11+ Stunning 3D Printed Rings – From Casual To Question Popping

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3D Printed Rings

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Making your own jewelry is a hobby many of us claim to have at least dabbled in, and now that 3D printing lets us be a lot more precise with our measurements, 3D printed rings are a new way for us to continue this craft.

It’s easy to see why every time a new art form is brought to the common household, people tend to gravitate towards making things that they can wear.

3D printed jewelry has been at the top of many a 3D printing enthusiast’s to-do list for a long time, from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and brooches. 3D printed rings, however, are a little trickier.

Rings 2

Rings are always on display, as we use our hands so often. Because of this, they can be significant features of our wardrobe. Whether it’s the insignia of our alma mater, a family crest, or any other symbol that’s dear to us, 3D printed rings let us find new ways to always keep something close to us in our thoughts.

Unlike things like necklaces and bracelet, rings need to be an exact size to be worn comfortably. Too loose and they’ll fall right off, too tight and they’ll not go on or – even worse – not come off at all. So always make sure to know your ring size before settling on your design.

3D Printed ring mold next to the final precious metal ring

This gets a little more complicated if you’re making a 3D printed ring as a gift, doubly so if you’re looking to craft a 3D printed engagement ring, but knowing the correct size is important to be immediately worn. But don’t worry, you can always surprise them with a prototype and then tweak the measurements for the next print if needs be.

Here we’re going to look at some of the best 3D printed rings, from gimmicky to meaningful, gift to personal, and how to make sure they come out just right.

Fun 3D Printed Rings

If you’re unable to print with metal, then you may not be able to 3D print a ring that matches what you’d find in a good store, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some fun to be had. Here are some of our picks for the best 3D printed rings to wear for the heck of it.

Gothic Punk Skull 3D Printed Ring

Elegance and darkness often go hand in hand. The allure of night hiding our sins, knowing the workday is over and we can be our true selves. If your true self has even a hint of goth, then this 3D printed ring is not to be overlooked.

Gothic Skull Ring

The immaculate detailing and spine-tingling expression are a great combination. This ring is an excellent addition to any black ensemble, and shouldn’t be confused for a simple Halloween decoration.

Lucky Elephant 3D Printed Ring

Sometimes simplicity is key, but there are times when a balance is needed to make something truly special. This 3D printed signet ring has just enough detail to be an impressive piece, but not so much that it distracts from the overall quality.

Elephand Signet Ring

The lighter the color of filament you use, the better the elephant’s features will stand out, but it can be silhouetted if printed in a darker shade. If you’re a fan of the design, then we recommend printing multiple versions to match any outfit or style you’re going for.

The elephant is seen to bring luck and wealth (provided they aren’t white, of course) and this makes a great gift as a good luck charm or as a simple present for any elephant fans in your life.

Green Lantern’s Ring

If you’re a comic book fan, chances are you thought of this the moment you thought about making a 3D printed ring. Naturally, the internet does not disappoint, providing this excellent recreation of the ring worn by The Green Lantern of DC fame.

3D Printed Green Lantern Ring

While we could have selected any number of the Green Lantern rings available for 3D printing, this one caught our eye because the files allow for multiples to be made at once.

This is perfect for printing and sharing with friend groups as a symbol of your friendship bound in a love of comics, or as a forget-me-not for those moving away.

Whatever your reasons, this easily recognizable and truly iconic 3D printed ring is a great way to show off your fandom.

Green Lantern 2

Lord of the Rings 3D Printed Ring

Perhaps the only fictional ring better known than that of The Green Lantern is the Ring of Omnipotence from the legendary series, The Lord of the Rings.

3D Printed Ring of Omnipotence

The Black Speech language of the inscription is perfect to the last detail, and this design is suitable to be printed in just about any material, so you can get as fancy as you like with this piece of memorabilia.


Perfect as a personal item, gift, or even decorative material for your bookcase; the one ring to rule them all has never been easier to own for yourself. Invisibility not included.

3D Printed Bird Rings

The grace of a bird in flight is an undeniable wonder of the world, and the innovation of turning that wing flap into a wearable piece of 3D printed jewelry is why I’ve included these rings on this list as my personal favorites.

3D Printed Rings Birds

The files found here come as a bundle of four, featuring an eagle, an owl, a raven, and a swallow. Each bird’s wings form the circumference of the ring, and the detailing in their feathers and faces are impressively detailed.

Because these come in a file pack of all four, they are also perfect for gifts amongst close friends as well as additions to a personal jewelry collection. If printed in plastics, smoothening the surfaces with acetone will give them a polish and sheen just like the example photos.

Raven Ring

Two of the rings even have particular inspirations from franchises I personally love. The owl was inspired by the famous mind-bending TV show Twin Peaks, while the Raven was inspired by The Longest Journey, better known now as Dreamfall. Yes, the bird in those games was a crow, but who’s keeping track?

3D Printed Engagement Rings

With wedding ceremonies leaning more towards do-it-yourself and destination celebrations, more and more people are paying less attention to old traditions in favor of modern and personal experiences for their special ones and special days.

Because of this, 3D printed wedding rings are a very popular choice for those who want to commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime love with a homemade 3D printed engagement ring.

3D Printed Engagement Ring Design

If you have a metal 3D printer, or a 3D printer that can print metal filaments, then you can design anything yourself from scratch. Though metal doesn’t have to be the material of choice if you can’t.

Though don’t be disheartened if you can’t print in metal, as any one of the designs we’ve talked about here would work as a 3D printed engagement ring depending on your wants and interests.

Designing an engagement ring from scratch is as simple as knowing the measurements and including an inlet for any gemstone you want to use.

3D Printed Ring Holders

Now that you’ve decided on what 3D printed rings you want to make, you’re going to need somewhere to keep them. Rings are smaller than a lot of other pieces of jewelry and are quite easily lost.

Because of this, here are a few 3D printed ring holders to keep your creations safe and on display.

6 Post Ring Stand

If you’ve gone for multiple rings, then this 3D printed ring stand is the perfect addition to your bedside or vanity table.

3D Printed Ring Holder

Its design is simple and should fit rings of any size. If you have specific uses in mind, you can alter the files to include the names or types of each ring so they have a dedicated post of their own.

Wall Mounted Ring Stand

Coat hooks hold our jackets, hat stands our hats, in that vein, there’s this 3D printed ring holder that can be mounted to your wall via hook or screw so you’ll always know where your favorite rings are.

3D Printed Ring Holder 2

The files here come in sets of two, and you can print as many as you need to hold all the rings you own or have made along the walls of your home. The hangers come in three different types to suit any size of ring, ensuring they won’t fall off easily. The general size of each mount is also small enough to be achievable for any 3D printer.

Double Use Watch and Ring Stand

Rings aren’t the only things we need to keep safe, and many of us have watches that are dear to us for one reason or another. For those cases, this 3D printed ring holder doubles as a watch stand to keep our things secure.

Watch and Ring Stand

The small inlet allows for rings to be kept safe next to the watch, and the design itself is quite attractive and shouldn’t look out of place on a vanity table.

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