30+ Cool 3D Printed Keycaps You Can Download & Print Now

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There are many ways in which each of us put the ‘personal’ in personal computer, by using custom wallpapers, personalized layouts, and shortcuts that suit how we use our programs almost every day.

But this customization doesn’t stop at software. From adding stickers to laptops or getting monitors and mice in our favorite colors, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of designs out there for custom printed keycaps to make the daily typing a little more interesting.

3D printed Keycap Example Image

Mechanical keyboards are ripe for such personalization, and there’s no shortage of designs for all tastes out there to really make your keyboard your own. These 3D printed keycap molds come as practical additions to help remember keyboard shortcuts, to aesthetic upgrades to show off your own interests.

3D printed keycaps themselves are fairly simple, but the varieties available for download are surprisingly distinct. From colors to designs that suit writers and gamers, to specialized 3D printed keycap molds to help with accessibility or early learning.

So, we’ve rounded up the best 3D printed keycaps you can download and print today, and included 30+ cool keycap files!

3D Printed Keycaps for Gamers

Many of us use our computers for gaming, and while keyboard shortcuts do become muscle memory after a while, that doesn’t mean we don’t want a better and cooler way to know what button does what.

3D printed keycaps for gamers come in many forms depending on your style, from general use to game-specific.

The Gun

First-person shooter players will know that the shooting key is normally on left click, but not everyone likes it that way, and they choose to map their keys elsewhere.

3D Printed Keycap Molds - Gun for Gamers

For those players, there are these 3D printed keycaps. The gun symbol on them will mean you’ll never have to scramble for the shoot, reload, or weapon wheel key again, depending on where you want to assign it.

Minecraft 3D printed keycaps

Minecraft is an endless creativity and/or survival game with basically infinite possibilities for self-expression and exploration. But no matter how you play, there are tools that no player can go without.

These tools (swords, shovels, pickaxes, etc.) are on almost any player’s hotbar, so why not make these 3D printed keycaps to tell you exactly what to press to access them?

Minecraft Keycaps Keyboard Shortcuts

Alongside these practical files is a 3D printed keycap mold of the dreaded Creeper to assign to whichever key you like. Personally, I’d set my Creeper to my flint and steel for when I inevitably decide to destroy everything.


Valorant’s release saw an impressive fandom, and its array of characters means that every player has their favorite.

Any Valorant player or streamer will almost certainly want to check out these resin 3D printed keycaps depicting the colors and abilities of their personal character of choice.

Valorant Keycaps

While Skye is this writer’s personal favorite, these 3D printed keycap molds are available in styles for Reyna, Phoenix, Brimstone, Astra, Jett, and many others.

You can find the complete 3D printed keycaps files below:

Skye / Sage / Reyna / Jett / Sova / Killjoy / Viper / Raze / Omen / Phoenix / Cypher / Brimstone / Breach / Astra / Yoru

Genshin Impact

The size and scope of the open-world RPG Genshin Impact can be pretty overwhelming. From the multiple characters, many abilities, and specific specialties for each circumstance mean that focus needs to be maintained at all times.

A designer took this, along with the confusingly named elemental attacks, and decided to make it easier with these 3D printed keycaps depicting the various magical abilities.

Genshin Impact 2

While muscle memory can take a while to take hold, these keycaps, if printed and mapped correctly, mean you’ll never be caught accidentally casting fire magic on a flame elemental again.

Sonic Arrow 3D Printed Keycaps

While less immediately practical, these custom printed keycaps depicting the iconic trio of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are not to be overlooked.

3D Prtined Keycaps - Sonic Tails Knuckles

While there are other keycaps and 3D printed keycap molds depicting many characters from other titles, the Sonic the Hedgehog trio are my personal favorites.

The backlit nature of these keycaps does mean that there’s a little more work to be done than a simple ‘print and attach’, but a full set of instructions are found alongside the free files here.

3D Printed Artisan Keycaps

Not all keycaps need to be practical or particularly useful. Some keycap designs available to download were created because many of us are bored from spending more time than we’d like to admit in front of our keyboards.

Here are a few of the coolest artisan keycaps for those of you who want to add an extra layer of flair to your keyboard.

3D Printed Cherry MX Keycaps

Beginning with a two-for-one, these designs of a rose and a skull to fit onto your keyboard are certainly a shakeup of the QWERTY we’re all used to.

Artisan Keycap

The pieces are very well designed and nicely detailed. With the right filament and settings, you’ll find out for yourself. The designer recommends translucent filament for use with an optionally backlit keyboard to really make these keys stand out and earn the description ‘3D printed artisan keycaps.’

3D Printed Transparent Keycap Base

We all like to add our own flair to our stuff, and sometimes the best way to get going with this flair is to get what is essentially a blank canvas.

This 3D printed keycap design, if made with transparent material, makes for such a canvas, inside which you can place whatever you like.

Transparent Artisan Keycap Ditto

You can 3D print, or otherwise make or find, your own additions to this design. Custom letters and symbols, pictures, logos, or just about anything you like. Personally, I like the Ditto found in the example image, but the fun of this artisan keycap base is that you are the artist.

Creasi 3D Printed Keycap Designs

The works of Creasi, while not free, are certainly some of the most impressively detailed artisan keycaps you can download.

Creasi’s artisan keycaps come as animals, demons, mythical creatures, and many more. Each of them is a work of art and all are ready to be printed and painted to fit onto your mechanical keyboard.

Succubus Keycap Mold

While my personal favorite is the Succubus Queen found here, there are 9 others in Creasi’s collection to choose from. Each one should be a welcome addition to anyone’s keyboard.

Kurama Keycap

Kurama, also known as the Nine-Tails of Naruto fame, is a good example of a simple concept done well in 3D keycap design.

Kurama Nine Tailed Fox

While not extensively detailed, the Kurama keycap is a good demonstration of how artisan keycaps can be made without needing a degree in art. Not to mention a nice addition to any Naruto fan’s keyboard.

Honorable Mentions

Not all keycaps are going to fit into a category, and some are just really fun, creative, or cool-looking add-ons that go with just about any keyboard. Here are a few of our favorites.

‘Boom’ Enter Key Keycap — 3D printed scape key

Have you ever sent a message that was so perfectly curated, so well-worded and perfectly timed that you wish you had an audience when you typed it? What about that last e-mail of the day before you power everything off and are free for the day?

3D Printed Keycap - Boom Enter Key

Well, here’s a 3D printed escape key that will make that moment a little more special. The Boom Enter Key is just the addition any keyboard needs to put that extra punctuation to the end of a statement that you’re glad to have out of the way.

Superhero Logo Keycaps

Chances are, even if you’ve never picked up a comic book in your life, you have a favorite superhero. They’ve been such a staple of our pop culture for so long that it’s almost impossible to not have one hero or heroine in your mind when asked who’s your top pick.

3D Printed Keycap Robin

3D printed keycaps of superhero logos and symbols are a neat way to have that personal favorite with you at all times, and designer Kieuvuanhtu is here with many of the top superhero keycaps to download for free.

My personal favorite is Robin, whose logo can be found here. But you can print just about any comic book legend’s personal imagery to attach to your keyboard. From Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and even the Justice League logo. And that’s just DC!

Anime Keycaps

Kurama isn’t the only anime-inspired 3D printable keycap out there. Dragon Ball legends Buu and Cell are also available, as are the Titans of Attack on Titan fame.

Cell Keycap

Pokémon like the Jolteon found here are also a good call for anime or videogame fans to express themselves with their hardware. Eevee and Flareon are also amongst the other designs from the same designer!

Other useful 3D print files lists:

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