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The 7 Best Color 3D Printers & Adaptors 2021

Just a decade ago, the thought of a color 3D printer in every home would have sounded like delusional madness. Even one color 3D printing on a single extruder cost thousands of dollars unless you built an early RepRap 3D printer, and they were still in their infancy.

Now in 2021, you can turn any cheap 3D printer into a multi color 3D printer and create stunning color prints for just a few hundred dollars. Some color 3D printers come with this ability, and the rest can be adapted using special color 3D printer adaptors. You can even buy a full color 3D printer, offering complete CMYK color ranges of over 50,000 colors, that fit on the side of your desk.

The Best Color 3D Printers

Name and brandType of color 3D printerPriceBest place to purchase
Geeetech A20MMix color 3D printer$399Amazon here
Geeetech A20TMix color 3D printer$449Amazon here
Crane QuadFull Color 3D printer$899
XYZprinting Da Vinci ColorFull color 3D printer$2,995Amazon here
Palette 2SColor 3D printer adaptor$599 / $799Matterhackers here
Prusa Multi Material UpgradeColor 3D printer adaptor$300Prusa Store
3DChameleon Upgrade KitColor 3D printer adaptor$99 / $199

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What is a color 3D printer: differences between a multi color 3D printer and full color 3D printer

  • This article is a ranking of the best color 3D printers. After you’ve read this, make sure to also check out our color 3D printing guide.

When we say multi color 3D printer, we do not mean that the 3D printer can print the whole spectrum of colors, but several different fixed colors in one model. Colored filaments are printed in certain places in the model, creating parts made from a restricted number of block colors, but these colors are bold and stand out.

A full color 3D printer on the other hand offers a complete range of colors, mixing CMYK or RGB colors so that even slight changes in color or texture are reflected in your 3D printed model. Far more color customization is available, though colors can be less bold and look more washed out.

The majority of the color 3D printers featured in this buyer’s guide are multi color 3D printers that are able to print 2, 3, 4 or even 5 different colored filaments in one model.

color 3d prints
The artistic and memeable applications of the best color 3D printers.

The main ways to 3D print in color

For a quick introduction, these are historically how makers have managed to print color models:

  • Stopping and starting, changing filament: A labor-intensive and frustrating method, this involves pausing your print and changing out one color filament for another, and then resuming the print. 3D slicer settings can be set to automatically pause at the point you want to switch filament. Multi color 3D printers effectively automate this for you, and with multiple colors.
  • Using a dual extruder: Dual extruder 3D printers offer printing in two colors, or two different materials. For those satisfied with creating models printed in two different colors, you can simply load two different colors of your chosen filament, such as black and red, and print your model mixing these colors.
  • Mix color systems: Used on Geeetech printers we recommend below, these systems can mix multiple filaments within your print to create prints with changing color gradients and patterns.
  • Color 3D printer adaptors: We include a whole other section for these below. These adaptors splice multiple different filaments together based on which areas are to be printed in each color. You can turn single extruder 3D printers into color 3D printers using these adaptors. Popular filament splicers include the Palette range by Mosaic Manufacturing.
  • Full color 3D printers: These use 2D inkjet printer inks to dye filament as it is printed, rather than feeding and extruding multiple different colors of filament at the same time. The XYZprinting Da Vinci Color we discuss below utilizes this method.

Part 1: Multi Color 3D Printers

Geeetech A20M Mix Color 3D Printer

  • Price: $399 — Available on Amazon here
  • Build Volume: 255 x 255 x 255 mm
  • Color range: multi color 3D printers (2 colors, with mix color options)

Geeetech is a large open source 3D printer company from China that has sold over 100,000 3D printers worldwide. Their interesting forays into multi color 3D printers include firstly the A20M, featuring a dual extruder with a 2 in, 1 out hot end.

This 2 in, 1 out hot end offers four different color 3D printing options: single color 3D printing, dual color 3D printing, graded color 3D printing, and mix color 3D printing. For example, for some projects you may want to print small details in a different color, whereas for some models you may want the colors to mix every few layers, or have the bottom half one color and top half another. The Geeetech A20M gives you all that flexibility.

geeetech a20m color 3d print
A mix color gradient print done on a Geeetech A20M. Credit: remcoder on Reddit.

It’s a 3D printer kit that you’ll have to assemble yourself, but does not take much DIY skill. The building process involves just 3 fairly simple steps, and the structure design is based on the Prusa for stability and quality. The Geeetech A20M is accurate, with up to 0.1mm accuracy, and also versatile in the 3D printer filaments it can use, with the ability to print not just ABS or PLA, but also wood-filled filaments, PVA, HIPS, PETG and more.

To mix colors, simply use Geeetech’s ColorMixer software, and choose your color 3D printer settings, such as graded color between certain layers. The A20M is compatible with 3D slicers like Cura and Simplify3D, and you can print remotely using the printer’s WiFi connectivity. Overall, it’s a great cheap 3D printer offering a way into color 3D printing without breaking the bank.

geeetech a20m mix color 3d printer
The Geeetech A20M uses its mix color 3D printing technology to create multi colored prints, shown above.

Geeetech A20T

  • Price: $449 — Available on Amazon here
  • Build volume: 250 x 250 x 250 mm
  • Color range: multi color 3D printer (3 colors, with mix color options)

If you though the A20M was neat, the A20T takes that even further. Instead of being able to mix 2 colors, the A20T can mix 3, with the 3-in-1 mixing capability able to combine 3 different filament colors to create multi-colored 3D prints that look amazing.

Combining two colors can already create stunning color 3D prints, but adding a third exponentially increases design possibilities. Geeetech show examples of radiant multi color 3D prints with alternating colors on the bottom half, with a third block color on the top half, creating fantastic multi-colored models for under $500.

geeetech a20t color mixing 3D printing
A multi colored 3D print being printed on a Geeetech mix color 3D printer.

Again, it is based on a Prusa-inspired design, and is easy to assemble from kit form in 3 simple steps (lots of threes here!). You can use Geeetech’s EasyPrint 3D app for remote color 3D printing and monitoring, as well as giving you access to over 50,000 free 3D models to print. You can use Repetier-Host, or use Cura, as well as EasyPrint 3D.

It is ever so slightly smaller than the A20M (by 5mm on each axis) and prints with an accuracy of 0.1-0.2mm. Overall, we think the Geeetech A20T is a great multi color 3D printer to create great FDM prints with mixes of three colors in one.

geeetech a20t

Crane Quad

  • Price: $899
  • Build volume: 230 x 230 x 250 mm
  • Color range: multi color 3D printer / full color 3D printer depending on settings

The Crane Quad is a color 3D printer made by M3D, who previously released the successful Micro 3D printer after raising an astonishing $3.4 million on Kickstarter. The Crane Quad takes up to four filaments at once, which you can print individually and switch if you want to change color, or if you use M3D’s CMYK filaments, can combine them all together to create full color 3D prints comprising of over 50,000 different colors.

crane quad color 3D prints

The ability to print accurately (up to a claimed 25 microns) and with such color range makes the Crane Quad a very interesting 3D printing option. The large 3D printer build volume means that large full color 3D prints can be created, and it’s also fairly portable, weighing just 8.5kg. Though far less known than the other color 3D printers mentioned, the Crane Quad is definitely an option worth considering.

crane quad

Part 2: Full Color 3D Printers

XYZprinting Da Vinci Color

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting and innovative 3D printers of the last few years, the Da Vinci Color is the only full color 3D printer around that isn’t an industrial machines costing tens of thousands of dollars.

The full color 3D printing is possible as it combines standard FDM 3D printing — using a colorless PLA filament — with inkjet CMYK ink cartridges that dyes and colors the filament as it is printed. This results in detailed, full color 3D prints, with even small details captured in the correct color. This has massive advantages for communicating prototypes or designs to upper management in full color, and is also great as a 3D printer for miniatures, in the video game design, art direction, and character creation industries for films and animation.

xyzprinting da vinci color full color 3d printer
The only full color 3D printer available at an accessible price.

Despite being an FDM 3D printer, the Da Vinci Color uses the same inkjet cartridges as standard 2D printers, with each cartridge being able to be individually removed and replaced in the same way, and using the CMYK color system. It prints at up to 100 micron accuracy, and features a 5-inch touchscreen for simple navigation. The Da Vinci full color 3D printer can also autocalibrate, and can be printed via both USB and over WiFi.

Overall, it’s the only way to get full color 3D printing on an FDM 3D printer, with other full color 3D printing options restricted to extremely expensive technologies like PolyJet and Multi Jet Fusion. Even if the colors can look washed out, it’s a tremendous achievement to even succeed in offering full color 3D prints on an FDM machine for under $3,000.

A Da Vinci Color is also available, with a smaller print area. It costs $1,600 and can be purchased here.

xyzprinting da vinci color prints
Full color 3D prints created on the Da Vinci Color by XYZprinting.

Part 3: Multi Color 3D Printer Adaptors

Palette 2S & 2S Pro

Mosaic Manufacturing has stormed the industry recently with their revolutionary Palette color 3D printer filament splicers, turning any desktop 3D printer into a multi color 3D printer able to print models in up to 4 different colors or materials.

While not a 3D printer, the Palette 2S and 2S Pro connect to your printer, and splice multiple different filaments into one continuous, multi-colored filament based on the dimensions and chosen colors for that model. It calculates perfectly the amount of each color for each chosen area, splicing the filament together where that filament will be used, creating stunning multi-color 3D prints with ease.

multi color medical 3D print using palette 2s
Using a multi color 3D printer filament splicer like the Palette can turn single color models into interactive, multi color prints, such as the medical model above.

Name a 3D printer, it’s probably compatible with the Palette 2S. Creality, Flashforge, Dremel, Makerbot Replicator, all Ultimaker 3D printers if you purchase the adaptor for 2.85mm filaments, Makergear, Qidi Tech, Prusa, Lulzbot and many other manufacturer’s 3D printers work with the Palette adaptor.

You can use the Palette 2S to create multi color 3D prints with any single materials, including PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, PVA and Nylon, or sacrifice one color and use a soluble filament like PVA in addition to your 3 colors for soluble supports that can be dissolved. Effectively, this adaptor turns your printer – even if it previously had just a single extruder – into one with four independent extruders.

A beautiful multi color 3D printed cup design printed using the Palette. Credit: DE3DPrintman on Twitter.

Mosaic Manufacturing also sell the Palette 2S Pro, which includes an extended warranty, extra spare parts, and better splicing capabilities. You can also buy an adaptor which allows the Palette to work with Ultimaker 3D printers that use 2.85mm filament, rather than the standard 1.75mm.

Mosaic also offer their specially designed CANVAS 3D modeling software. You can directly color and paint prints in the software before printing, that your printer will then follow to your exact specifications.

Overall, the Palette and its accompanying software open up the possibility for a huge variety of colorful 3D printing, for character models for use in film, video games and other media, as well as high added value industries like architectural models for interior design that previously would have cost far more to print on a PolyJet 3D printer.

palette 2s filament splicer multi color 3d printing adaptor
The exterior and interior of the Palette 2S, showing how the machine splices filament for multi color 3D printing.

Prusa Multi Material Upgrade 2S

Prusa 3D printers already have a stellar reputation for reliability, engineering excellence and innovation. In line with this reputation, Prusa offer a multi-color 3D printing upgrade for the Prusa MK2.5S and MK3S, allowing you to print up to 5 different colors simultaneously.

At $300 this kit is cheaper than the Palette, but works only with Prusa printers. You can combine colors with ABS, PLA, PETG and PVA (the same as the Palette but without TPU and Nylon), and you will need to assemble the kit yourself. The kit has been meticulously tested by the Prusa team prior to release, so you can be assured of its quality.

prusa multi material upgrade 2s printed objects
Some colorful models printed using the Multi Material Upgrade 2S by Prusa.

An upgrade on the 2S compared to the previous Multi Material Upgrade is that it now features a direct drive extruder feeding system rather than a Bowden. Additionally, a filament buffer is included, which keeps each individual filament separate from others, ensuring they do not become tangled during the loading and printing processes.

Overall, it’s a fantastic multi color 3D printer upgrade kit for the already great Prusa printer line. Whereas the Palette shines in its openness and compatibility with so many common 3D printers, the Multi Material Upgrade kit encourages users to buy a Prusa and stay within this ecosystem. Both are great options for multi color 3D printing.

multi material color upgrade prusa printer
The Multi Material Upgrade mounts on top of the Prusa printer, as shown above, to print multi colored 3D parts.

3D Chameleon

  • Price: $99 for 2 colors, $199 for 4 colors
  • Color range: multi color 3D printer (up to 4 colors)

A lesser known multi color 3D printer adaptor, the 3D Chameleon DIY kit offers multi extrusion with different materials or colors, and is compatible with commonly used printers by brands like Creality and Prusa.

Compatible with Bowden extruder 3D printers, 3D Chameleon offer both 2-color and 4-color options, depending on the variety of color you are looking for in your 3D prints.

3dchameleon multi color 3d prints
Some multi colored 3D prints using the 3DChameleon kit. Credit: 3DChameleon on Twitter.

The kit takes less than an hour to assemble, and doesn’t involve any technical or complex electronics. Once set up, it uses your 3D printer’s hardware to automatically remove and reinsert each colored filament when each color is needed based on your model’s specification. You can slice multi extruder models in Prusa Slicer, Slic3r, Cura and a number of other 3D slicers, and at a lower price than the Palette or Prusa adaptors, some will find the 3D Chameleon multi color 3D printer adaptor the best option for them.

3dchameleon kit
A Prusa Mini with the 3DChameleon kit installed. Credit: 3DChameleon on Twitter.

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