Anycubic have announced all the top deals from their annual sensational Fan Festival, known as “Fantastic Weeks“!

From February 26 to March 10, Anycubic have some of the biggest discounts they’ll offer in 2024.

The Grand Finale:

As the Grand Finale unfolds from February 26 to March 10, brace yourself for the biggest discounts of the year on ANYCUBIC’s top-notch 3D printers saving up to $340.

Here are three of the best Anycubic printer deals available, each with its own set of cutting-edge features and functionalities:

1. ANYCUBIC Photon Mono M5s Pro: Priced at $479 (original $579)

Ultra-High 14K Resolution, Smallest Details Brought to Life:

Imagine a 10.1-inch monochrome LCD with a resolution of 13312x5120px, making your prints as detailed as the thickness of a single hair!

The Photon Mono M5s Pro ensures impeccable results with enhanced light uniformity of 85%. Plus, an Air Heater & Purifier keeps things hot and clean.

High Speed With Great Performance:

Zoom into the world of high-speed resin printing with an average print speed of 105mm/h. The Photon Mono M5s Pro’s third-gen ACF film minimizes peeling force, ensuring high success rates while maximizing speed. It’s not just a printer — it’s a speed demon!

2. ANYCUBIC Kobra 2 Max: Yours for $479 (original $569)

10X Fast 3D Printer: Max Speed 500mm/s:

Hold onto your hats because the ANYCUBIC Kobra 2 Max is ten times faster than mainstream FDM 3D printers, reaching a mind-blowing maximum speed of 500mm/s!

420x420x500mm Print Area

Print big or go home! The Kobra 2 Max boasts a print size of 420*420*500mm, making it the king of large projects. With the ability to print a whopping 88 liters in one go, it’s a true heavyweight champion. Say goodbye to waiting – efficiency just got a major upgrade.

Automatic Leveling: Upgraded LeviQ 2.0:

Experience hassle-free prints with the advanced LeviQ 2.0 auto-level system. It compensates for Z-axis offset and lets you customize compensation values. One-click quick start for creative geniuses – because why make things complicated?

3. ANYCUBIC Photon X 6Ks: Now $269 (original $349)

9.1 inch 6K Screen, For High-Resolution Printing

Enter the world of high-resolution magic with a 9.1-inch 6K screen boasting 5760×3600 px. The Photon X 6Ks ensures your prints are sharp, detailed, and downright mesmerizing. With a high contrast ratio of 380:1, every print becomes a masterpiece.

195.84×122.4x200mm Print Dimensions

Dive into a printing dimension of 195.84X122.4X200mm, offering a colossal volume of 4.76L.

Upgraded LightTurbo Matrix, Sharp and Delicate Details:

Say goodbye to optical layers and grid lines! The upgraded LightTurbo matrix light source and high-precision textured optical lens give you smooth and delicate model surfaces. With a printing speed ranging from 15 to 60 mm/h, your 3D prints are about to break the sound barrier!

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ANYCUBIC invites 3D printing enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals, to join a celebration of creativity, innovation, and unbeatable deals during the Fantastic Weeks Fan Festival. Hurry – these deals are here for a limited time only.

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