You probably have an idea for a cool and unique cookie cutter that’d be perfect for your next big bake — but know you’ll never find it at the store. They always have the same lackluster selection that doesn’t inspire anyone to get baking.

However, by using a 3D printer and a custom design, you can create one-of-a-kind cookie cutters for anything you could possibly think of. Whether it’s to surprise a family member or to make baking a fresh batch fun, we have found a selection of 3D printers for printing custom cookie cutters:

For baking, a 3D printer opens up completely new dimensions and shapes for cutting cookie dough. Think of those unusual animal shapes your kids specifically asked for that are otherwise impossible to find. 3D printers are so versatile that as long as you have the 3D file, you can create almost anything — so your Star Wars Yoda or Batman-themed cookie cutter is a breeze to print. You have endless ways of making the family smile.

3d printed cookie cutters for pokemon
Some fun Pokemon-themed 3D printable cookie cutters.

So we’ve listed our top choice 3D printers for cookie cutters. Have a read, pick the best choice for you, and then at the end of this article we link to 50+ 3D printable cookie cutters you’ll be able to make with your new printer!

Important: We have only picked FDM 3D printers. Some other articles online have recommended resin 3D printers for 3D printing cookie cutters, but you should NOT use resin parts with food. All resins are toxic when liquid and uncured, and almost all are still not food-safe when they have been 3D printed. Do NOT follow the advice of these other websites, it is dangerous.

1. Creality Ender 3 – Best 3D Printer For Cookie Cutters Under $200

Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro
During my test of the Ender 3 S1 Pro 3D printer. Copyright: 3DSourced ©.


Such excellent performance for the price

Makes high-quality prints reliably

Works well with different filaments


Comes as a kit (although it is easy to assemble)

There are now newer and more advanced versions of the Ender 3 (we’ve tested the Ender 3 S1 Pro, and Ender 3 V2 Neo on this site!)

Many people consider the Creality Ender 3 to be the best 3D printer under $200, but the benefits go way beyond the affordable price tag. 

There are features that more expensive printers don’t always offer, such as a build volume of 220 x 220 x 250mm. Most cookie cutters are going to fall well within this size, and you should even be able to print multiple cookie cutters at once. This also makes it a versatile 3D printer that can be used for a multitude of other projects. We’ve even heard of people using wood filament with the Ender 3 to make a wooden Groot.

It comes as a kit, but can be assembled within 45 minutes, and that is for a complete novice. 

Printing with flexible materials is made easier by the compact filament pathway. Because of this, you won’t likely experience any messy aftermath from over extruding. The heated build plate also ensures warping is less likely to occur.

Ender 3 S1 Pro Printing
During my test of the Ender 3 S1 Pro 3D printer. Copyright: 3DSourced ©.

It is well equipped for working with PLA which is a good choice of filament in terms of food safety, although you should always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines first. Other materials that the Ender 3 excels with include ABS and TPU, great for small hobby projects.

The popularity of this 3D printer means new upgrades are always available. There is also an active online community of users who can help problem solve, and responsive customer service from Creality themselves.

2. Monoprice Voxel – Best Cookie Cutter 3D Printer (If You’re A Beginner)

monoprice voxel


Built-in Wi-fi and touchscreen display

Compact design: while the build volume is small, it’s enclosed for better adhesion and heating

Plenty of compatible filaments


Smaller build volume

Manufacturing in the USA, Monoprice is a company that has been making 3D printers since 2002. We like the portable size of the unit, but this FDM printer does have a smaller build volume of 150 x 150 x 150mm. Still, this should be plenty enough for cookie cutters so the children are not going to be disappointed. 

We can forgive the smaller capacity because what you do get is a compact 3D printer that is easily portable thanks to the lightweight design. Watching the progress is always fun, and clear plastic on three sides gives a view of how each print is going. The 50-micron minimum layer thickness allows for smooth prints.

Its built-in Wi-fi and touch screen interface result in a gentle introduction into the world of 3D printing. This, combined with a simple setup, make the Monoprice Voxel a user-friendly option for a beginner. 

The build plate is flexible enough to make cookie cutters easy to remove without the need to dig them out with tools. We did say it is user-friendly!

The last thing you want with a cookie cutter is misshapen results, so the fact that the heated closed wall chamber reduces warping is good news. It also means that using ABS on other projects is fine. In terms of compatible materials, PLA, PVA, HIPS, and PETG are commonly used to make high-spec crafts with this impressive 3D printer. 

3. Anycubic Vyper – Best Value 

anycubic vyper best 3d printer for cookie cutters


Can be built in 30 minutes

Automatic leveling features (not common in this price range)

Excellent fan cooling system


A little noisier than some of the competition: might be a problem for night printing

Another budget FDM printer, the Anycubic Vyper is one of the easiest to build as it takes a maximum of 30 minutes before it is up and running. There are plenty of features intended to make life easier, most notably the automatic leveling feature. It removes a lot of the fiddly guesswork that comes with setting up the 3D printer so the user can get to grips with the 4.3 inch LCD color touchscreen display.

The built-in accessories drawer is good for hiding tools, and connectivity is simple. Those new cookie-cutter files can be uploaded via an SD card or by using a USB cable to connect to a laptop. 

Anycubic Vyper
During my test of the Anycubic Vyper 3D printer. Copyright: 3DSourced ©.

Intuitive features such as the dual 3015 radial fans cooling system make it great for printing multiple homemade projects you want to use ASAP. Yes, a set of cookie cutters can be made in a few hours.

Anyone looking to print miniature models will get a lot of joy out of this 3D printer, especially with the 245 x 245 x 260 mm build volume. Although there are cheaper alternatives, it is reasonably priced for a reliable FDM printer that thinks more like a human than a lot of the competition.

4. Qidi Tech X-Plus – Most Versatile

qidi tech x-plus


270 x 200 x 200 mm platform

Automatic bed leveler

Compatible with a lot of different materials


Not the simplest workflow, and can take a little getting used to

Wifi connectivity and the ability to turn a computer into a user interface make this 3D printer from China-based company Qidi Tech great for customizing prints.

The 5-inch touchscreen display is intuitive and ensures making adjustments such as fill density and print speed are a lot easier.

It is a great 3D printer for making cookie cutters but a lot of people want to be able to experiment with a variety of crafts. This is why it is good that the X-Plus comes with two different nozzles: one for standard PLA, TPU and ABS 3D printing, and a tougher high-temperature nozzle for filaments like Nylon and PC.

It is precise and versatile, and the layer thickness starts at 0.05mm. We also like that it can be used professionally because of the low 40dB of noise output.

5. Prusa i3 MK3S+ – Best 3D Printer For Cookie Cutters Under $1,000

prusa i3 mk3s+


Fast: reliable max speed of 200mm/s

Incredibly accurate prints

Available as a kit for $250 less than the pre-assembled price


Kit takes a while to assemble – we don’t blame you spending the extra to have it ship assembled 😉

An elite FDM 3D printer, the i3 MK3S+ has been turning industry heads picking up so many awards it was like the machine printed them itself. 

There is a generous build volume of 250 x 210 x 210mm so it will make light work of printing cookie cutters. It can also speed things up a bit, printing taller objects such as a 3D printed vase in one go. Prusa’s in-house technicians have tweaked and improved this 3D printer over the years, so it is hardly surprising that the 50-micron resolution of the latest model makes flawless prints.

We like that the company caters to different budgets so more people can use one of the best 3D printers on the market. You can save around $250 by purchasing the build kit rather than the assembled version, and the building process can be really fun and rewarding, too.

Plenty of upgrades are available, and anyone making miniatures will want to consider the multi-material upgrade kit that allows it to print in 5 colors. For us, it stands up against and betters many 3D printers that are more than double the price. 

6. Qidi Tech X-Max – Great For Home Businesses

qidi tech x-max


Can handle a wide range of materials

Very reliable and and sturdy

Enclosed chambers for reduced warping

Wifi connectivity


Could be a little pricey for some

You get the sense that this is well-built thanks to the metal structure, making it one of the sturdiest 3D printers available. 

Cookie cutters don’t take up a lot of room, but the 300 x 250 x 300mm of build volume will give cosplay hobbyists plenty of options. This, and the reliable prints that are consistently accurate makes it great for a home business. 

Speaking of which, it can handle nylon and TPU, so this is certainly a machine for advanced projects. When it is finished, the bendable, magnetic build plate can be used to ease the prints off.

As you might expect from a 3D printer over $1,000, it does make life easier for the user. The Wifi connectivity, touchscreen display that is easy to use, and small touches like a light within the unit all help to improve the useability. 

Printing up to 100 microns will be vital for a hobbyist looking to create intricate prints with any detail. Still, its strength lies in printing PLA and similar materials, so cookie cutters will be easy work for this versatile and reliable FDM 3D printer.

We like it because it has a professional feel to it, without a professional price tag. 

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