13 Cool 3D Printed Pencil Holders You Can Print Today

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3d printed pencil holder

Pens and pencils occupy a special place on anyone’s workstation, and that special place tends to be everywhere. No matter how organized your desk, sooner or later you’ll wind up wondering where you put that pen you swear you used just seconds ago.

3D printed pencil holders not only add some much-needed organization to your desk, they can also show off your personality or passions with unique shapes and clever designs.

Multicolor fancy 3D printed pencil holder

Whatever your style, a 3D printed pencil holder makes for a practical addition to a work or study area to make it more efficient, and they look pretty cool, too. They also make great gifts for anyone who’s looking to give their artistic or desk-glued friends something truly unique.

Cool 3D printed pencil holders are easy to come by, but here we’ll show off some of our favorites that we’ve found. Many of them are free and easy to print, so don’t be afraid to jump in and try them out!

Cash Register 3D printed pencil holder

This simple Doctor Who-based 3D printed pencil holder comes with just about everything you need to organize a messy desk.

Especially ideal for artists and students, the cash register pencil holder has 40 slots for pens and pencils, a front drawer for highlighters and erasers, and wider back slots for rulers, scissors, and any other bits and pieces that don’t fit elsewhere.

Doctor Who 3D Printed Pencil Holder

Fans of Doctor Who will also enjoy the symbols that adorn each side of the cash register, as they each reference the long-running show in obscure enough ways that non-Whovians will still be able to enjoy making and using this 3D printed pencil holder.


Whether this is a funny or cool 3D printable pen holder depends on your sense of humor. Caesar has been a popular, and somewhat kitsch, knife holder for some time.

Caesar being stabbed in the back 3D printed pencil holders

However, this designer took that model and made it into an impressively detailed 3D printed pencil holder that resembles the infamous emperor’s historic end.

Et tu Brute Caesar Back Pencil Holder

While not to everyone’s tastes, this pencil holder is a fun addition to any history fanatic’s desk or anyone with a dark sense of humor. It was printed as a conversation starter, and it should be clear why, and it makes for a great gift.

Simple 3D Printed Pencil Holder

Sometimes simplicity is key. Not all 3D printed pencil holders, or 3D printed objects in general, need to be flashy or cool.

That was the idea behind this simple, common design that comes courtesy of a designer who simply didn’t want to buy a new pencil holder.

Simple 3D Printed Pencil and Pen Holder

The fact that this is pencil holder is about as basic as it gets means that it’s fully open to customization. Creative designers can use the files found here as a base for a grander design, changing its shape and form or engraving the holder with words or images.

Or you can simply print it as it is in whatever color you want. Classic designs are classic for a reason, after all.

Cool 3D Printed Pencil Holder

Another simple but elegant design is this pencil holder, simply called the Cool Pencil Holder, which lives up to its name by including abstract patterns on the size of its cuboid shape that the creator themselves drew.

Cool 3D printed pencil holder pen box

Its minimalist design should appeal to those who want to make a 3D printed pen holder that’s attractive and practical without being too flashy.

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Wasp Pencil Holder

Another new take on a classic is the wasp design, a simple pencil holder 3D printed with hexagonal holes to look like a hive.

Most of the holes are quite large, so this design is better suited for those who have a lot of pens and pencils that need organizing. This also means that larger items like white-out, rulers, scissors, and anything that can be found on a busy desk.

Wasp Nest 3D printed pencil holder

The example along with the files here is printed in green, but printing this pencil holder in yellow would make it resemble a beehive, making it a good project or gift for any entomology enthusiast, or even just a fan of nature!

The Tree Stump

On the topic of nature, this 3D printed pencil case could be mistaken by anyone at first glance to be a real tree trunk.

The realistic look is very difficult for many people to design from scratch, and with the right finish and care, this project could look like a genuine mini tree trunk that’s perfect for storing the bits and pieces that can clutter any desk.

Realistic Tree Stump 3D Printed Pencil Holder

The realistic look is great, though the files found here only include one hole in the center of the holder, so it may not be the best thing for people who have a lot of art supplies lying around.

This cool 3D printed pencil holder is, however, perfect for those who have just a few too many pens and pencils lying around that they’d prefer to keep all in one place.

Pencil Sharpener

Pencil holders shaped like other stationary tools have been popular for a while, and so this designer came up with a 3D printed pencil holder in the shape of a giant pencil sharpener.

Giant Pencil Sharpner

The detailed look may be intimidating to those new to 3D printing, but the designer assures an easy print in only two pieces that only need to be glued together to work.

Multiple Ring 3D Printed Pencil Holder

The designer of this cool 3D printed pencil holder also refers to is as the fancy pencil holder, and it’s very easy to see why.

Multicolor Pencil Holder 1

Designed to hold colored pencils for artists, this holder works as both handy organization tool and desktop ornament.

Multi Pencil Holder Blank

It has been updated from the original design to hold 64 pencils, all in a leaning stance to give the impression of a curved surface. Included in the files here is also an optional handle for the artist on the go!

2Go Holder

Speaking of artists on the go, this pencil holder is a small and light design that keeps pencils and pens organized in transit.

While pencil cases are handy for moving around, they often lack any kind of organization for easy access to just the pencil you need. This easy design comes with small clasps and can even act as a necklace for easy access and switching.

2GO Portable Stationary

Perfect for artists who like to work outside or for kids to bring to school, the 2Go holder is a 3D printed pencil holder that anyone who likes to bring art with them will be happy to own.

3D Printed Pencil Cases

3D printed pencil holders are great for organizing a workstation. But as a few things on this list have mentioned, some artists like to take their shows on the road, so 3D printed pencil cases are also a great choice for artists and students who need to take their stationary with them wherever they go.

The Pencil Pencil Case

No, that’s not a typo. This 3D printed pencil holder is large enough to act as a pencil case, and is designed to look like a giant pencil, hence; the pencil pencil case.

Pencil Pencil Case

While not the most original of ideas, it can be customized or even printed with wood filament to more closely resemble real stationary.

PP Case 2

It also comes with a lid that securely fixes to the main body to ensure safe and practical storage for transportation.

Nested Pencil Case

This handy carrier is a pencil case that uses hinges to open and close. While this may be nothing new, it stands out because it uses a pencil to lock shut!

Closing Stationary Case

While this is a neat design idea in its own right, it also ensures that you never leave home without at least one pencil with you. Because let’s be honest, we’ve all opened our trusty pencil cases only to find that we’ve forgotten to pack a pencil!

Closing Case Closed

The nested pencil case also comes with files for an attachment that turns any pencil into a ruler, as well as a multi-use pencil toper that can act as its own 3D printed pencil holder when you’re back at your desk.

Honorable Mentions

Not all 3D printed pencil holders are fancy or special, some are simple designs that stand out purely by their usefulness.

And so here are a few honorable mentions for 3D printed pencil holders and cases that are just as practical without all the glamor.

Standard Desk Organizer

For those who prefer a flatter look when it comes to organizing their work areas, these simple desk organizers are standard drawers that can hold a variety of things like pens, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, and anything else you might need.

Desk Organizer

Multicolored Pencil Top

This 3D printed pencil holder is a neat addition to any desk. Made with wood filament to resemble the look of a real pencil, it certainly stands out as a practical pencil holder.

Pencil Top Holder Wood
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