Creality continues to be a driving force behind the accessibility of 3D printing technology. With the launch of the Ender-3 V3 SE, Ender-3 V3 KE, and Ender-3 V3, the company reinforces its commitment to catering to diverse user preferences and needs. 

By offering a range of models, Creality aims to bring the joy of creation and innovation to both households and individuals, solidifying their position as a leader in 3D printing accessibility.

Features and Performance of the Ender-3 V3 SE, Ender-3 V3 KE, and Ender-3 V3

Within entry-level printing, the Ender-3 V3 SE is ideal for hobbyists, priced at an accessible $200. 

Meanwhile, the Ender-3 V3 KE, retailing at around $300, bridges the gap between novices and advanced users with its smart features and swift printing capabilities. 

And, for those seeking top performance and quality, the Ender-3 V3, priced at $400, offers a comprehensive solution for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Top Value For Money

Each printer offers a unique set of features and advantages. The Ender-3 V3 SE has automatic bed leveling and the Sprite extruder, ensuring hassle-free printing for beginners. Additionally, it supports a wide range of filaments, including PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU (95A), and ASA, catering to a variety of use cases.

Taking usability up a level from the V3 SE, the Ender-3 V3 KE has a touchscreen, filament detection, and advanced connectivity options, for a generally more convenient experience. It prints all the same filaments as the SE model.

Meanwhile, the flagship Ender-3 V3 incorporates CoreXZ innovation and advanced functionalities, setting new standards in performance and versatility. In addition to auto leveling and Z offset along with one-touch self-test, it supports USB/LAN/cloud printing and features advanced functions such as vibration optimization. 

With a 4.3-inch IPS color touchscreen and Creality’s open source OS, the V3 is intuitive and user-friendly. The printer’s robust design includes a sleek die-cast integrated structure, and an innovative, low-maintenance nozzle developed by Creality along with E3D. 

While an integrated, full-metal nozzle-heat break design and direct extrusion enable flexible filament printing, with a 60W hot-end and 360° surround ceramic heating, the Ender-3 V3 also ensures efficient filament melting for high-speed printing with ABS and PETG. Apart from other common filaments like PLA and TPU, the model can also handle carbon materials including PLA-CF, PETG-CF and CR-Carbon, catering to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Speed and Quality Together

When it comes to speed and quality, each printer delivers in its own right.

The Ender-3 V3 SE achieves speeds up to 250mm/s and guarantees stable print quality with its refined history in the Ender-3 series, offering commendable performance in its price range.

In comparison, the Ender-3 V3 KE reaches 500mm/s, enhances print quality with X-axis precision linear rails, and vibration and flow optimization features.

At the forefront, the Ender-3 V3 ensures rapid yet precise prints at speeds of up to 600mm/s, which can print a Benchy in just 13 minutes. This is thanks to the CoreXZ innovation and dual-motor drive on the model as an i3 structure pioneer and advanced functionalities like auto leveling and Z offset along with one-touch self-test.    

Grab Your Fit on Creality Store and Amazon

With special promotions and discounts available on the official store and Amazon, now is the right time to start 3D printing – with an Ender-3 V3 SE or Ender-3 V3 KE, or zing it up with the Ender-3 V3.

You can buy the full range on Creality’s site or Amazon here:

Creality Store


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