Creality’s K1 series 3D printers have set off a huge craze among consumers since early 2023, owing to their 600mm/s super speed and out-of-the-box experience.

Half a year later, Creality brings yet another pacesetter – the K1C, which upgrades the popular K1 with a reliable extrusion system, better filament compatibility, an AI camera, an air filter, and much more. This new prosumer machine is the true champion of speed and skills.

Optimized Printhead for Carbon Fiber Printing

K1C features an all-metal extruder kit, boasting 1000h clog-free extrusion. Enhanced by a bolster spring and a ball plunger, the extruder gives a tight grip on the filament that won’t slacken off.

At the same time, the “Unicorn” nozzle integrated with heat break blocks heat creep and can be swapped easily with one hand. Even better, the nozzle is tipped with hardened steel.

So, it can handle carbon fiber-filled filaments such as PLA-CF and PETG-CF, which are widely used in industrial printing for their mechanical strength and dimensional stability. Fairly speaking, K1C is as capable as a professional 3D printer.

K1C takes the excellent cooling system of K1 even further. The hotend and part cooling fans on the printhead are now dynamically balanced so they are less likely to wobble, minimizing ringing or ghosting.

Out of the Box Experience Without Letdowns

K1C is pre-assembled for plug-and-play. The boot-up guide operates as if you are turning on a new smartphone. Then, the auto-calibration gets leveling, and everything else is ready for you. No more frustrating paper test.

To let more users enjoy the power of artificial intelligence, K1C comes standard with an AI camera that can watch over the printing for you and will actively alert you if an error occurs. It is also great for real-time monitoring and time-lapse filming.

K1C promises an utterly enjoyable printing experience. Whenever you want quiet, just switch to the silent mode where the noise is less than 45dB, only as loud as turning pages in a book.

Meanwhile, the built-in active carbon filter purifies compounds and particles arising from molten filaments. So, users can be reassured to live and work day and night in the same place with their K1C. 

Did we mention that when an individual print fails in batch-printing, you can simply exclude it from the batch, so other prints can continue without being affected? That’s another amazing feature.

The printer is also more secure with the damper hinge and pre-installed damping pads. K1C is just like a considerate friend. It won’t bother you when you are bent on other things. But when you need its support, it will spare no effort.

Superb Hardware & Software Ecosystem 

K1C has a lot of quality optional accessories. Both the hardware and software of K1C are open-source. The Creality OS, based on Klipper, enables advanced functions like linear advance and allows anyone to customize it. Besides, the Creality Print slicer features smart cooling, optimal retraction, slim tree supports, etc. It also allows users to manage a print farm efficiently over LAN. With Creality Cloud, you can get a vast number of free 3D models and enjoy cloud printing. 

Availability and Pricing

The K1C 3D printer will be available for preorder on 25 Jan through Creality Store, Amazon, and authorized overseas distributors starting from USD 559/GBP 539/EUR 599 on Creality Store, with a 5% discount across all channels including the Store and Amazon.

For more information, please visit Creality Store:

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