From Captain America’s vibranium shield to Frodo Baggins’ Sting, nothing makes a fictional fighter quite as memorable as a unique weapon. Perhaps the most recognizable of these weapons is the lightsaber, the famed swords of the Star Wars franchise.

Just about anyone who watched Star Wars growing up turned a mop handle or stick into a lightsaber for pretend play, at least until we could convince our parents to get us one of those retractable toys.

Luke 3

3D printing lightsabers and lightsaber hilts is a fantastic way to recreate your favorite of the many different kinds of laser sword used throughout the Star Wars universe. It will surprise no fan to know that there’s a lot of variety to choose from.

So whether you have a favorite character whose lightsaber you want to hold in your hand, or you simply have a preferred design, here we’re going to look at the best and coolest 3D printed lightsabers to help you bring balance to the force.

Please note that this article will contain major spoilers for Star Wars Episodes I – IX and The Clone Wars. You have been warned!

Can You 3D Print a Lightsaber?

Yes, 3D printing a lightsaber is a very doable project, and a great way to pay homage to your favorite styles or characters. While you won’t be carving up metal doors or deflecting laser blasts anytime soon, 3D printing lightsabers – specifically lightsaber hilts – is as simple as it is cool.

While you will likely need different colored filaments to get the look you want, 3D printing a lightsaber is a fun project for any Star Wars fan.

Skywalker Family Lightsabers

The Skywalker family is easily the most notable group in the entire Star Wars franchise. Anankin’s mother Shmi implied that his conception was immaculate, meaning he was a child of the force.

The Skywalker legacy would go on to be as significant as it was heartbreaking, and each family member’s actions and influence over the nine main episodes and extended universe are not to be overlooked.

The Skywalker family wielded several weapons over the three main generations, and every one of them is available as a 3D printed lightsaber you can make today.

The Skywalker Lightsaber

  • Where to Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: JoeSnuffie
  • Price: Free
3D Printed Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber

It may seem odd to begin this list with the second lightsaber wielded by Anakin Skywalker, but it is the very first lightsaber we see in Star Wars when it’s given to Luke by Obi-Wan Kenobi (AKA Ben) in Episode IV.

Wielded by both Luke and his father before being lost, it was later acquired by Rey who repaired and wielded the sword until bequeathing it to its rightful owner Ben Solo, thus returning it to a Skywalker.

Its final resting place was buried alongside Leia’s lightsaber on Tatooine, former home of both Luke and Anakin, reuniting the family at last. A fitting end for one heck of a legacy.

Naturally, the Skywalker Lightsaber is one of the most storied sabers in the entire franchise, making it an excellent beginning for anyone looking to 3D print their own cosmic arsenals.

Luke’s Lightsaber

  • Where to Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: tyler_158
  • Price: Free
Luke 2

Luke’s second lightsaber, constructed for his training after losing his father’s in Episode V, is the iconic green saber remembered by all as Luke Skywalker’s ultimate weapon. As a 3D printed lightsaber, it is a little trickier than the Skywalker saber because of its intricate design and rather odd shape.

First revealed in Episode VI, Luke’s new lightsaber symbolized his journey to becoming his own master, completing his journey by becoming the hero he dreamed he would be back during his days on the farm.

Because of the unique coloring and shape, you will need to be prepared to paint and assemble the pieces after printing, so make sure you have some good glue handy and the right paints to get the look just right.

Leia’s Lightsaber

  • Where to Download: CGTrader
  • Designer: Folky-Patrol
  • Price: $9.80
Leia's Lightsaber

Leia Skywalker Organa Solo (who happens to be my favorite character) is an often-overlooked force user, but her deep connection and innate grasp of the force was arguably more profound than her brother’s, especially given her natural talent for sense and meditation that Luke struggled to master.

Despite her connection to the force, Leia wasn’t as talented with a sword as her father, brother, or son, though she still was able to wield her lightsaber with some skill when the situation called for it.

Finally, she bequeathed her lightsaber to Rey in a heartwarming display of faith in the young fighter, and it was carried into the final battle in Episode IX before being interred on the Lars Moisture Farm, the final resting place of the legendary family.

The sleek design and elegant look, matching her regal status even as a military general, makes it a very attractive 3D printed lightsaber that’s a cool print but also a heartbreaking one as we remember Leia’s sacrifice as well as the passing of legendary actor Carrie Fisher.

Darth Vader’s Lightsaber

  • Where to Download: Cults3D
  • Price: ~$5
3D Printed Lightsaber Darth Vader

The third and final lightsaber wielded by Anakin Skywalker (AKA Darth Vader) differs from the others in both design and color. The blade was red, as most Sith sabers are, and the design is practically modeled after Vader’s cyborg body itself.

This lightsaber was used by Vader right up until his death on the second Death Star, sacrificing himself to save his son in the last act of a redemption story that’s already gone down in cinema history.

The files for this 3D printed lightsaber are scaled from the movies, making it an accurate and detailed model that will satisfy any fan. It’s also equipped for LED insertion to make it more dynamic and fun after printing, perfect for decoration, play, or cosplay.

It has even been designed to hold a metal rod within the hilt to add more heft, making it feel even more like a real lightsaber!

While not the last lightsaber to be wielded by a Skywalker, this lightsaber helped mark the end of the struggle that had gone on for generations, ending the original trilogy in a victory for the rebels.

Unique Lightsabers

While most lightsabers have their own individual design quirks, some really stand out. Whether they have odd hilts, multiple blades, or just different colors, there are quite a few that are immediately recognizable as belonging to a particular wielder.

Here are some of the really cool and unique 3D printed lightsabers from across the franchise.

Darth Maul’s Dual Lightsaber

  • Where to Download: Cults3D
  • Price: ~$7
3D Printed Lightsaber Darth Maul

I don’t know about you, but when I was a child and witnessed the reveal of the dual lightsaber for the first time, unveiled perfectly with the amazing Duel of Fates track, I just about lost my young mind. That moment remains one of my favorite movie moments of all time to this very day.

Darth Maul’s dual lightsaber was an incredible reveal just about unheard of in Star Wars cannon at the time. Far from the standard single-blade affairs we had seen up until then, this formidable weapon and its equally terrifying wielder made the climactic fight of Episode I an exciting watch.

The link above includes the two main lightsabers Darth Maul was seen using, his signature dual saber from The Phantom Menace, and also his upgraded version from his late appearance in The Clone Wars. Both are scaled based on their on-screen appearances and concept art, making them ideal for cosplay.

Mace Windu’s Purple Lightsaber

  • Where to Download: MyMiniFactory
  • Designer: Brad Harris
  • Price: Free
Mace Windu Lightsaber

Jedi master and member of the High Council, Mace Windu is a very interesting character as he seems as wise as he is powerful, making him a force to be reckoned with both physically and intellectually.

Even though his general hatred for politics and mistrust of politicians arguably helped Darth Sidious successfully turn the galaxy against the Jedi, thus creating the Empire, it’s still easy to see why he was given a unique lightsaber that’s recognizable to fans.

The shape and design of this lightsaber aren’t the only things that make it a stand-out weapon, Windu is also the only Jedi in the entire franchise to own a purple blade. While his legacy ended too soon at the hands of Anakin and Palpatine, his lightsaber is still a favorite among fans today.

Fun fact, did you know that Samuel L. Jackson himself requested this lightsaber be purple so he could find himself in battle scenes? They obliged because they agreed that Windu was the ‘second baddest Jedi’ around.

Count Dooku’s Curved Hilt Lightsaber

  • Where to Download: MyMiniFactory
  • Designer: Brad Harris
  • Price: Free
Count Dooku 3D Printed Lightsaber

An interesting choice for lightsaber aesthetics, Count Dooku (portrayed by the legendary Christopher Lee) has a rather unique lightsaber hilt in that it’s curved into a shallow U-shape. While not the only curved-hilt lightsaber in the series, it was among the first to be seen. Dooku apparently even had one as a Jedi before betraying the Order.

Supposedly, the shape of the hit aids in versatility of movement, making lunging and deflecting more precise.

This odd hilt was particularly vexing when I had Star Wars Lego sets, as the little Dooku figurine could only hold the lightsaber blade at an awkward angle. This made reenacting my favorite fights kind of frustrating.

Fortunately, humans are more articulate than Lego people, so 3D printing this lightsaber shouldn’t lead to the same problems. Despite it only getting two memorable uses in the movies, Dooku’s lightsaber hilt had an odd enough shape to be known throughout the fandom.

Created by the same designer as the 3D printed Mace Windu lightsaber, these files are reliable, well-made, and highly detailed to be movie accurate.

Kylo Ren’s Crossguard Lightsaber

  • Where to Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: Magnavis
  • Price: Free
Kylo 2

Despite the word ‘knight’ being thrown around a lot in the Star Wars scripts, lightsabers don’t exactly bring to mind the weapons of the protectors and crusaders we often associate with the word. This all changed in Episode VII when the Knights of Ren leader Kylo Ren (AKA Ben Solo) reveals his own Sith lightsaber, including a stylish crossguard.

This new look and seemingly patchwork design was both a callback to the ancient lightsabers used in the Great Scourge of Malachor when the Jedi and Sith were at war. It’s also because the Kyber crystal – effectively the source of a lightsaber’s power – within was cracked, meaning the hilt needed extra exhausts to balance its unstable power.

Kylo Ren Lightsaber

The lightsaber itself was used as a symbol of Kylo’s corruption, as his eventual discarding of the sword in favor of the Skywalker Lightsaber turned the malicious and bitter Kylo Ren into the caring and newly redeemed Ben Solo once more.

The very cool design is great as a 3D printed lightsaber, and I chose this particular design not only because it’s free, but because it was modeled to be movie accurate with its exposed parts and wires. All-in-all, this knightly lightsaber is one that fits well into any kind of Star Wars cosplay.

Lightsaber Sandbox

  • Where to Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: BUISSONLAND
  • Price: ~$20
3D Printed Lightsabers

While 3D printing lightsabers as replicas of your favorites from the Star Wars franchise does make for fun and rewarding projects, sometimes you want something that’s uniquely your own. If you’re not of the creative mind to make one from scratch, then you’ll have a great time with these mix-and-match lightsaber sandbox prints.

The 39 individual parts all fit together however you like, making for dozens of potential matches for custom lightsabers, allowing you to create something uniquely yours.

So whether you want your own 3D printed lightsaber unlike any other, or simply want to test out different combinations, these files are well worth the low price. The designer even offers to add personal engravings to the files if you contact them!

Bonus: Lightsaber Chopsticks

  • Where to Download: CGTrader
  • Designer: underworld365
  • Price: $3.00
3D Printed Lightsaber Chopsticks

There’s no shortage of Star Wars merchandise, and there likely never will be. Action figures, bedsheets, even crockery and kitchenware can be easily found sporting a likeness of Yoda’s face.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no point in making your own cool-looking Star Wars-themed additions to your home. As far as 3D printed lightsabers go, the most fun ones I found were these lightsaber chopsticks!

With one as a standard Jedi hilt and blue blade, and the other in the Sith’s iconic red and black, printing out and preparing several sets allows you and your dinner guests to mix and match however they like!

Before printing these chopsticks, however, I recommend checking out our article on food-safe filaments to make sure you’re staying safe when using them.

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