Bruno Sekyanzi

3D Printing Writer
3D Printing
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  • In-Depth 3D Printer Expert: Specializes in conducting comprehensive tests and reviews of the latest 3D printers.
  • Slicer Settings Specialist: Known for comparing and optimizing 3D slicer settings to achieve perfect print finishes.
  • Widely Read 3D Printing Writer: Has contributed to numerous publications in the 3D printing field, helping owners select and optimize their equipment.


Bruno Sekyanzi, a 3D Printing Writer for 3DSourced, is revered for his hands-on, in-depth analyses of 3D printers. His work primarily aids 3D printer owners in selecting their next device and mastering the art of achieving flawless surface finishes on their prints. Bruno's writing style is marked by its clarity and conciseness, making complex technical information accessible and easy to digest for his readers. His approach to 3D printing journalism is rooted in a philosophy of 'comprehensive yet concise' — providing all necessary information without overwhelming the reader. This method has made him a favored writer among those looking to deepen their understanding of 3D printing technology.

Personal Interests

Beyond his professional life, Bruno is actively involved in a variety of social projects, reflecting his commitment to using his skills and knowledge for broader societal benefit. This engagement in social causes not only enriches his personal life but also brings a unique perspective to his writing in the field of technology.

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