3DSourced Has Acquired Rigid.Ink

We’re very pleased to announce that we have struck a deal to acquire rigid.ink, and all the excellent content that the rigid.ink team have posted over the years will now be hosted on our site.

Founded in 2014, rigid.ink was known throughout the industry for manufacturing and selling some of the highest-quality 3D printer filament around – and at a time when 3D printing was still in its infancy, and getting ahold of reliable filament was a real struggle.

More recently, rigid.ink stopped selling filament, with the founding team focusing on their 3D printing educational platform, IO3DP. Over the time they operated, they posted excellent content on different aspects of 3D printing, from their ultimate 3D printing troubleshooting guide, to how to unclog your extruder or nozzle, and much more.

We have agreed on a deal to host that excellent on our site, and to keep it updated as changes and advances occur in the industry, as part of our commitment to being the most informative 3D printing site on the web. All the content from the rigid.ink site is available within this section of our site, and you can view all the posts previously on that site below.

Rigid.Ink Content

How to Use 3D Printer Cleaning Filament

How to Use 3D Printer Cleaning Filament (Full Guide)

You don’t have to have used a 3D printer for long to realize that regular maintenance is a necessary evil. The better you look after your printer, the less time you’ll spend … Read more

3D Printing Slicer Settings You Need To Know

12 Key 3D Printing Slicer Settings For Perfect Prints

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What To Do With Empty Filament Spools

What To Do With Empty Filament Spools? Our Top 10 Ideas

Used filament spools can soon pile up if you’re 3D printing quite a bit. Luckily, there are plenty of useful things you can do with your old spools! In this article, we’ll … Read more

ABS vs ASA Which Filament is Most UV Resistant

ABS vs ASA: Which Filament is Most UV Resistant?

ABS and ASA filaments are both strong and tough materials for 3D printing -but with some key differences ASA has superior UV and weather resistance, making it more suitable for outdoor prints. … Read more

PMMA Filament Acrylic

Ultimate Guide to PMMA/Acrylic Filament 3D Printing

Are you looking to expand the horizons of your 3D printing? If you need a material that produces results that range from translucent to nearly transparent, PMMA filament may be the solution … Read more

Best Small Things to 3D Print - Easy & Quick Pieces

10 Best Small Things to 3D Print in 2023 – Easy & Quick Pieces

3D printing small stuff is a fun and resourceful way to make sure your free filament sample leftover materials don’t go to waste. There are plenty of cool small 3D prints you … Read more

3 Best Carbon Fiber Filaments 2023 (Nylon & PETG)

10 Best Carbon Fiber Filament Blends in 2024

Carbon fiber filaments have an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, good tensile strength, and resistance to corrosion and fatigue. They use tiny fibers cut to 0.01mm strands, blended with filaments like PETG and Nylon … Read more

3D Printing PLA Filament – Best Temp and Speed Settings

PLA is very probably the most popular 3D printing filament around. There’s a good reason for that popularity. It’s one of the easiest materials to work and print with, giving good results … Read more

What's the Best 3D Printer Nozzle Size to Use

What’s the Best 3D Printer Nozzle Size to Use?

When browsing for your last printer, 3D printer nozzle size may well have been the last thing on your mind. It’s an often overlooked detail. Depending on what you need to print; … Read more

petg filament 3d printing guide cover

PETG Filament Guide (Best Speed and Temperature Settings)

Is PLA or ABS not cutting it anymore? For something more durable that can handle higher temperatures than PLA, but is easier to print than ABS – PETG is the filament for … Read more

hips filament 3d printing guide

HIPS Filament: Complete 3D Printing Pros & Cons

HIPS is my go-to filament for helping to print complicated designs with overhangs that require support. However, HIPS isn’t just a support material. It might be one of the most underrated 3d print filaments … Read more

3D Printing Infographic to Improve Finishing Quality

3D Printing Infographic to Improve Finishing Quality

One of our biggest gripes about 3D printing is that your finished print invariably ends up looking, well… a bit 3D printed. Sometimes that’s fine, but other times it’s not. Here are our … Read more

TPE vs TPU Flexible Filament Differences for 3D Printing

TPE vs TPU Flexible Filament Differences for 3D Printing

You want to start using 3D printer flexible filaments? But with all the choices out there, it can be a bit daunting to decide which one to go for. The two serious … Read more

3D Printing Glossary

Ultimate 3D Printing Glossary: All Terms & Vocabulary

3D printing is an amazing and accessible technology – but some of the technical terms and acronyms can be a little confusing for beginners. The aim of this printing glossary is to … Read more

pva filament guide

Best PVA Filament – Complete Guide to 3D Printing PVA

Being entirely water soluble, and non-toxic, this compound is used extensivly within almost every facet of modern life…

3D Printing Troubleshooting Errors Guide

44 Common 3D Print Problems – Troubleshooting Issues 2023

You’re here because you’ve either just had a complete 3D print failure, or your prints aren’t quite perfect. We don’t settle for less than perfect, so we don’t expect you to either. … Read more

Can You 3D Print Clear Plastic? (Best Clear Filament)

In this guide, I’ll take you through everything I’ve learned about 3D printing clear plastic over the past couple of years – including which materials can be printed clearly, and the steps you … Read more