Anycubic recently announced the launch of their newest resin 3D printer – the Photon Mono M5s Pro. As a leader in desktop stereolithography 3D printing, Anycubic aims to improve the user experience further and print quality with this new release.

Resin 3D printing provides unrivaled precision and detail, but can be more tricky than FDM for novice makers. The Photon Mono M5s Pro incorporates upgrades that enhance performance and ease of use and satisfy advanced users. Let’s explore the key features of this winter-ready 3D printer.

Conquering Cold Temps with Integrated Air Heater & Purifier

Anycubic Photon Mono M5s Pro simplifies the resin printing experience. Designed to withstand winter challenges, this 3D printer introduces several upgrades that enhance performance, ease of use, and overall user satisfaction.

Temperature control is critical for resin prints, but cold weather can hinder results. If the temperature in the printing environment isn’t ideal for resin curing, it can significantly impact the printing results.

The M5s Pro’s integrated Air Heater & Purifier module maintains ideal resin curing temps above 20°C. Crafted from fire-resistant materials, this enclosed system also features a dedicated purification mode to absorb resin odors for a comfortable printing environment effectively.

This module integrates air heating with purification, providing independent control and easy installation to cater to users’ varying needs across seasons. 

Smart Detection Safeguards Prints and Boosts Efficiency

Failed prints can be frustrating and waste resources. Since we often cannot monitor the entire printing process in person, receiving immediate notifications when issues arise is crucial for optimizing printing efficiency. 

The M5s Pro aims to prevent this through smart detection that identifies common issues like print-dropping and stops the print. An AI algorithm also automatically adjusts the peeling height for faster prints and better success rates. Together, these features optimize efficiency.

Cutting-edge 14K Resolution for Incredible Precision

At the core of the Mono M5s Pro is the 10.1” monochrome 14K LCD, boasting an extraordinary resolution of 13312×5120 and 16.8 x 24.8μm XY resolution comparable to the thickness of a single strand of hair. With improved light uniformity of 85%, it captures intricate details only visible at near microscopic levels and ensures the reproduction of the smallest details and sharp edges.

High Speed with Great Performance

With an average print speed of up to 105mm/h, the Photon Mono M5s Pro achieves remarkable performance. The adoption of a third-generation high-speed ACF film reduces peeling force, enhances success rates, and improves lifting speed by lowering the peeling height.

Leveling-Free Design Enhances Simplicity

Manual print bed leveling can be tedious. The M5s Pro simplifies setup with automatic leveling via floating platform technology and internal sensors. It self-adjusts for uniform printing without user intervention.

Intuitive Controls via Updated Anycubic App

The Anycubic App, now updated for the M5s Pro, simplifies 3D printing with one-touch functionality. Access a vast library of popular model STL files, one-touch slicing, and an intelligent task viewing feature. The app also includes a practical help center, offering user-friendly guides and solutions.

The Anycubic Photon Mono M5s Pro embodies Anycubic’s commitment to enhancing your 3D printing experience. In the realm of resin printing, Anycubic strives to provide more than just a 3D printer—it’s a tool that cares about your overall satisfaction. The focus is on delivering printers of excellent quality and ease of use, aiming to make 3D printing accessible and enjoyable for all users.

The Photon Mono M5s Pro is available for pre-order now, with deliveries starting in March 2024. Pricing starts at $459. Get all the details at

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