Dinosaurs are pretty awesome. Whether you’re a paleontology fan or just really like Jurassic Park, the extinct monsters have captivated people from both scientific and fantastical minds alike, and 3D printed dinosaurs are a great way to both indulge in that captivation or even use as educational tools.

3D Printed T-Rex Toy

There are a lot of ways to go about 3D printing dinosaur models, and which kinds you’ll be able to make will depend on your printer. Resin printers are better for the more detailed models, while FDM printers will help with simpler Dinosaur prints like 3D printed dinosaur bones or regular toys.

3D printing dinosaurs include everything from toys to teaching aids, and there are a lot of different varieties both with what kind of dinosaurs you want to print, and how you want them to look.

Fossil 2

So from 3D printed dinosaur toys to realistic and paleontologically correct models, here we’re going to look at some of the best and coolest dinosaurs and dinosaur models you can 3D print today.

Can You 3D Print Dinosaur Bones?

3D printing dinosaur models is often a simple exercise, and dinosaur bones are no exception. While 3D printing dinosaur skeletons will require some research to get exactly right, especially if you’re hoping to use them as teaching tools, you should have no trouble printing them with any kind of printer.

3D Printed Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaur toys have been a mainstay in many a child’s toy chest for generations. Whether you were into the ancient giants or not, chances are you had a set of plastic or rubber dinosaurs in your childhood too.

Dinosaur Toy

3D printed dinosaur toys are a fun way to recapture those carefree days. So whether feeding your own nostalgia, or making gifts for little ones in your life, here are some dinosaur toy models to check out today.

Just try not to think too hard on making plastic made from dinosaur remnants to 3D print dinosaur toys. That’s just a headache waiting to happen.

3D Printed T-Rex Toy

  • Where to Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: StarLabs3D
  • Price: Free
T-Rex Toy

Beginning with the most famous dinosaur there is, the 3D printed t-rex toy is a classic that looks just like those plastic toys many of us had as kids. It’s a simple print that needs little post-processing, and is fun to paint and decorate either as a fun project by yourself, or an exercise to get any kids in your life interested in paleontology.

And if the so-called ‘king’ isn’t to your liking, the same designer has created a range of different 3D printed dinosaur toys, including the stegosaurus and the triceratops, which are also free.

Mini Baby Dinosaur

  • Where to Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: NACHOAMDS2
  • Price: $4.26
Toy 2

The mini baby dinosaur may be far from the threatening monsters we picture when we think of dinosaurs, but as a 3D printed dino toy, it’s a finely detailed model that’s both cute and safe for little ones to play with.

The goofy expression and faux-battle stance give the impression of a small dog standing up to a wolf. It’s a cute little model fit for play or decoration.

Cartoon Velociraptor

  • Where to Download: CGTrader
  • Designer: ChampTheTraveller
  • Price: $24
3D Printed Velociraptor

By far one of the cutest 3D printed dinosaur toys around is this cartoon velociraptor. Often known as one of the most terrifying and intelligent of the dinosaurs, at least according to Jurassic Park, it’s fun to put an adorable spin on the threatening monster.

While the realistic version would be a touch featherier than what we often imagine, that’s no reason to exclude the classic look from our list. Of course, you can always change or decorate it to be more accurate if you like.

Little Diplodocus

  • Where to Download: CGTrader
  • Designer: usagipan3ds
  • Price: $4
Mini Diplodocus

My personal favorite of the 3D printed dinosaur toys is the little diplodocus. It’s a simple and cheap design that’s adorably compact and just plain sweet to look at. While gigantic in size, the diplodocus was a herbivorous dinosaur, so it’s not too much of a stretch to make it a fun little pal for kids or adults alike.

While I think the model is great as it is, the designer has opened the door to customization if you’re not confident in your own STL editing skills. So even if you want a unique spin on this 3D printed dinosaur toy, you can still have your own version with whatever twists you like.

Diplodocus 2

For a similar print, you can also check out this free 3D printed stegosaurus toy that’s easy to print and just as cute.

Honorable Mention: Flexible Dinosaurs

  • Where to Download: Printables
  • Designer: DR2D
  • Price: Free

As an honorable mention in our list of dinosaur toys, these 3D printed flexible dinosaurs may not be particularly detailed, but they are assembled in joints to make them move and wiggle. These flexible dinosaurs, based on the allosaurus and the t-rex, make for fun fidget toys or just cute and simple additions to any toy chest.

3D Printed Dinosaur Skeletons

3D printed dinosaur skeletons not only make for cool decorations, you can also use them as teaching tools if you print them accurately enough and make sure they’re properly labeled.

Here are a few 3D printed dinosaur bones and skeletal structures to both delight and educate. Since they’re modeled on actual fossils, there should be no worries about maintaining paleontological correctness with these skeleton models.

3D Printed T-Rex Skeleton

  • Where to Download: CGTrader
  • Designer: Ed-Jan
  • Price: $3
Skeleton 3

While not specifically labeled as a T-Rex, the outline of this 3D printed dinosaur skeleton is unmistakable as the once thought to be king of the Jurassic jungle, even though they were from the late Cretaceous period.

Despite their massive jaws and sharp teeth, they were actually thought to be scavengers rather than predators, even though they are also now believed to have had venomous bites. While we have the idea of a ferocious hunter in our minds, the t-rex was more of a carrion animal, like the vulture, according to recent theories.

Sure, this is a little disillusioning, but I still don’t think any of us would like to run into the gargantuan, toothy giant on any given day.

3D Printed Stegosaurus Skeleton

  • Where to Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: VALLA-DINOS
  • Price: $16.86
3D Printed Dinosaur Skeleton

This combination 3D printed dinosaur skeleton and 3D puzzle depicts what we know to be a stegosaurus. As a herbivorous quadruped, we actually still don’t quite know what its spines were for. Some believe they were used as an active defense mechanism, while others claim they were there to make them difficult to eat by larger predators.

The herbivorous diet may make one think these were inherently peaceful creatures, though that is juxtaposed by the mace-like tail boasting spikes clearly intended for offensive maneuvers.

Skeleton 2

The stegosaurus is a fascinating creature, and an excellent 3D printed dinosaur skeleton. This model comes as 3 separate downloads totaling 32 different parts that you need to assemble post-print.

This makes it a fun puzzle or exercise to enjoy alone or with a friend or loved one, and works well as a teaching tool too!

Heterodontosaurus Skull

  • Where to Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: JONATAN02031989
  • Price: $6.75
3D Printed Dinosaur Skull

Never heard of the heterodontosaurus? Don’t worry, neither had I until very recently, in fact, no one had until relatively recently.

Named in 1962, they were believed to be small plant-eating lizards similar in size and movement to the velociraptor. Though recent theories now have them looking more like giant chicks or chocobos than anything particularly menacing.

The large 3D printed skull is designed to be an accurate recreation of this lesser-known of the Pliensbachian-era dwellers, and makes for an excellent addition to any study or classroom.

Fossilized Stegosaurus

  • Where to Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: CAOXAM
  • Price: $10.69
3D Printed Dinosaur Skeleton Fossil

While 3D printed dinosaur skeletons are plentiful, 3D printing your own fossil is also a very cool way to make your own decoration or educational piece. They’re also ideal for those of you with less powerful 3D printers which might not be up to the task of making well-detailed 3D models.

Going back to the stegosaurus for this example, it’s but one of the many 3D printed dinosaur fossils you can find, and makes for an excellent introduction to 3D printing dinosaurs for more than just play.

3D Printed Dinosaur Miscellanea

Mankind’s fascination with dinosaurs has allowed the likenesses of these ancient beasts to be plastered over all manner of things.

From dish towels to light switch covers and even door knockers, here are some dinosaur-shaped knickknacks and household objects you can print and use to liven up your home décor.

Cute Dinosaur Light Switch Covers

  • Where to Download: CGTrader
  • Designer: cbspicer
  • Price: $3
Dino Light Switch Covers

Light switch covers are fun and clever ways to add to the whimsical décor of a child’s bedroom or even just dot around the house for fun. The editable text is designed to label the dinosaur shape used, but you can also change it to state which room it’s for, the room’s owner, or even just have cute or inspirational words to delight residents and guests alike.

These dinosaur light switches are easy to print and don’t need much detailing at all. As long as you’ve got some colorful filament to make them stand out, then you’re good to go.

Dinosaur Chess

  • Where to Download: Cults3D
  • Price: $25
Dino Chess

3D printing your own chess set is a fun and rewarding project, and there are plenty to choose from, and these fun little 3D printed dinosaur chess pieces are a great way to make your next match that bit more fun.

Designed by the same designer as the diplodocus, who acts as a rook in this game, you can be sure you’re getting quality, adorable models that can even be customized further to add to it further.

The pieces are small and can be printed with just about any printer, though they will require a steady hand to paint or decorate if you want them to look as good as they do here. You will also need to print your own chess board, though you can always just use these as replacement pieces for a chess set you already own.

If you do the latter, all you need to do is resize the pieces to fit the board and you’re ready to play a game of dino chess!

Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set

  • Where to Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: CORTEX
  • Price: $1.20
3D Printed Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

3D printed cookie cutters are a fun way to spice up your baking in interesting, cute, and even dorky ways. This set of 3D printed dinosaur cookie cutters is a fun way to make your next batch a treat for any dino lovers in your life.

Of course, you can use these cutters for sandwich meats too to add some fun to any packed lunch, or even just save on cold cuts. Just be sure you’re using a food-safe filament when you do, because even though they make minimal contact with edibles, you’ll still want to make sure you’re not exposing your or your kids’ food to any toxic plastics.

3D Printed T-Rex Curtain Rod Holder

  • Where to Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: DoctorAgon
  • Price: Free
3D Printed T-Rex Curtain Rod Holder

A less cute but still very fun dinosaur-themed home addition is this 3D printed t-rex curtain rod holder. While perfect for any room, it is designed for the bedroom of any budding paleontologist in your life.

It works as either replacement or repair, and doesn’t need to be as strong as it looks. Despite the appearance, it’s not actually holding on to the rod with its jaws, and is instead designed for the curtain rod to slot through it, creating the illusion of a fierce bite.

It’s perfect for use with any filament, just be sure to attach it securely to the wall to prevent it from falling down.

Bonus: 3D Printed Philosoraptor

  • Where to Download: CGTrader
  • Designer: hannah-lancer
  • Price: $25
Philosoraptor 2

Even the ancient rulers of the world aren’t safe from internet memes. The ever-popular philosoraptor, often seen alongside unanswerable questions like ‘how did the first clockmaker know what time it was?’, has been a mainstay of internet memery since 2008.

While it may have dwindled in popularity, it still has a place in the hearts of many a millennial, and so no list of 3D printed dinosaurs written by one such millennial could be complete without mentioning this 3D printed philosoraptor skeleton.

I recommend printing this out with a large base so you can print or paint your favorite rendition of this meme alongside the model. My personal favorites include paradoxes like ‘What if Pinocchio said ‘Saying this will make my nose grow’?’

3D Printed Dinosaur Philosoraptor

And no, I didn’t realize that was its foot either.

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