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  • Expert in 3D Printer Slicers and Software: Renowned for sharing advanced slicer profiles and settings to optimize 3D printing processes.
  • Influential Voice in 3D Printing Software: Recognized thought leader in the 3D printing industry, especially in the realm of 3D slicer improvements and optimization.
  • Contributor to Leading 3D Printing Platforms: Regular writer for 3DSourced, All3DP, and Printing Atoms, offering insights into advanced 3D printing techniques.


Jackson O'Connell, currently a 3D Printing Journalist at 3DSourced, specializes in the intricacies of 3D printer slicers and software. His expertise lies in assisting experienced 3D printer owners in perfecting their prints through optimal settings and profiles. Jackson's approach to writing is both enjoyable and informative, making even the most technical aspects of 3D printing accessible and engaging. His contributions to the 3D printing community extend beyond journalism. Jackson is a respected thought leader in the software space, actively engaging in discussions about the future and improvement of 3D slicers. His insights are invaluable to those seeking to push the boundaries of 3D printing technology.

Education and Background

Jackson is pursuing a degree in Finance and Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His academic background in computer science significantly contributes to his deep understanding of 3D printing software and technology, allowing him to offer well-informed and technically sound advice.

Personal Interests

Outside of his professional pursuits, Jackson is an avid basketball player and enjoys spending his free time writing and experimenting with his own 3D printers. His hands-on experience with 3D printing and his passion for sports and creative writing add a unique perspective to his work, resonating with a diverse audience.

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