I recently spent several days testing out three of the most popular 3D pens, including the MYNT3D Super (the other two were the Pika3D Super, and the SCRIB3D P1).

Of the three, the MYNT3D Super is my clear favorite, and I here will explain why I highly recommend this 3D pen and to whom.

My Overall Verdict

Of the three 3D pens I tested, the MYNT3D Super is my favorite. Its sleek design is both cool to look at and makes it very comfortable to use even for longer 1-hour-plus stretches. It did not overheat or clog, and the easy fine-tuning settings made getting perfect results a breeze.

While not strictly a 3D pen designed solely for professionals, I don’t recommend the MYNT3D Super to complete beginners and it’s less suitable for kids than other pens I’ve tested like the Pika3D Super.


Clear instructions

Comfortable to use

Excellent setting options

Fantastic extrusion and layer adhesion


Not as suitable for kids

No display screen

MYNT3D Super 3D Pen

Its slim appearance makes it extremely pleasant to use, even for extended periods of time—more than an hour.

Feature: 1.75mm ABS and PLA Compatible 3D Printing Pen

The kit comes with a compact, ergonomic touch pen and an A/C adapter in three different colors, along with a one-year guaranteed warranty.

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My Tests

Using the same jigsaw piece tests as I did for all three of the pens I tried out, you can clearly see that the MYNT3D Super 3D pen came out the clearest. With excellent layer adhesion and speed compared to both the Pika3D Super and SCRIB3D P1, I got fantastic results in far less time.

To test out the speed and ease of use, I also gave the the MYNT3D Super 3D pen to someone who had never used a 3D pen before to test whether it was really that simple to use. He was able to make a multicolored watermelon wedge with no issues whatsoever after simply reading the manual.

Compared to the Pika Super and the SCRIB3D 3D pens, the MYNT3D was more comfortable, had faster and more consistent extrusion, and the layers attached perfectly.


The MYNT3D Super has a sleek and elegant design that both looks cool, and is also very easy to hold. I used it constantly for almost an hour without ever cramping or feeling the need to readjust. 

The cuboid-like shape of the pen’s body felt like using a computer mouse. It was comfortable and easy to hold, so it was easy to use for longer periods of time without needing a break.

The buttons are well placed so you can turn extrusion on and off mid-drawing to change filaments or stop if you need to work on another area, and I never found myself searching for the correct button when I needed to do so because my thumb was safely on it the entire time.

Is the MYNT3D Super Pen Kid-Friendly?

The MYNT3D Super is not designed for kids. While it isn’t unsafe, the lack of a display screen and slender design makes it more difficult for younger users to manage and use.

Even the pen’s body shape itself is designed for adult hands, and it’s not as thick and easy for small hands to hold as the Pika3D Super is, for example.

And, because the MYNT3D Super 3D pen is designed for more professional users, the temperature setting can be fine-tuned with the simple push of a button. While this is great for its intended users, holding a 3D printing pen that heats up to 230℃ is not ideal for children.

Reliability and Versatility

The MYNT3D Super is a very reliable 3D pen. By following the very well-laid-out guidelines included in the user manual, I was able to draw to my heart’s content without any clogging, speed, or temperature issues.

Where the Pika Super 3D pen had stringing issues, and I had trouble with awkward button placements on the SCRIB3D as well as overheating issues, I found none of these problems present with the MYNT3D.

Like with the other pens, extrusion can be done manually by holding down the feed button, or automatically by double-pressing it. This gives you full freedom to stop and start as your design requires, or extruder the filament continuously without having to keep the button held down throughout.

The ideal settings for both ABS and PLA are clearly outlined in the user manual, making the MYNT3D Super very easy to get started with. The extrusion speed is controlled with an intuitive slider, so you can fine-tune it even mid-design to suit your project.

Because it needs a power cable to function, emergency stops are easy to perform by simply unplugging the cable whenever you feel you need to. This also ensures you won’t accidentally put the pen away hot when you’re done, and is true of all three of the pens I tested.

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