protecting your more valuable valuables, this secret shelf is perfect. It acts as a normal shelf that removes from the wall to reveal a drawer. You can use this to store more precious items or some rainy day money.

3D Print Secret Shelf

In an effort to cut down on screen time at bedtime, I’ve taken to reading a lot more before bed. And as someone without a nightstand myself, I’ve found reading lights to be invaluable.

It’s always tempting to just zone out on your phone until you’re tired enough to sleep, but we all know just how bad that is for your rest. Once you’ve gone through the effort of printing your own working book light like this one, you’ll find that temptation to be a little lessened.

Booklight 2

How complex your book light will be depends on how much work you’re willing to put in, this one is more complicated than the one above, for example. While not technically a 3D print for home décor, I couldn’t talk about cool things to print for your room without mentioning one of my favorite inventions.

Bed trays (or bed tables) are another great addition to your room. After all, who says breakfast in bed has to be an annual occasion?

Bed Tray 2

There are lots of different kinds of bed trays, some are simple designs that do the trick, while others fit into the slats of bunk beds. This one actually converts from a standard bedside stand to a bed tray with some simple engineering!

3D Print Bed Tray

You’ll know you’re really living your Sunday to the fullest when you’re enjoying eggs and bacon from the comfort of your own bed.

For kids’ rooms, there are a lot of cute 3D printed wall decorations like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, as well as this awesome carousel mini shelf that’s rounded, safe, and practical as well as just generally looking fun.

Carousel Shelf for Bedrooms

For the more grown up little ones, this Lego light switch cover is a really cool way to help them customize their own space with whatever kinds of figures they want.

Things to Print for your Kitchen

Outside of fridge magnets, kitchen décor is a little more complicated. As a room that needs to be more functional than personal, it can be difficult to make it your own without anything getting in the way. Or maybe that’s just me…

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Homer Hedge Sponge Holder 3D Print Décor

In any case, there are some really fun 3D printed decorations for your kitchen that also serve a purpose without losing their charm. I, for one, adore this Homer Simpson sponge holder that recreates the famous hedge meme.

Spongebob Holder Kictchen

If you prefer standard yellow sponges, then any of these Spongebob Squarepants sponge holders will make your kitchen just the right amount of zany.

3D Printing for Kitchen Super Mario

Nerding up your kitchen with some 3D printed décor is pretty fun too, like with this retro Super Mario paper towel and napkin holder. If your kitchen is poorly ventilated or you just want help getting rid of smoke and steam, this Kirby fume extractor can be repurposed as a kitchen ornament that lives up to the famously insatiable appetite of the pink blob.

3D Printed Kitchen Picnic Set

You can even 3D print your own crockery and table sets like this spring set for picnics or casual snacking or this Angry Birds egg cup. If that’s more what you have in mind, you can learn more about food-safe 3D printed filaments for kitchen utensils here.

Sparta Knife Holder 3D Print Décor

One of my all-time favorite 3D printed decorations for the kitchen is this Spartan knife stand. It’s cool, it’s easy, and it’s useful for anyone who’s sick of reaching into a drawer of sharp blades every time they need a knife.

Things to Print for Your Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, then you’ll know that the home doesn’t end at a doorstep. Gardening is a common pastime for anyone who takes pride in their own private slice of the outdoors, and it’s easy to see why. It’s relaxing, it’s fun, and it’s something you can really be proud of.

Garden Decoartions Animal

3D printing decorations for your garden is a good way to further personalize your corner of nature, and make for some fun additions and touches.

Even simple touches like the Garden Friends collection can add a little bit of color to your greenery. The collection includes simple, cute little prints like this turtle, this butterfly, this frog, and this ladybug.


For another touch of color, this pinwheel is a great garden ornament that will also let you know just how windy it is outside as well as act as a fun toy for little ones. If you are going to print it as a toy, I recommend first rounding the edges to make it safer.

3D Printed Garden Gnome

And of course, we can’t talk about 3D printed garden decorations without talking about gnomes. With so many possibilities, you can inject so much personality into your yard with fishing gnomes, gardeners, even this meditating gnome! However you want your little printed community to look, there’s a plethora of options to go for.

3D Printed Planters for Garden

If your yard space is too small for standard gardening, I recommend these adorable wall planters with clouds that rainwater down onto your plants.

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