Creality, a global pioneer in 3D printing, and creator of several of the most popular desktop 3D printers including the Ender series, have released ther latest more professional-focused 3D printer, the Sermoon D3. 

Debuted in 2021, the fully-enclosed Sermoon D series is ideal for industrial design and has been widely applied in prototyping, jigs & fixtures making, and design verification. 

Delivering excellent performance on up to 14 types of filaments including Nylon and Carbon Fiber, the Sermoon D3 is now available in more than 22 markets including the United States, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, etc, covering Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

Sermoon D3: One-stop solution for business

Traditional prototyping and design verification faces a long development cycle, high cost, limited material choice, and material waste due to molding failure. 

To address market needs, Creality has partnered with Forward AM, the 3D printing arm of BASF, to bring cost-effective 3D printing solutions to professional users and small enterprises.

Sermoon D3 - Smarter 3D Printer

For example, within machinery design, the traditional method takes at least 20 working days to design, review, proof, and modify. 

However, with 3D printing technology, users can achieve rapid prototyping in less than 10 working days, shortening the R&D cycle and improving efficiency.

Sermoon D3 Sturdy Frame

Industrial-grade stability 

Sermoon D3 features industrial-grade stability tested and certified by Forward AM’s Additive Manufacturing Technical Centre (AMTC) and Creality Lab.

With a sturdy steel bottom plate, an 8mm aerospace aluminum top plate and four vertical aerospace aluminum profiles, Sermoon D3 can achieve 720 hours (30 days) of non-stop printing and 8,000 hours of failure-free printing – according to the testing data from Creality Lab. 

High-temp printing

To ensure compatibility with a wide range of high-performance filaments, Sermoon D3 is equipped with an upgraded sprite dual-gear direct extruder with a copper and titanium alloy heat break. The two 5015 large cooling fans help avoid charring and allow the print to solidify faster. This enhanced design enables consistent extrusion at temperatures of up to 300°C.

Sermoon D3 High-temp Printing

High-performance engineering materials

Another pain point businesses face is the limited selection of materials when verifying product design prototypes, which greatly impacts the verification sufficiency and competitiveness of the company. 

To address this issue, Creality teamed up with AMTC to test more than 20 types of filaments, and selected 14 that best fit with the Sermoon D3, including high-strength filaments PA, ABS, ASA, PC, and wear-resistant filaments PA-CF, PET-CF.

ATMC also tested BASF Ultrafuse® PP on Sermoon D3 which turned out to be a success. Sermoon D3 supports more filament types than any other Creality 3D printer.

Sermoon D3 PP&PA Test Result

High printing speed and scale production

For scale productions, users can connect to multiple Sermoon D3 printers via LAN or via the Internet, upload the G-code files from one PC to multiple printers, remotely control them simultaneously, and monitor the print process through Creality Print on PC or the Creality Cloud smartphone app.

Together with a sizable 300×250×300mm build volume and up to five times the speed, Sermoon D3 significantly scales up the production in a cost-effective way.

Complimentary accessories

Creality has secured CE, FCC and UKCA certifications, among others, for its Sermoon D3, verifying the reliability and safety of the machine. The 3D printer comes with an interchangeable PC and a PEI spring steel sheet, as well as a professional tool kit with an extra hardened steel nozzle.

Specifically designed for the Sermoon D3, HP-ULTRA filament series including PLA and ABS is co-developed by Creality and Forward AM. It is part of Creality’s “Better Filament Plan” to collaborate with market leaders to provide users with high-quality filaments tailor-made for Creality 3D printers.

HP-ULTRA has been fully tested by AMTC and Creality Lab on Sermoon D3, meaning users can achieve straightforward print without configuring the printer. HP-ULTRA PLA will be included in the Sermoon D3 package for users as a complimentary extra.

Creality Lab also tested and pre-configured the Sermoon D3 for 16 filaments including BASF Ultrafuse® PET, Ultrafuse® PET CF15, Polymaker PC-ABS, Polymaker PolyLite™ PC, Creality CR-PA Carbon. The recommended configuration parameters will be stored in the USB stick coming along with the printer, and set as default in Creality Print. 

Sermoon D3 KV- EN

At $2.499, Sermoon D3 is considerably affordable compared to professional 3D printers of a similar ilk. You can learn more about the Creality Sermoon D3 on the Creality Official Store.

In addition, the Creality fully enclosed 3d printer family also includes the Sermoon V1 series, tailor-made for 3d printing beginners. 

For professional users, Creality CR-5 Pro series provides high performance suitable for customized needs.

For educational use, the new CR-200B Pro is a good option.

Creality offers a variety of 3d printer lineups that caters to different needs of users. For more info, you can visit the Creality website

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