Revopoint has been using expert engineers and top-of-the-line technology to produce excellent household 3D scanners since 2014, and they’re currently preparing to release their most powerful scanner yet.

The Revopoint RANGE 3D scanner uses a higher brightness and resolution than their previous scanners, improving precision and making detailed point clouds even with large or complex objects.

Effectively, the Revopoint RANGE 3D scanner is an extremely precise scanner, the likes of which you’d be hard-pressed to find at this price. You can back the Kickstarter campaign here.

Revopoint RANGE being used to 3D scan a person

What is Revopoint?

Revopoint is a 3D technology company with a focus on high precision and quality at an affordable price.

With their team of PhD experts hailing from renowned research institutions such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and MIT, they’re at the forefront of innovation in 3D scanning technology.

Based in the dual headquarters in Xi’an and Shenzhen, Revopoint has established manufacturing centers across Asia and the USA. Their promise to prioritize independent research and development of core 3D scanning technologies has created self-developed technology systems ranging from micro-structured optical chips to high-precision 3D vision algorithms.

Their  3D scanners offer excellent performance, portability, and ease-of-use, and has allowed them to become an industry leader in the field with satisfied customers all over the world.

Their scanners are used globally in a variety of fields, including intelligent hardware, medical imaging, metaverse planning, 3D printing, VA/AR, and videogame modeling.

Industrial 3D vision products and solutions have also successfully served over 100 companies globally and are widely used in automated welding, industrial inspection, robot vision guidance, and many other fields.

Since its founding in 2014, Revopoint has continued to be user-focused, creating a 3D digital future for users the world over through a diverse offering of innovative technologies and products.

For more information on Revopoint scanners and how to use them, you can look at their informative video here.

If you have any questions, you can send them an e-mail anytime at [email protected]

What is The Revopoint RANGE 3D Scanner?

The RANGE is an easy to use 3D scanner capable of scanning large objects with impressive accuracy. The light projector’s field of vision is large enough to make precise scans even from greater distances, and the texture mapping has been updated for more lifelike scans.

That’s not so say that the RANGE needs particularly powerful hardware to work, as the free, beginner friendly software is compatible with most smartphones and tablets as well as computers. This is great news for those of you who need a powerful scanner but don’t have access to a powerful computer. It’s also ideal for those of you who like to scan and model on the go.

You can try this software out free of charge by following the link here.

Speaking of scanning on the go, the RANGE is a very lightweight scanner that uses a USB cable for both charging and data transfers. This means it’s easy to carry around and use just about anywhere, and doesn’t need a host of cables and inserts to work at peak performance.

Though there are a few optional extras you can use like a hand stabilizer or turntable for 360° scans. While not necessary, these accessories are great for ensuring you can use the RANGE to its full potential.

There’s no need to worry about safety either. Despite the light scanner’s power, it’s entirely infrared, meaning it’s 100% eye-friendly. This makes it safe not only for younger users, but also for lifelike facial scans.


Technology Dual-camera Infrared LightDual-camera Infrared LightDual-camera Blue light
CPUDual core ARM Cortex-A7Dual core ARM Cortex-A7Dual core ARM Cortex-A7
Single-frame PrecisionUp to 0.1mm @600mmUp to 0.05 mmUp to 0.02 mm
Single-frame Accuracy1Up to 0.3mm @600mmUp to 0.1 mmUp to 0.05 mm
Single Capture Range 360×650mm @600mm130mm x 210mm64 mm  118 mm
Working Distance 300~ 800 mm150~400 mm100  ~ 200 mm
Minimum  Point Distance0.3mm0.1mm0.05mm
Minimum Scan Volume50*50*50(mm)20*20*20 (mm)10*10*10 (mm)
Scan SpeedUp to 20 fpsUp to 10 fpsUp to 10 fps
Light SourceClass 1 Infrared LightClass 1 Infrared LightClass 1 Blue Light
AlignmentFeature, marker, Body, DarkFeature, markerFeature, marker
Structure Die cast aluminumDie cast aluminumDie cast aluminum
Scanning Environment Indoor and OutdoorIndoor and OutdoorIndoor and Outdoor
Special object scanning For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray.For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray.For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please use scanning spray.
Scanner Weight 210g195g160g
Dimensions295×41.5×28.2(mm)154.6 ×38.2 × 25.6 (mm)120×38.5×25 (mm)
Press Button YESYESYES
Required System Configurations Windows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, MacWindows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, MacWindows 8\10\11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, Mac
Printable Data Output YESYESYES
Wi-Fi 5G5G5G
Note*The accuracy described above was acquired in a standard lab environment, which might vary subject to the actual operating environment.                                  * No longer supports Windows 7


Revopoint RANGE 3D Scanner: Uses and Applications

The Revopoint RANGE is an impressive piece of tech capable of scanning objects of various sizes with impressive accuracy. Because of this, it has a variety of applications that anyone, hobbyist or professional, can get excited about.

3D Printing

One of the most common uses for 3D scanners is 3D printing, and the RANGE is a very useful tool for turning real objects like statues, furniture, and even people into 3D printable models.

The RANGE’s high accuracy is perfect for 3D printing, especially for making 3D printed selfies. These are scans of real people that you can upload into your preferred slicer software and turn into CAD files for printing.

3D printed selfies make great decorations and gifts to commemorate important events like weddings. Because of its high precision and ability to create lifelike models, the RANGE is ideal for this.

Videogame and VR Modeling

Any model created using a RANGE scan can be used in videogame modeling. Creating models from scratch is time-consuming and often expensive, so using the kind of lifelike scans from the RANGE is a great way to cut time and costs from your next videogame project.

Furniture, people, and even animals can be scanned and used as videogame models. These models will also look great up close, so they’re perfect for VR and AR modeling too.

Full-Body Scans

Despite its small size and light weight, the RANGE is powerful enough to take full-body scans. This can be used to monitor weight gain and loss, keep track of general fitness, and even be used as measurements for tailor-made clothes.

The RANGE is ideal for this as it can take accurate scans even from a distance, so it can be used to get a high-resolution full-body scan with ease and precision.

Outdoor Scanning

Because the RANGE is lightweight and easy to carry around, it’s great for scanning the outdoors. If you do want to use your RANGE to scan nature, however, then be sure to avoid doing so on particularly sunny days as this will affect the accuracy of the light projection.

Scanning outdoors is best done in overcast or twilight.

Vehicle Modification and Reverse Engineering

Scanning cars or bikes for modification and customization requires the kind of accuracy that the RANGE is capable of. By using a handheld scanner this powerful, it removes the need for larger, more expensive equipment you’d otherwise need.

And it’s not just vehicles you can modify using detailed scans. All kinds of engineering projects and prototyping will be made much easier with these 3D models you can manipulate and test within the software.

Interior Design

Scanning furniture and even entire rooms before turning them into 3D models is a great way to test out interior design ideas without the back-breaking labor.

Manipulating models of furniture sets and various interiors will give you a good idea of how a room will look with various changes, removing the need for manual drawing, intense visualization, or actively moving furniture before you’re sure.

For more information on using Revopoint 3D scanners, you can watch this video:

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