Top 12 3D Printed RC Cars – From Printer to Roadster

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RC vehicles have been something of a staple in any toy collection for a long time now. A popular Christmas gift, they come in all sizes as stocking stuffers or the next big thing that you won’t want to put away. RC cars feel like something everyone had as a kid regardless of upbringing, and they’re enjoyed by many adults too!

There was a time when you couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing an advert for the newest addition to RC cars, and 3D designers have taken to finding their own innovative ways to 3D print their own at home.

3D Printed RC Car DeLorean

3D printing RC car components like the body and even small parts have been a good way to make unique and custom playthings for a while now. Whether as a fun gift for a little one or a cool professional-grade vehicle for the RC enthusiast, we’re going to look at some of the most interesting and impressive models for these cars available to download and try today.

The DeLorean 3D Printed RC Car

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: wildcardfox
  • Price: Free
DeLorean 2

When you thought of a 3D printed RC car, chances are the DeLorean of Back to the Future fame crossed your mind.

Some high-quality DeLorean files for 3D printing are available for purchase, but in my travels, I found this free design to be by far the most charming, as well as being fully designed with RC in mind, meaning there’s very little to modify.

Starting as a simple DeLorean template, the designer took it upon themselves to change the design to a 3D printed RC car body, equipped with optional support for light-up linings to really bring the future back to you.

While you’re at it, you can also print these Marty McFly and Doc Brown figurines to complete the look and really bring the magic of the movie to life! Just remember, where you’re going, you don’t need roads. That being said, we do not recommend driving RC cars on grass, it’s best to stick to flat surfaces.

The Batmobile (1989)

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: LIMO
  • Price: $27.57
3D Printed RC Batmobile

At last, an answer to the age-old question of ‘where does he get those wonderful toys?’

Tim Burton has long been credited as the spark that reignited our culture’s love affair with superheroes. Whether or not you agree with that, his take on Batman in 1989 left audiences in awe, and remains an iconic film to this day, and part of that was his particular design for Batman’s impressive motor.

Given this, it’s not surprising that his unique body has been adapted into a 3D printed Batmobile that does an awesome job of capturing the fun of the film.

Batmobile 2

Along with the files to download the chassis, the designer provides links to motors, circuitry, and all the other parts you’ll need, as well as clear guidelines on how to put it all together.

With a little modification, you could add an orange LED to the back to simulate the vehicle’s famous – and weirdly recognizable – fire exhaust, or customize it with the awesome weapons and new components shown off in the 1991’s Batman Returns.

Animated Batmobile

If you’re a bigger fan of the dark knight’s other outings, you’ll find that other makers have recreated their own favorite models, meaning you can find almost any version of the Batmobile available to use as a fun 3D printed RC car body. That includes the animated series version here, or the classic driven by Adam West here, just to name a couple of my personal favorites.

Brett Turnage 3D Printed RC Racecar Designs

Long-time racing fan Brett Turnage has several designs out there for 3D printed RC Racecars. Here I’ll show two of my favorites from his enthusiastically created designs that you can print at home.

In his own words ‘Whenever I build a car, I have to be inspired by something,’ and if that doesn’t tell you you’re getting quality then I don’t know what will.

Ayrton Senna’s F1 RC Car

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: wildcardfox
  • Price: Free
Racecar 2

There are many, many designs out there for a 3D printed F1 RC car, but for the sake of this list I’ve chosen the one that’s definitely been made with the most love.

Born from an adoration for the late Ayrton Senna, this designer has lovingly and faithfully recreated the vehicle from his 1993 outing in tribute to Senna in the form of a 3D printed RC car. Because of this, the detail in both the model itself and the instructions included in the link here are impressively constructed and easy to follow.

From the body to the various parts needed for this model to work as a remote-controlled car, everything you need to know to get this car on the road is included with the free files here. The designer has also included alternatives for pieces in case you either can’t or don’t want to use your own 3D printed RC car parts.

Substitutes for the wheels and stoppers are all available, and are good to keep handy. You’ll also find recommendations for various settings, external tools, and even what kind of adhesives to use for the best results are all included in this labor of love.

1991 Mazda 787B 3D Printed RC Racecar

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: wildcardfox
  • Price: Free
3D Printed RC Car Mazda

Turnage states in his design for the 1991 Mazda 787B that he’s dreamed of making this car ever since he started designing 3D printed RC cars, and – like all vehicles offered by them – the love put into the design available here is very clear to see.

This design is a 1:10 scale and once again includes detailed instructions as well as substitutes for 3D printed parts that are ideal for this particular model. Of course, you can’t expect a print that looks as much like the real things, as in the example image, without a thorough paint job.

The design wasn’t made solely as a tribute, however, as Brett clearly wants others to get out there and appreciate the allure of the vehicles he loves. Customizations, modifications, and even studying the cars that inspired this design are encouraged.

Mazda 2

All of Brett’s designs are ready to race after building, and make for just about any dream toy or an ideal choice for any enthusiast looking to add an interesting and alluring model to their collection. And by following the guidelines listed with every model, you’ll get some impressive final results that you can really show off.

3D Printed RC Tractor

3D Printed RC Tractor

True, this isn’t technically a car, but the 3D printed RC tractor is just too cool to overlook. Of course, you may have already printed the now well-known design by Makit here, but they have since released a new updated model which you can find here.

This new model is just as detailed and aesthetically pleasing as the old, and has the added upgrades of better motor support for more torque and improved steering, better tires compatible with more driving surfaces, and more detailed guidelines for building and part sourcing, making it even easier to print and assemble.

Tractor + Dumper

In addition, you can also find the files for a 3D printed RC dumper attachment found here. This dumper is designed with a motor in mind to make it move separately from the tractor for some very immersive playtime.

The spreadsheets included will tell you what you need to do and how, eliminating any guesswork that will impede your miniature farming dreams.

All-In-One Next Gen 3D Printed RC Car Chassis

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: DLB5
  • Price: $21.91
3D Printed RC Car Chassis

If, like me, you’re very indecisive about what to print next, then you’ll find all the 3D printed RC cars out there to be a little overwhelming. Do you want a time-traveling supercar? Batman’s four-wheeled tank of choice? Or do you want something a little simpler?

Well, this designer has you covered. Included in the files found here is the most customizable 3D printed RC car parts on the internet today. With very simple modifications and minimal tools, these parts are compatible with many RC car body types, all of which are shown in the files found here.

A pickup truck, Mustang, and Tesla chassis are among those compatible with these parts. Sourced parts are also linked, so you won’t have to go shopping around in order to print and build your dream car.

The designer also has a Discord server, and is ready to help with instructions, questions, and passwords to access the designs they’ve put up for sale.

Additionally, if you’re interested in CAD modeling your own car designs to 3D print, we have a guide on the best programs for car design.

3D Printed Car Wheels

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: tahustvedt
  • Price: Free
RC Car Wheels

If you’re wondering about 3D printed wheels for your new car, fret not! There are plenty of designs for wheel replacements and upgrades. The link above is a great example of a glue-free wheel print you can make in no time and alter the size depending on your chosen vehicle.

The added spikes increase traction, making it easier for your car to handle rough or even soft terrains without tipping over or losing the friction it needs to move forward.

What to Consider Before You 3D Print an RC Car

Know What You’ll Need

The idea of a 3D printed RC car may seem a little far-fetched, as 3D printing working circuitry and motors isn’t something that’s available to the average household, but just like many other facets of recreation, lovers of both 3D printing and RC vehicles enthusiasts have found a way.

Making a 3D printed RC car means you will have to buy and install the circuitry separately, so the designs we are going to look at here are 3D cars and car chassis that have been made with RC enabling in mind.

3D Printed RC Racecar

Don’t be discouraged, though. Most of these designs include links to recommended parts to get your RC car going in no time!

You Don’t Have to Start From Scratch

Truth be told, if you can wire up a remote-controlled motor to the wheels and have that motor comfortably inside a 3D printed car body, you can turn just about any car design into a 3D printed RC car.

But here we’re going to look at the best STL files designed specifically for RC cars, many of which have great features and nice details that make them some of the coolest models around!

What’s Next?

Of course, a cool chassis and awesome models aren’t all you’ll need to get your cool new project on the road. You’re going to need some extra parts before you really start having fun.

While any hobby shop or online marketplace should give you a wide variety of motors and other things to get your new print moving, many of the files we’ve discussed today include links to the tools and electronics you’ll need to turn a simple toy into a remote control wonder.

So while you’re deciding and printing, be sure you have all the components to complete the models you’ve chosen, or at least have a good idea of where to source them.

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