The Top 13 3D Printed Nerf Guns, Attachments & Mods 2021

Scott Hamill


3d printed nerf gun

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Household names in toys are easy to think of in droves, but few come to mind quite as quickly Hasbro’s Nerf line of projectile toys.

Child development expert Garry L. Landreth once said that toys are children’s words, and play is their language. Toys have been a universal method of self-expression for centuries, and this expression has been personalized even more with 3D printing.

Thanks to their plastic frames and modifiable builds, 3D printed Nerf guns and Nerf gun mods are found everywhere, breathing new life into an old favorite and introducing some very cool additions.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the coolest and most interesting 3D Printed Nerf Gun mods and projects from designers devoted to making play time a lot more fun.

3D Printed Nerf Dart Mods

Fully 3D Printed Nerf Dart Gun

A true passion project in the growing art of 3D printed Nerf Guns, the LF1 Nerf dart launcher should be the first stop for anyone who seeks the satisfaction of wielding a Nerf gun they’ve made themselves.

This fully 3D printed Nerf gun requires some extra attention both during and after printing, as well as some extra parts that need to be sourced elsewhere. The designer has set out fully detailed instructions and pictures to ensure the build goes as smoothly as possible, and the end result is nothing less than your own homemade 3D printed Nerf gun.

Fully 3D Printed Nerf Dart Guns

Fully 3D printed models are more complicated than simple Nerf gun mods and attachments, but after a few rounds with this foam dart gun and you’ll agree that it’s worth the extra time and effort.

With a spring-loaded barrel and a firing range of around 50ft, this 3D printed Nerf gun rivals its factory-made counterparts. Download it free here.

Printable Nerf Darts

Not satisfied with simply printing your own gun? Then you’ll be glad to know that you can print your own ammo too.

3D printable Nerf darts

The Standard Elite Nerf Dart is a simple design that fits most models, with the highlight being that the inside can be weighted to alter firing proficiency. These darts can also be printed in any color, and even monogrammed so your opponents will know exactly who hit them.

3D Printed Nerf Dart Warheads

A small and very simple design, these little 3D printed Nerf dart attachments secure to the ends of your projectiles.

They are designed to fit Pop-Its (or ‘bangers) to make a loud bang on impact. While not recommended to be used on other people, the satisfying bang at the end of the shot adds a more satisfying finish to any pull of the trigger.

3d printed nerf gun dart
3D printable nerf dart ammunition.

Nerf Gun Dart Holders

Whatever your choice of darts and dart customization, nothing says efficiency like this simple 3D printed Nerf gun dart holder.

3D Printed Nerf Gun Dart Holder

The design is a simple mount for the top of the gun, and makes the shooting time last a lot longer. Coming as an extension to hold 6, 8, or 10 darts, this 3D printed attachment is a must for anyone in the game for the long haul.

Nerf Gun Light Up Barrel

Practical modifications are cool, but modders are always cooking up aesthetic upgrades too. This modified 3D printed Nerf gun barrel is designed to hold four AA batteries and twelve LEDs to light up the business end of your gun.

3D Printed Nerf Gun Attachment Light Up Barrel

Pictured above shows this barrel as a Stryfe Nerf gun attachment, but the design is compatible with most models.

3D Printed Nerf Gun Rail Cover

Sometimes it’s the small details that make a project worth looking at. This 3D printed Nerf gun rail cover adds a sleek look to the Ultra 2 model, and allows for other modifications such as scopes and flashlights to be mounted with ease.

3D Printed Nerf Gun Rail Attachment

The rail cover mounts to the top of your gun with just a few screws, and whatever mods you’re planning to add to your Nerf gun are accommodated simply by tweaking the infill.

Biker Scout Nerf Attachment

Two things are true for every Star Wars fan: empty wrapping paper roles are lightsabers, and anything can be a blaster. Imagination is a powerful tool, but with this 3D printed Nerf gun addition, you can focus more of your brain power on your aim.

3D Printed Nerf Gun Star Wars Attachment

Star Wars Nerf gun additions and models have been popular for very long time, but the coolest we found is this add-on that turns any gun into a Biker Scout blaster from the famous chase scene on the Forest Moon of Endor.

This design is also scalable to turn any Nerf gun into a storm trooper’s weapon. Perfect for adding a theme to your Nerf gun or even for a cool cosplay.

Printable GoPro Mount

There’s only one thing that’s more fun than winning a Nerf gun fight, and that’s having proof that you won.

This designer agrees, and so came up with this 3D printed Go Pro attachment for Nerf guns, to save and relive your best shots (pun intended).

GoPro Mount Attachment

The mount is secure, trustworthy, and popular enough that the results of the free files available here have even been found for sale on Etsy!

3D Printed Nerf Gun Holster

Not all accessories need to go on the gun itself, sometimes you need an addition to elevate the level of coolness or realism in your game.

This 3D printed Nerf gun holder is an attachment for your belt that’s durable enough to last through all the jumping, climbing, and other athletic activities that come with a good long Nerf gun shootout. It’s available on Thingiverse here.

3D Printed Nerf Holsters

The design was intended for a strong and light attachment that doesn’t weigh you down while you’re moving, and keeps your hands free when you need them. It’s also been updated many times to improve comfort, draw speed, and strength.

And let’s be honest, what’s cooler than holstering your Nerf gun after that perfectly aimed shot?

The Nerf Gun Grappling Hook

You read that right, this 3D printed Nerf gun attachment fits to the end of darts and attaches with a string to form a working grappling hook.

With enough practice and some keen aiming, you’ll be able to pull objects around using your Nerf gun, and may even be able to take the weapon straight from your opponent’s hands, or just rescue those potato chips you forgot to bring to the sofa.

Grappling hook attachment for Nerf Gun

The original design has been known to be somewhat fragile, so if it breaks on you then you can still find an updated and stronger version here instead. Though it is also worth considering stronger materials or thicker materials, just make sure it’s light enough to still fire and you can grapple away!

3D Printed Stryfe Nerf Gun Barrel

The barrel of your Nerf gun can make all the difference in range and accuracy, and this 3D printed Stryfe Nerf gun attachment includes a rail to attach any simple Nerf Gun mods or additions.

The design was made to fit a different 3D printed Stryfe attachment, the front tube adapter. But don’t worry, the file link comes with full instructions and even has two different forms with modified rails to suit your needs.

3D Printed Nerf Gun Barrel Extension

The design was tested multiple times by the creator, and makes 3D printed Stryfe modifications much simpler due to its malleable and multi-purpose design.

The 3D printed barrel doubles the length of the original, making the Nerf gun look cooler and fire further. Both Nerf gun design files can be found here.

3D Printed Nerf Guns for Sale

3D printing adds a new layer of creativity and complexity to even the simplest of things, and Nerf guns are no exception. While many 3D printed Nerf gun files are free, some are worth paying for.

3D printed Nerf guns are for sale from those who have released their completed designs to the public, and here are some of our favorites.

3D Printed Flintlock Foam Blaster

The flintlock pistol has been retro and steampunk staples for years. Thanks to this designer, these pistols are usable as Nerf guns.

3D Printed Flintlock Foam Blaster

Perfect for both playtime and cosplays, this elegant design wouldn’t look out of place framed above a fireplace.

These 3D printed Nerf gun files aren’t free, but one look at the design and the $17 price tag will look well worth it.

Hyperfire Bakku-Shan Suppressor

This barrel extension is a 3D printed attachment for the Nerf Hyperfire. This extension is sleek, cool, and of very high quality.

3D Printed Nerf Gun Barrel Extension Suppressor

The Etsy reviews are off the charts, with 4.9-5 star ratings across the board from buyers who would happily recommend it to any fellow Nerf afficionados.

Rapidstrike Sniper Converter

The Rapidstrike Nerf gun model is a formidable part of any Nerf enthusiast’s arsenal. And this multi-piece modification turns it into an extremely cool looking Nerf sniper rifle.

Rapidstrike Sniper Mod

While quite pricey at around $313, this solid Nerf attachment comes with a mount, a suppressor, a laser-guided aiming system with an included lithium battery, and a dozen other pieces that make this anything but a simple Nerf gun modification.

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