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  • STEM Advocate in 3D Printing: Passionate about making 3D printing accessible for beginners, particularly encouraging women and children in STEM.
  • Experienced Technology Journalist: Contributions to notable platforms like 3DSourced, CNCSourced, and DroneSourced, with a focus on 3D printing and related technologies.
  • Diverse Technical Reviews: Hands-on experience testing a range of devices, including testing and reviewing the Toybox 3D printer for 3DSourced, and TwoTrees TS3 laser cutter.


Meghan Reichenbach, with her strong foundation in English from Georgia University and a Master's degree from UCL, UK, has developed a unique voice in technology journalism. Her work, primarily featured in 3DSourced, CNCSourced, and DroneSourced, breaks down complex concepts in 3D printing and technology to make them accessible for beginners. Meghan's focus is not just on imparting knowledge but also on inspiring a new generation, especially women and children, to explore the possibilities within STEM. In addition to her writing, Meghan is a sought-after consultant in technology journalism. She leverages her skills and experience in 3D printing to guide other writers in enhancing their technological content.

Education and Achievements

Meghan's journey in the world of technology and writing began with an English degree from University of Georgia, followed by a Master's Degree from UCL in the UK. These educational experiences have been pivotal in shaping her approach to writing – clear, concise, and focused on demystifying technology for newcomers.

Personal Interests

Outside of her professional pursuits, Meghan enjoys a life filled with varied hobbies. She is an avid cook, a rock climbing enthusiast, and enjoys the vibrancy of London life with her husband. These interests add depth to her understanding of the everyday experiences of her readers, making her writing relatable and engaging.

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