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  • Renowned 3D Printing Journalist: Regular contributor to industry-leading platforms such as PC Guide, WePC, 3DSourced, CNCSourced, NME, and 3DBeginners.
  • Expert in 3D Printing Guides: Specializes in simplifying complex 3D printing concepts, making them accessible and engaging for hobbyists.
  • Innovative Writer: Known for infusing technical writing with descriptive, visual language to transform guides from mundane to captivating.


Tom Bardwell, a seasoned journalist at 3DSourced, is at the forefront of demystifying the world of 3D printing. His writing journey revolves around guiding hobbyist 3D printer owners to optimize their experience, save money, and maximize the potential of their equipment. Tom's unique approach to writing blends technical expertise with an engaging, reader-friendly style. He aims to transform technical guides into intriguing and enjoyable reads, fostering a sense of excitement about 3D printing technologies. When not contributing to leading publications in the 3D printing domain, Tom indulges in his passion for 3D printing, experimenting with various models like Anycubic Kobra, Creality Halot-One Plus, Ankermake M5C, and Artillery X4 Pro. His enthusiasm extends beyond 3D printing to laser cutting and gaming, reflecting his diverse technical interests and hands-on approach.

Education and Achievements

As a self-made expert in the 3D printing field, Tom's educational journey is marked by his extensive hands-on experience and immersion in the industry. His contributions to top-tier publications like PC Guide, WePC, 3DSourced, CNCSourced, NME, and 3DBeginners have established him as a trusted voice in the 3D printing community. His articles are not just informative; they are a testament to his ability to engage and educate a wide range of audiences, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

Personal Interests

Outside of his professional life, Tom is deeply engaged with his collection of 3D printers and a laser cutter, exploring the boundaries of what can be created at the intersection of technology and creativity. His love for gaming adds another dimension to his understanding of technology, as both a user and an observer.

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