Making your own jewelry is one of the most fun, creative, and simple ways to make good use of your 3D printer, not to mention an excellent way to use up small leftover filaments that would otherwise go to waste.

3D printed earrings come in all shapes and sizes. With so many ideas and designs to choose from, deciding which to start on is one of the most difficult parts. Whether you want to 3D print earrings to show off a passion or cause, or simply make a design you think looks cool, you’re going to want a good starting point.

Earrings Example 2

Since only dual extruder 3D printers can print in more than one color, it can be difficult to imagine making 3D printed earrings that are cool, creative, and eye-catching. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of awesome things you can make even in monochrome!

Here we’re going to look at some of the best 3D printed earring designs and ideas you can find and download online to either replicate or make your own, along with a few personal favorites of mine.

3D Printed Ursula Earrings

Every cartoon character has a unique look that makes them immediately recognizable. Belle has her iconic yellow dress, and Bart Simpson has his famously edible blue shorts. For some characters, it’s earrings.

3D Printed Disney Ursula Earrings

Interestingly designed, and arguably the only thing she actually wears, are the sea witch Ursula’s seashell earrings from the hit Disney film The Little Mermaid. This 3D printed earring design is fairly common because of the simple shapes, but my favorite rendition is the one here.

Flaming Hearts

Let’s face it, heart-shaped earrings are a little played out. The very common shape is so universally known that just about everything from jewelry to even clothes come in its style.

Flaming Heart Earrings

I won’t go so far as to say these earrings reinvent the wheel, but of all the heart-shapes I could find, these Flaming Heart earrings are by far my favorite. The simple idea is pulled off well and they look pretty cool to boot!

If you want a subtle yet new spin on an old favorite, especially if you need a cool Valentine’s gift, then I encourage you to check out this free 3D printed earring design here.

Multiple Heart Earrings

As an extra to these, I also really love these rotating heart-shaped earrings that require no glue to assemble and look really neat.

3D Printed Anime Earrings

If you like anime, then you’ll be happy to know that you can 3D print these earrings worn by Izana Kurokawa from Tokyo Revengers.

Anime Earrings

For something a little simpler but far more recognizable, this design for the famous Potara fusion earrings is sure to catch the attention of any Dragon Ball fan.

3D Printed Anime Dragon Ball Z Earrings Potara

While its status as an ‘anime’ is somewhat controversial, Avatar: The Last Airbender is a difficult show to ignore.

Last Air Bender Earrings

With its signature art style and fascinating world, any hardcore fan will recognize these 3D printed earrings taken straight from the show’s elemental symbols.

3D Printed Animal Earrings

Everyone has a favorite animal, and it’s very common to have clothing, plushies, or an item of jewelry depicting said animal. Real or fictitious, it’s easy to find your own personal favorite to make into a 3D printed earring set.

3D Printed Cute Earrings Cat

Known for their elegance, cats are perhaps the most common 3D printed earrings you’ll find. Sleek designs like this one are graceful and stylish, or you can go the goofy route and have some fun with cat earrings like the adorable yet hilarious ones here.

Noir Cat

If you really love cats, though, then my personal favorite is this noir-esque design that’s as sleek as it is cool.

On a personal note, I’m quite partial to foxes. So I couldn’t very well write about 3D printed earrings without pointing out my very favorite fox designs. If you’re a fellow fan of the vulpine, then I recommend checking out one of the origami-style geometric fox designs.

Fox Earrings

But if you want something cooler and don’t mind a little extra work, you can attach an earring hook to this cute design after some painting.

Linux Penguin Jewelry

Of course, there are many other animal designs out there. From elephants to ladybugs and even Tux the Linux penguin!

3D Printed Videogame Earrings

Videogames are a passion for many, from casual candy crushers to dedicated dragon questers, videogames are a medium where just about anyone can find something they enjoy.

3D printed videogame-inspired earrings are a great way to show off your fantasy world of choice in a pretty cool way.

3D Printed Videogame Earrings Space Invaders

The easiest and most retro of these earrings is the classic and still iconic Space Invader design found here, or you can take on the look of one of Princess Zelda’s many incarnations with these Triforce earrings.

Triforce Earrings

Another simple yet easily identifiable symbol is these 3D printed power star earrings from Mario’s adventures.


My personal favorite, however, are these awesome and very creative 3D printed Portal earrings from the internet-famous game of the same name.

Poker Earrings

While I can’t say we promote gambling here at 3DSourced, one thing we do promote is fun. Card games are a staple of rainy days and lazy afternoons, and the suit designs are iconic around the world.

Card Earrings

These cute 3D printed ‘Poker’ earrings are a great mix-and-match set for those of you who like the look of playing cards but want to change up your earring sets in subtle ways. Whether you want to match how they look or make suit combinations, you can’t deny this design is pretty fun!

3D Printed Dice

If games are still your fancy but cards don’t cut it, then why not check out these 3D printed dice earrings instead?

Cultural Earrings

Whether nationality or heritage, local or national, we all like to identify ourselves as part of the culture in which we find ourselves. 3D printing earrings to reflect this is a great way to display this identity with a quiet pride that’s as noticeable as it is elegant.

Tree of Life Earrings

The Tree of Life is perhaps the best example of 3D printed earrings for any Celt, as it represents the beauty of individuality and uniqueness. If you’re Welsh, then why not print and wear these Y Ddraig Goch earrings to show your pride? Or the Heart of Scotland if your family is from a little more north?

3D Printed Welsh Jewelry

Speaking of pride, it’s not just countries and family ties you can wear as 3D printed earrings. Etsy seller ScienceAndFiction has a range of homemade Pride earrings you can buy today.

With the flags for each community like gay, bi, asexual, trans, non-binary, and lesbian to choose from, I recommend this stylish way to show the world that you’re not scared to be yourself.

3D Printed PRIDE Earrings

If you have a 3D printer that can print multiple colors, or have some good paints handy, you can make your own earrings of any kind of flag to represent any sexuality or gender identity (or lacks thereof), country, or sports team.

Heart of Scotland Earrings

Or maybe you have the creative urge to make something new? If so, then why not turn something like your family crest into a pair of 3D printed earrings to ensure your heritage is remembered?

3D Printed Earrings You Can Buy

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, or simply don’t feel you have the spark to create from scratch yet, then you’ll be happy to know that there are some premium 3D printed earring options from independent manufacturers that you can order too!

While we’ve already seen some of the most stunning 3D printed jewelry around, there are some examples of 3D printed metal earrings that I simply couldn’t ignore.

3D Printed Jewelry

This design, for example, holds the jewel in with a claw-like motif that looks sharp in more ways than one. Suitable to be printed in silver-colored metals or gold, they stand out as having a unique and cool set for your favorite gemstones.

Nature Earrings 1

Don’t ask me why, but I really love these 3D printed Forest Green Spiral earrings, which I find beautiful in their simplicity. True to their nature-inspired form, the resin used to make them is plant-based and nickel-free.

Bee Earrings

If you want something still nature-based but more whimsical, these bee earrings with gold-plated hooks are a quirky addition to any casual wardrobe, and are ideal as a personal purchase or a gift. They also go pretty well with these beehive earrings!

3D Printed Pokémon Earrings

If you’ve been looking at my personal favorites thus far, then it probably won’t surprise you to learn that my two favorite 3D printed earring designs available on Etsy are these adorable fox earrings, and these Pokémon-themed Cubone skull earrings. There’s always something for us geeks, after all, even jewelry!

Honorable Mentions

Not all 3D printed earrings are easy to categorize, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth printing! Here are a few of my favorite earring files I recommend you check out to give yourself a new look.

Jigsaw Piece Earrings

Jigsaw Puzzle

Beginning with a classic, these simple 3D printed jigsaw piece earrings are a cool look that you can print in the same color or match them to your style.

Team Secret Earrings

If you’re a fan of e-sports, then you probably recognize the Team Secret logo, and if you’re not, it’s hard to deny that it’s a cool look either way.

Game Earrings 2

These free files for 3D printed Team Secret logo earrings will be recognized by your e-sports friends, and offer an air of mystery to everyone else. What’s not to love?

Halloween Fun Earrings

Buying seasonal earrings always feels like a waste of money. Why spend top dollar on something you can only really wear once a year?


Fear not, these free Halloween-themed 3D printed earrings are cheap to make and fun to wear during everyone’s favorite spooky season! (No, not tax season. but we get why you’d think that.)

Diamond Earrings

If you read that and felt your heart skip a little, then these earrings have already done their job. I like these ones more for the joke, but they’re no less cool to look at.

3D Printed Diamond Earrings

Tell your friends made your own diamond earrings and then bust these out, you’ll get a good laugh if not some heavy eye-rolls

Either way, they’re fun, and pretty neatly designed at that!

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