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3D printed dragon

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Almost every culture on earth, living and dead, has had its own version of what we’d call a dragon. Even in ancient Egyptian mythology, the chaos demon Apep (or Apophis) took the form of a dragon to fight the sun god Re.

Pretty cool, right? Given the widespread and ancient legacy of the mythological creatures, it’s no wonder dragon 3D prints are everywhere.

From the monstrous western styles to the more sleek and elegant looks from the east, there are so many dragon 3D prints to find and make.

There are articulated dragon toys, ornate-looking dragon statues, and many other 3D dragons depicting both generic models and well-known beasts from popular media.

3D Printed Dragon

3D printing a dragon is one of the coolest ways to decorate your home or make a fun new toy. Since there are so many types and dragon-like characters to choose from, we’ve taken the liberty of picking out some of the best dragon STL files to download and 3D print today.

So from fun toys to awesome figurines and everything in between, let’s spread our reptilian wings and fly!

3D Printed Dragon Toys

Dragons are usually depicted as either fearsome foes or powerful allies, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fun side to them too. 3D printed dragons can come as fun toys that you can play with or give as gifts.

Here are a few of my favorite 3D printed dragons for fun.

Cute Dragon Toy

Beginning on the goofier end of the scale, there’s this adorable and silly dragon toy that would make a great addition to any toy chest or bedroom display.

Cute Dragon Toy

The pot-bellied style and cute little wings are closer to the cuddlier depictions of dragons in western culture, seen in designs like Pokémon’s Dragonite or 1977’s Pete’s Dragon.

It’s easily recognizable as a 3D printed dragon without losing its charm, making it the perfect gift for any youngsters in your life or even just a fun display piece.

Toy 2

If this Dragon STL file alone isn’t enough to fill your cuteness quota, you can team it up with this friendly dragon monster toy for a little extra sweetness.

Galaxy Eyes Dragon 3D Print

Yu-Gi-Oh has become famous for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is its often-awesome dragon monsters. The famous Blue Eyes might be the go-to for fans of the franchise, but my favorite 3D dragon of Duel Monsters fame is this Galaxy Eyes Dragon STL file here.

3D Print Yu-Gi-Oh Galaxy Dragon

The detailing is fantastic, looking as though it stepped from right out of the anime, and it’s far simpler to make than its imposing design would seem.

The design is segmented into different interlocking parts, meaning you won’t need a fancy high-end 3D printer to get this dragon on your shelf. This also means you can make this 3D dragon in multiple colors without needing a dual extruder.

Hinged Dragon Toy

Not all toys need to be static figures, as this hinged dragon toy shows. The connections move together to make an articulated 3D printed dragon that moves and sways as you like. As a snap-together model, it’s a little trickier than a standard 3D dragon.

Dragon Toy

You’ll need to carefully check your settings. While you can adjust your printer to alter the size of the dragon, you’ll want to make sure everything matches up to the original design so everything connects and moves as it should.

Articulated 3D Printed Dragons

While on the topic of moving toys, dragons’ often snake-like shape makes them perfect as articulated toys. 3D printed dragons that move and sway make for really cool desk ornaments or even fidget toys.

Most dragon fidget toys are made to the more traditional eastern Chinese-style dragon, which are sleek and often wingless compared to the more physically imposing western styles.

Haku Spirited Away

These articulated dragon STL files are therefore reminiscent of depictions like Spirited Away’s Haku, Pokémon’s Gyarados, and Ocarina of Time’s Volvagia.

Whatever the look or inspiration, articulated 3D printed dragons are really cool models that take just a little bit more work for a much greater reward.

Articulated Flex Dragon

Beginning with one of the simplest articulated 3D printed dragons, the flex dragon is a fun fidget toy that’s easy to print and looks pretty cool.

Articulated Dragon Toy

While already a great print on its own, you can tweak the design to change its appearance and size, effectively treating the STL file here as a blank canvas.

The original design is skeletal, showing a bare-bones dragon that moves and wiggles, but if you’re creative enough you can turn it into just about anything you like!

Articulated Skeleton Dragon

While the flex dragon does look cool, it’s not going to be enough if an articulated skeleton dragon is what you’re after, and that’s where this awesome print comes in.

Just because eastern-style dragons are typically more graceful, that doesn’t mean they can’t be as intimidating as their bulkier counterparts. The articulated skeleton dragon 3D print proves that much with its creepy design and highly-detailed skull and teeth.

Articulated Skeleton 3D Dragon

And that’s not even mentioning what it looks like moving around!

The articulated skeleton dragon is a great fit for any macabre décor piece, Halloween decoration, or just something to have around if you’re a fan of the macabre! Personally, I can definitely see the appeal of using it as part of a 3D printed DND piece.

Articulated Crystal Dragon

It’s insane to think that, with all the different kinds of dragons out there, you can still stumble across something you’ve never seen before.

This 3D printed articulated crystal dragon took me by surprise, and I hope it does the same for you.

3D Printed Crystal Dragon

I originally thought it was a design to be printed with clear filament, or perhaps was based on a character I’d never seen before. But you’ll soon see that this is an articulated dragon designed to look like it’s made entirely of literal crystals.

The design is genius and incredibly highly detailed. You can tell there were no cut corners in this amazing dragon 3D print, the STL files for which you can find here. It’s not free, but I’d definitely say it’s worth the measly $3 the designer asks for.

Crystal 2

And if you do happen to have access to clear 3D printer filament, you could make something truly special here.


I mentioned it, so I’m going to talk about it.

Based on the ancient Chinese legend of carp turning into dragons after successfully making it upstream, Gyarados is a fan-favorite dragon Pokémon that’s stood the test of time and is still being reinvented within the franchise today.

Its long shape and elegant aquatic movements make Gyarados the perfect 3D printed articulated dragon, and is a great choice for any Pokémon fan who can’t get enough of the ever-angry leviathan.


(And don’t worry, I know that Gyarados isn’t a dragon-type, but you can’t argue that its design and inspiration certainly make it one of the more dragon-like Pokémon out there.)

There are plenty of Gyarados 3D prints out there, most of them articulated. This one is my personal favorite, and would look pretty cool printed in red if you prefer its shiny form.

Gyarados Mega

The coloring is one of the best parts of 3D printing an articulated Gyarados. Iconic as its design is, there isn’t much color variation, so printing it in whatever you want your base color to be minimizes the time you need to spend painting.

If you prefer the more recent mega evolution, then fear not, you can also 3D print your favorite of the Mega Gyarados renditions like the one here.

3D Printed Articulated Dragon Puzzle

Articulated dragons aren’t just for moving or wiggling around, they can be complex builds that make for a cool project both before and after printing.

This dragon puzzle is one of the hands-down coolest 3D printed dragons I could find. The pieces are all printed separately, along with the screw-on base that is itself a dragon silhouette.

3D Printed Dragon Puzzle

If that’s not awesome design then I don’t know what is.

If you want a similar design with more cultural appeal, then why not print out Y Ddraig Goch, the famous dragon of Wales? It even has the outline of Wales as its base!

3D Printed Welsh Dragon

While pictured assembly instructions are included in the link, I recommend attempting this puzzle blind first. It makes for a great activity and brain exercise that’s really fun to test your skills with.

And if you’re a fan of this design, why not check out some other cool 3D puzzles for all ages here?

Honorable Mentions

Almost every 3D dragon print is worth your time for one reason or another, but here we’re talking about the best. And I just couldn’t talk about some of the coolest 3D dragons without mentioning some of these awesome designs.

3D Printed Dragon Ocarina

One of the most fun 3D dragons out there is this small, easy-to-print dragon ocarina and whistle. With the right infill, you can print out this nicely detailed dragon head that you can actually learn to play!

Dragon Ocarina Whistle

While you won’t get the sound of a traditional ceramic ocarina, this is still a cool 3D print that would make for a cool necklace or keychain for some musical fun on the go.

3D Printed Dragon Door Knocker

Included in our list of the best 3D printed gifts was this dragon door knocker.

Door Knocker

It’s a cool design that is practical and fun, and makes for a great housewarming gift or personal print!

Easter Dragon

Sure, dragons don’t have much to do with Easter. But when you think about it, neither do bunnies, so why the heck not a dragon?

Easter Dragon

This great design for a 3D articulated dragon takes advantage of the standard hoarding dragon by having it protect Easter eggs instead of gold (or whatever else mankind covets, according to legend.)

However you look at it, the Easter dragon is a pretty cool way to spice up your next egg-based holiday, and makes an amazing display piece for the rest of the year.

Dragon Chess Set

3D printed chess sets are a very popular way to customize your own version of the age-old strategy game.

Naturally, there’s also this comprehensive and original dragon chess set that’s sure to turn a few heads at your next play session!

3D Printed Chess Set Dragon

If you’re in the market for a 3D printed chess set, then you can check out our other favorites here.

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