Elegoo’s range of powerful yet affordable consumer 3D printers has been well-known in the 3D printing world since their founding in 2015. Their line of different collections named after various celestial bodies (Neptune, Saturn, Mars) boast high resolution, good build volumes, and slick and easy user interfaces.

But it’s not just 3D printers that Elegoo has made approachable for any household on any budget, they have also recently released a new Kickstarter laser cutter and engraver, the Elegoo Phecda.

It’s a low-cost laser cutter, with prices starting at just $239.99 for the 10W laser output version, and $399.99 for the 20W output version.

In addition, customers can also purchase a filter cartridge, rotary attachment, honeycomb working panel and air assist as optional upgrades. Keeping up with their naming theme, the Phecda is named after one of the stars in the constellation Ursa Major.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Phecda laser engraver & cutter launches at 14:00 UTC on April 8th, you can check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

Elegoo Phecda laser engraver 10W and 20W specs

But what exactly is the Elegoo Phecda? What does it offer? Why did it already have the internet talking even before the Kickstarter was done? And why is it popular amongst beginners and veterans alike? 

Here we’ll take a look at what this combination laser cutter and engraver does, and why it’s well worth a look regardless of your laser cutting and engraving experience.

Elegoo Phecda Specs

Engraving Area Size400x400mm
Engraving SpeedX axis: 25000mm/min 
Y axis: 18000mm/min
Engraving DepthUp to 8mm for 10W version, 14mm for 20W version
Power10 or 20W
MaterialAluminum alloy
OS CompatibilityMac, Windows, iOS, and Android
Engraving MaterialsStainless steel, Aluminum alloy, Wood, Ceramic, Kraft paper, Rubber, Leather, Acrylic (except light colored acrylic), Bamboo, Bone, Stone, Paper, Tile
Cutting MaterialsWood, Kraft paper, Leather, Bamboo, Paper

Why You Should Check It Out

3D printing and laser engraving often go hand-in-hand

If you own a 3D printer and have found yourself hankering for a way to personalize your prints further, or are simply looking to branch out with your projects for fun or profit, owning a laser cutter is an excellent way to expand your creative horizons.

Here are some of the top reasons why the Elegoo Phecda is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to broaden their horizons and open the door to new possibilities for awesome projects:

Affordable Price

Elegoo’s main aim as a company is to make 3D printing and laser machining approachable and affordable to just about any household. The Phecda laser engraver and cutter goes for only $239.99 for the 10W laser, and $399.99 for the 20W.

This makes it one of the cheapest dual cutting and engraving machines on the market, especially when you consider its considerable size, power, and range of cuttable and engravable materials.

Not only is this base price incredibly low, but there are also no additional fees to take into account either. The listed price on the Elegoo marketplace includes both tax and shipping, meaning you won’t have to dedicate any extra funds to anything other than the materials you’ll be able to get engraving and cutting from the moment your new machine arrives.


Another of Elegoo’s goals is to make sure their machines are approachable and easy to learn for anyone, regardless of experience, while also offering powerful and capable machines sure to entice those already in the know.

The Elegoo Phecda is very easy to use, with a wi-fi enabled interface compatible with the most common operating systems, as well as its built-in software, make designing, uploading, and engraving a simple task that anyone can learn and master without much trouble.

Whether you’re designing your cut shapes or engraving patterns from scratch, or using pre-existing images and symbols, you’ll find the process hassle-free and easy to grasp. This makes the Elegoo Phecda ideal for both newbies and experienced users alike, and an excellent choice for those of you who need a high-quality laser engraver without needing a qualification to run it.

Added Safety Features

If you’re experienced with 3D printing and/or laser engraving, you’ll know just how dangerous the emissions can be. Air quality is a worry for anyone using these machines, and can be particularly concerning if your workspace is particularly small or poorly ventilated.

Fortunately, the Elegoo Phecda includes an additional safety feature that we hope will soon become the norm in both laser cutting and 3D printing, an emission filter.

This filter ensures that the particles from the machine’s emissions don’t make it into the air, meaning you can breathe safely and comfortably while the Phecda gets to work. This makes your workspace a lot safer for you, your family, and your pets.
While ventilation is still important, you can quite literally breathe easier knowing that the Phecda is safe to be around even when in use.
Not only is this better for the air quality, it’s also better for the environment, as it stops harmful emissions from getting into the atmosphere and further polluting the air we all breathe and eventually damaging the ozone layer.

So not only is the Phecda a safer option, it’s a more environmentally friendly one too.

For more information about the PHECDA laser engraving machine, and to support the campaign from April 8th, you can view it here.

Or you can also stay up-to-date with Elegoo on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

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