Win a Resin 3D Printer By Answering A 3D Printing Questionnaire (& $5 Free 3D Model For Completing)

Are you a big 3D printer user, or are you a fan, but haven’t owned a 3D printer yet?

This questionnaire is designed to understand your wants, needs, and helps 3D printer manufacturers create products designed to solve your problems and create better prints than ever before.

What’s more, everyone who completes this short questionnaire gets a free $5-valued 3D file they can download and 3D print, with other random draw prizes including:

  • 2 x resin 3D printers!
  • 20 x random color resin (500g)
  • 20 x random color filaments (500g)
  • Guaranteed $5-valued 3D model you can download.

If you join the 3D printing global Facebook group, the winners will be announced there before the end of May 2022.

Here’s the link to the questionnaire: