Low-cost 3D scanner manufacturer Revopoint have followed up their successful POP and POP 2 Kickstarter campaigns with the launch of their newest model – the Revopoint MINI, available now for half the future release price!

Just as with their previous launches, the MINI has been hugely successful, raising $1 million in the first day.

We’ve tested and reviewed the Revopoint POP 2 at 3DSourced, and were impressed with the accuracy (we tested it to 0.07mm accuracy) for the $699 price tag – but the only issue we had was with scanning very small objects. We tried to scan a small ring with the POP 2, but both the shininess (you can use a matting spray to capture it better) and the small size meant the scanner struggled to pick it up.

The MINI seeks to fill that gap, with a focus on precision and small object details, with a minimum object size of just 10 x 10 x 10 mm. The single-frame precision is improved with the MINI compared with the POP 2, at up to 0.02mm.

Here’s an example of a ring scanned on the new Revopoint MINI:

Other differences include the change to a dual blue light camera typically seen in more industrial 3D scanners, versus the POP 2’s dual infrared structured light camera, and the MINI is a purely inside scanner. It’s specialized to be effective for:

  • Scanning jewelry and jewelry design
  • Dental modeling and scanning
  • Reverse engineering of precise parts
  • Industrial measurement
  • Accurate scans for professional 3D printing and rapid prototyping

Revopoint’s Revo Scan software has been overhauled to support the MINI’s extra precision and power, so you can now set the minimum point pitch to 0.02 for the best details. This is still in Beta, however.

The Kickstarter has just gone live for backers to get limited discounts on their 3D scanners – with the campaign already hitting 2,000 backers raising over $1 million in just one day.

The Revopoint MINI weighs just 160g (even less than the 196g POP 2), offers a scanning speed of 10fps, and scans depth and color with great accuracy. A major plus we found with the POP 2 is how quickly you can set it up and get scanning, so it’s portable, easy to use, and offers professional-level precision at hobbyist prices.

Revopoint’s CEO discusses the MINI’s release here:

“At Revopoint, we have a long history of innovations in the field of optical scanners. Makers and hobbyists appreciate our scanners for their ease of use and high-quality results. With our latest product, the Revopoint MINI, our goal was to do something revolutionary – to utilize the power and precision of blue light scanning so that consumers can realize the high resolution and incredible detail of this technique for their 3D modeling projects. With an accuracy of 0.02mm, Revopoint MINI is capable of advanced applications such as reverse engineering, quality control, traceable 3D measurement, relic digitalization, and medical applications. Now, everyone has an affordable, portable, and reliable option for user-friendly optical scanning.”

The full comparison with the Revopoint POP 2 is available here:

Product ModelPOP 2MINI
TechnologyDual camera infrared structured lightDual camera blue light
CPUDual core ARM Cortex-A7  Dual core ARM Cortex-A7
Single-frame PrecisionUp to 0.05 mmUp to 0.02 mm
Single-frame AccuracyUp to 0.1 mmUp to 0.05 mm
Single Capture Range130mm x 230mm64 mm x 118 mm
Working Distance150~400 (mm)100 mm ~ 200 mm
Minimum Scan Volume20×20×20 (mm)10×10×10 (mm)
Scan SpeedUp to 10 fpsUp to 10 fps
Light Source1 class Laser1 class Blue Light
AlignmentFeature, marker, and colorFeature, marker
StructureDie-cast aluminumDie-cast aluminum
Scanning EnvironmrntIndoor and OutdoorIndoor
Special object scanningFor the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray powder.For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray powder.
Scanner Weight195g160g
Dimensions154.6 ×38.2 × 25.6 (mm)120×38.5×25 (mm)
Press ButtonYESYES
Tripod HolderOne-button quick installation  One-button quick installation
Required System ConfigurationsWindows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, MacWindows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, Mac
Printable Data Output YESYES
Note*The aforesaid accuracy is acquired in standard lab environment, which might vary subject to actual operating environment.                                  * Windows 7 is out of support.

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