Large Resin 3D Printers: Buyer’s Guide 2022 (Affordable & Commercial)

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For some, size matters – and a normal-sized resin 3D printer just won’t cut it. For you size kings and queens, bigger is better, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on your quest for the biggest resin 3D printer around.

And with resin printing becoming more affordable than ever before, buying a large resin 3D printer vs outsourcing larger resin prints to a service has never been more cost-effective.

Why buy a large resin 3D printer?

First, by keeping prototyping in-house you retain full control, you can prototype as fast as your printer will print, and you still don’t have to compromise on size.

Resin printers typically have smaller build volumes than their FDM counterparts, focusing instead on outrageous quality and incredibly smooth surface finishes. However, this creates problems when you want to prototype larger parts, such as helmets or tools and equipment. With a large resin 3D printer, you’re free to print human-sized resin parts that can be tested right away.

And even if you’re a hobbyist looking to print large cosplay pieces or other parts, some large format resin 3D printers have become so affordable that you can even get in on the action at home.

We have therefore picked our recommendations for the best build volume format resin 3D printers, in both more affordable and commercial and industrial price ranges and specs, so you can pick the ideal printer for you.

The best large resin 3D printers: affordable and commercial

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1. Elegoo Saturn

elegoo saturn

The Elegoo Saturn packs a powerful punch with its 8.9-inch 4K monochrome LCD, offering fast (2-3 seconds per layer) printing — a 60% improvement on Elegoo’s cheaper Mars Pro, and with upgraded stellar quality.

The build volume is far larger than most entry-level large resin 3D printers at 192 x 120 x 200 mm, and while this isn’t large enough for printing tools prototypes like spades, for example, you can still print most normal-sized resin parts here. And for smaller resin prints like casts for jewelry, small prototypes, or fun home projects, you can fit many within each print run.

The upgraded Z-axis moves more precisely and accurately – and you’ll see the differences as it churns out delightful resin prints. The printer contains 54 LEDs to accurately print and solidify resin more uniformly than ever before. It’s also built to need less frequent leveling – saving you hassle – and the Elegoo Saturn is known for great adhesion when printing.

2. Phrozen Mighty 4K

phrozen mighty 4k

Designed for printing both single big models and multiple smaller resin prints in one batch, you can print your favorite cool models here, or excellent quality prototypes — the Phrozen Mighty 4K slots in nicely, along with the Mono X, in this prosumer category; high quality enough for commercial use, but also cheap enough for home use.

The upgraded Z-axis stabilizes the printer and prevents any wobbling that could affect print quality, and the 4K screen offers fantastic quality at turbo speed — just 2 seconds per layer.

You can use your own resins with the Phrozen Mighty 4K – you’re not restricted to Phrozen’s resins, though they do offer their own with ideal print settings for perfect prints. Overall, like the Elegoo Saturn and Anycubic Mono X, it’s an excellent mid-range resin 3D printer with large build volume.

3. Anycubic Photon Mono X

anycubic mono x

The tallest of our cheaper large resin 3D printers, the Anycubic Mono X manages all this while also being a complete speed demon — it prints layers in just 1-2 seconds!

This is down to the 8.9-inch 4K monochrome screen, pushing the limits of mid-range resin printing, and reaching speeds 4x faster than the original Anycubic Photon released that released back in 2018. What progress!

It has a number of built-in safety features which are great if you’re planning to use it for home use and have curious kids inevitably drawn to the mysterious yellow-orange box — and it will immediately stop printing after opening the cover.

The upgraded UV matrix is more uniform for more consistent quality, which when combined with the 4K screen offers blistering quality. The dual linear rails on the Z-axis prevent any wobbling or vibrations affecting precision, and the printer can be connected via Anycubic’s app so you can seamlessly monitor your prints remotely. Convenient!

Overall, it’s a great and fast larger resin 3D printer for home and commercial use.

Professional large resin 3D printers

4. Peopoly Phenom / Phenom L / Phenom Noir / Phenom XXL

Peopoly Phenom

Hailed as the most popular large format MSLA printer around, the Phenom is an enormous resin printer that switches up from the MOAI, now adopting MSLA to improve speeds using LED lights to print entire layers simultaneously.

It uses Chitubox so if you’re upgrading from a lower-cost printer you probably already tried this out and have experience and it’s accurate up to 72 micrometers resolution.

peopoly phenom very large resin 3D printer

Phenom L — Even larger resin 3D printer

You can even then choose to upgrade and go further and buy the Phenom L, an even larger resin 3D printer for an extra $500. Resolution falls to 90um, but print volume explodes to 345 x 194 x 400 mm — it’s gigantic!

You can easily print prototype helmets, tools, and other larger resin prototypes in this large-format resin build area.

Phenom Noir

You may be wondering why the Peopoly Phenom is more expensive than the Phenom, especially since it has a smaller print area, and is this a guide to large resin 3D printers.

The Phenom Noir is one of Peopoly’s highest-end 3D printers, with precise 77um resolutions as well as faster printing speeds and fantastic consistency across the print via its UHD monochromatic LCD screen. And when we say speed upgrades, we don’t mean incremental 10% increases – it’s around 3x faster than the standard Peopoly Phenom! If you want precision and speed with your larger resin prints, the Phenom Noir is perfect.

Phenom XXL — Massive resin 3D printer

  • Price: $7,499
  • Build volume: 527 x 296 x 550 mm

But you can go even larger. The Peopoly Phenom XXL resin 3D printer prints up to 527 x 296 x 550 mm resin models, which Peopoly highlights as being 4x bigger than Formlabs Form 3L.

It features a very high quality 4K LCD panel which Peopoly calls “industrial quality”, so you retain accuracy even on very large prototypes. The biggest on our list, and one of the biggest resin 3D printers in the world, the Phenom XXL should be able to print any liquid resin prototype you’ll never need.

peopoly phenom vs phenom xxl huge resin 3D printer size comparison

5. Formlabs Form 3L

Designed specifically for large-scale resin part production, the Formlabs 3L build on Formlabs is already stellar reputation and brings it to the big leagues. 

formlabs form 3l

It uses the same Formlabs technology as on the Form 3, with two precision LPUs (Light Processing Units) for fantastic precision and consistency throughout, and Formlabs stress that this indeed is the ideal solution to save your business money by no longer outsourcing your prototyping and fabrication. 

Numerous case studies show helmets printed in exquisite detail, shovel prototypes (though even with the printer’s large build area, it required three parts), nozzles, and even high-resolution full-size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle models — if you’re a design studio or uber-wealthy superfan.

It’s easier to use than most commercial large resin 3D printers, and seeks to minimize hassle and the steep learning curve across the board — such as by offering automatic resin dispensing, simplifying the entire slicing and software workflow, and with the delightfully intuitive 5.5-inch full-color touchscreen. 

If you’re running a 3D printer farm you can manage them all via the cloud, and you can also make use of Formlabs’ wide resin selection: standard, engineering, flexible, tough and durable, dental or medical, and even jewelry casting resins — you can make almost anything for any industry use with the Form 3L.

6. Photocentric Liquid Crystal Magna

  • Price: $15,000+
  • Print volume: 510 x 280 x 350 mm

British company Photocentric make some of the highest resolution LCD printers around for industry, with the LC Magna designed for precise dental and product design prototyping at large scales and sizes.

photocentric lc magna large resin 3d printer

It’s super-fast, large, and accurate, with Photocentric’s own resins helping keep costs lower over the long term. Photocentric also manufactures a wash module for washing prints and a curing module for curing prints that require this, and the LC Magna has been used to prototype and manufacture glasses, dental models, models figurines, and even motorbike engines.

The 4K 137-micron display delivers accuracy over the entire build area, using the benefits of anti-aliasing, and uses Photocentric’s patented blow-peel technologies to prevent some of the negative effects of large resin build areas coming into play. 

Overall, it’s costly but offers key benefits as a big resin 3D printer in large-scale industry and prototyping.

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