As 3D printing has evolved and developed, it has become far more affordable for the average household. What was once considered expensive is now a popular hobby for creators all over the world.

The Geeetech Alkaid is an LCD light-curing resin printer priced at an astoundingly cheap $99, making it one of the cheapest 3D printers in the world. Finding a 3D printer for under $200 is rare enough, but under $100 is almost unheard of.

Geeetech Alkaid Specs

It’s understandable, however, that such a low price tag may worry you. Surely such a cheap price must come at the sacrifice of quality?

So here we’re going to look at the Geeetech Alkaid resin printer, what it can do, and why you shouldn’t be concerned about the very low cost.


The Geeetech Alkaid resin printer isn’t just affordable, it’s also easy to use. Complete beginners to 3D printing should have no problem setting up and printing with the Alkaid.

The touchscreen controls are clearly marked, making it easy for anyone to plan and adjust their prints.

High-Quality Prints

The Alkaid 3D printer lives up to resin printing’s reputation for high-quality, accurately detailed prints. The XY resolution has a 0.05mm accuracy, which is almost as accurate as the Elegoo Mars 3 at 0.035mm, despite being much cheaper.

High Resolution prints

This means that you can expect similar same print quality and resolution from the $99 Geeetech Alkaid as you can from printers two or three times the price. This is a great choice if you’re on a budget or simply don’t want to spend too much on your first resin printer.

Example Print Quality

As well as this heightened accuracy, the printer cover is a professional-grade UV blocking system, which not only prevents over 99% of the UV light from escaping the machine, but also stops external UV sources from affecting the print.

Reliably Built

The Geeetech Alkaid is built not only to last, but to stay reliable and durable, print after print. Its heat dissipation system ensures no one area gets too hot at any one time during printing, and the upgraded cooling fan helps make sure the resin is cooled and solidified in good time to reduce the risk of warped or overly melted models.


Because of these features, the Alkaid can reliably print up to 30mm/h. While this isn’t as fast as more expensive resin printers, it’s still a good enough speed for most hobbyists.

Build Area

Despite the incredibly low price, the Geeetech Alkaid still boasts ample space for printing several miniatures at once. 

The 82 x 130 x 190mm build area means you’ll still be able to print a wide variety of models without concern. While not the largest resin printer by any means, you still won’t be too limited by the tiny space you’d expect from a 3D printer under $100.

Final Word

The Geeetech Alkaid LCD light curing resin 3D printer has all the features and reliability you can expect from a printer thrice its price. For $99, it’s an absolute steal and makes the perfect first printer for hobbyists, or a good – albeit small – addition to a growing tech collection.

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