21+ 3D Printed Phone Cases You Can Print (Most are Free!)

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3D printed phone cases

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It’s crazy to think just how new smartphones really are. They’ve become such an integral part of our lives that it’s difficult to think of life without them.

Because of this, it’s not surprising how popular it is to personalize these devices with 3D printed phone cases.

Phone cases are accessories and protectors that we insert our phones into to give them a whole new look, and their customizability lends them well to 3D printing.

Why 3D Print a Phone Case?

Making your own phone case is simple as long as you have the dimensions right, and will help you pick your phone out from a crowd if you happen to live with a lot of roommates or a big family.

Phone cases can be found in just about any outlet. Corner stores and mall kiosks often have them hanging around somewhere, but the better ones often go for over $10 at least and it’s not always easy or even possible to find one that matches both your phone and your tastes.

Phone Cases 3

With all the different kinds of smartphones out there, each a different size and with differing camera fittings, it can be hard to find an exact match. This goes double if your phone happens to be an older model.

Here are the best reasons to 3D print your own phone case:

  •  You can personalize your phone to look however you like.
  • It’s significantly cheaper than buying a phone case from a store.
  • You can match your phone exactly without having to improvise.
  • You can give or sell custom phone cases to your friends and family.

Where to Find 3D Printed Phone Case Files Online

While one of the best reasons to make your own phone case is personalization, that doesn’t mean you have to start making one from scratch.

Phone Cases 2

Finding a 3D printable phone case online and then either printing them as-is or making your own touches and tweaks is pretty simple, and here are just a few places where you can start looking for the best phone case that’s right for you.


MyMiniFactory is a great place to find a lot of custom 3D printed stuff, some free and some paid. There are a lot of phone cases on there to fit any modern cell phone like the iPhone 11 and LG4.

Feng Shui 3D Phone Case

Many of the DIY phone cases on MyMiniFactory are basic and ripe for customization, but you can also find unique ones to fit your tastes like this Minecraft God case, this Audi phone case, or this simple design featuring the famous Feng Shui symbol.


Cults is a similar 3D printing resource site where you can find a phone case to make yourself. In my search, I found that Cults had more creative and fun designs than the more practical and traditional models found on MyMiniFactory.

3D Print Phone Case

That’s not to say that both kinds can’t be found on either site, but I suggest you check out Cults if you want something more unique to your tastes.

Phone cases on Cults range from this 3D printed floral iPhone case and this simple case for the Samsung S21 to this Cookie Monster case for the Galaxy S8 Plus and this iPhone Clamshell case for storing important cards along with your phone.

Protective Phone Case

Don’t be afraid to try out any one of these for your phone to see which suits you best!


Thingiverse offers a comparatively smaller range of 3D printed phone cases, but the designs available are some of the coolest around, which is especially cool given that they’re all free!

Gear Case 2

This gear case is a good example, combining a phone case with a 3D printed fidget toy. It looks cool and is fun to mess with when you find yourself idle. Finally, a way of using our phones that doesn’t just involve screen time!

Just keep in mind that you will need to alter the size of the gears if you need to change the case in any way to suit your particular device.

Han Solo Star Wars 3D Printed Phone Case

There’s also this phone case that includes plans for a customizable stencil, letting you attach any image outline you like! I also really like this Han Solo Carbonite case which turns your phone into an iconic piece of Star Wars history.

Best 3D Printed Phone Cases

We’ve talked about the where, now let’s look a little closer at the what. Since most people only carry around one cell phone, you probably want the best possible phone case you can make.

Here we’re going to look at some of my favorite phone cases you can 3D print today, from cool to practical. And by ‘favorites’ I mean I can’t decide which one I want more.

Pokémon Go Phone Cases

I’m no stranger to 3D printing Pokémon stuff, so naturally I can’t help but love this 3D printed phone case that comes with an aim-helper for playing Pokémon Go, a game I admit to still playing every day.

Pokémon Pokédex Phone Case Go

While it can’t be used as a general phone case due to the aim-helper getting in the way, it does make for a cool attachment to help with those Pokémon hunting excursions that make summer strolls more fun!

While this aimer is fun, I can’t help but recommend this awesome Pokédex phone case that includes the optional aim-helper too! Catching ‘em all never looked so cool.

Pokémon Go Phone 2

Speaking of Pokémon Go, why not show off your team colors with one of these Instinct, Valor, and Mystic phone cases for some extra solidarity?

Game Boy Phone Case

Continuing with the nerdy theme, I also really love this cool and protective Game Boy phone case that you can 3D print today.

Gameboy Phone Case

Of course, the general shape and different colors make this more complex than the other models we’ve seen so far, but if you’re a gamer who wants to shield your phone from accidental falls then you’ll agree this is the best phone case for you!

This phone case was designed for a gamer phone, but there’s no reason you can’t tweak it to fit whatever device you’ve got.

Simple Phone Case With Stand

Phone cases and phone stands are both very useful things to make, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

3D Printed Phone Case with Stand

This phone case design includes a protective and customizable case with a hinge at the back so you can set your phone landscape and watch your favorite content or video call without needing to use your hands.

Once you’ve printed yourself a retractable phone stand along with your case, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Maze Phone Case

Have you ever been waiting for a friend to arrive and have run out of things to look at on your phone? Sure Twitter’s always got something new and there are hosts of games and apps out there to keep yourself occupied, but sometimes you’re just in the mood for some old-fashion fun.

Maze Case

This phone case is an easy print that includes a design for a large and complicated maze. It’s not practical, sure, but it’s a great way to keep your brain awake while you’re idle in a café or bus stop.

Parametric Phone Case

If you’re new to 3D printing and aren’t confident in your ability to accurately tweak designs just yet, then you’ll love this parametric phone case designed to work with any model. Simply entering the measurements into your preferred software will alter the design to match your phone.

Parametric Phone Case

You may need to add more buttonholes or change the camera layout, but aside from that, you should be all good to go!

Easy Phone Case Selection

Whether you still can’t quite decide on which phone case you like best, or simply want to change up your look every now and then, this collection of different 3D printed phone cases is very much worth looking at.


From Batman to Skyrim, the Adidas logo to a fidget spinner shape, there’s a lot of variety here for simple phone cases to match any mood, occasion, or fandom.

The base design of each case is the same, so you can even alter the stencils to add to this range however you like and soon you’ll have a 3D printed phone case for any day of the week!

Hints and Tips

If you plan on making your own phone case, then you’ll want to heed these little tips to help you get top results. Remember, you’ll be carrying your creation with you everywhere, so don’t settle for anything less than the best phone case you can make!

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes

It can be disheartening to find the perfect phone case online only to realize it isn’t right for your particular model. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go find something elsewhere!

Protective Case

Making changes to a custom design is par for the course in 3D printing a phone case. If you find the right design but it’s for a different phone, simply change the size and camera location and you’ll have the perfect phone case before you know it.

Creativity Doesn’t Have to End at Printing

Just because you’ve got your phone case printed doesn’t mean the fun has stopped. Painting and gluing your own additions is always an option, even better if you happen to own a 3D pen to make some cool artwork.

Protect and Portray

Phone cases are a great way to express yourself, but they can be practical too. Making a phone case thicker or adding soft material like rubber to the lining will help protect your phone from accidental droppage that affects us all from time to time.

This Samsung Galaxy case is a good example, but you can always beef up any 3D printed phone case design to keep your device safe.


Can you 3D print a phone case with PLA?

Yes, you can 3D print a phone case with PLA. We recommend soft PLAs for 3D printing phone cases due to its ideal rubber-like texture.

What material is used to make 3D phone cases?

Just about any 3D printer filament should work well to make 3D printed phone cases, but strong filaments like PLA and TPU are preferable since they’re tougher than most others.

Can you make a phone with a 3D printer?

While making fully working electronics with a standard 3D printer is still a ways off, you can make phone cases, stands, and accessories with a 3D printer.

How long does a 3D printer take to print a phone case?

3D printing a simple phone case should take no longer than 3 hours, but may take longer if you’ve selected a more intricate design.

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