3D printing car accessories lets you customize your car and improve your driving experience with practical additions like air fresheners. Some simple modifications like cup-holders help keep your car clean, while phone and tablet holders are great for navigation and entertaining passengers on longer drives.

Double cup holder

In this article, we’re going to show you some of the coolest and most unique 3D printed car accessories to personalize your vehicle and improve your time going from A to B.

All of the free STL files we’ll see today are simple and can be made on standard home 3D printers, meaning you’ll have no trouble making any of them regardless of your skill level.

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My Favorite 3D Printed Car Accessories

3D Printed Car Accessories You Can Make Yourself

Cup Holder

While almost any car on the market today will come with cup holders, they’re normally made to a standard size that just doesn’t fit the larger drinks.

3D printed car accessory cup holder

This 3D printed cup holder was designed to be customizable and fit any size drink into any standard car cup holder. It’s the perfect print suitable for those of you who’ve risked keeping your drink uncomfortably between your knees.

If you want more practicality, then why not check out this handy cup holder organizer from Printables, or this secure two-cup holder from Cults3D?

Cup Holder Chewing Gum Box

If added space for drinks isn’t a priority for you, then maybe you’ll instead love this 3D printed chewing gum box seat gap organizer design. It’s made to fit into your car’s cup holder as a cute little container to store your various sweets.

3D printed car accessory gum and candy container

This handy model will make sure your gum and breath mints are kept clean and handy regardless of where you’re going. Printing them in different colors will help you remember what candies go where as well as making for a great car decoration.

Gas Cap Tether

The gas cap tether print is a must for those of you with older cars that may need some TLC.

3D printed gas cap tether

Gas cap tethers are very important to make sure the lid doesn’t get lost and expose your car’s inner workings from being exposed to water, debris, or the risk of fuel leakage that could lead to long-term damage.

There are plenty of reasons why keeping your gas cap secure is important, which is why this replacement gas cap tether model is perfect for keeping it where it needs to be. While it is designed for a Honda, you can easily rescale the tether in your preferred slicer to fit your particular car model.

Gravity-Powered Phone Holder

This 3D printed car accessory works with gravity to keep your phone held in place in motion so you can easily read the satnav, listen to music, or see who’s calling while on the road.

The phone holder’s grip automatically releases your phone when the car comes to a stop, a super cool feature made possible by 3D printing.

If you want something a little simpler, you can find plenty of basic smartphone holder designs like this one from Thingiverse, which also doubles as a handy headrest cup holder to avoid spillages.

Mini Car Trashcan

No one likes a messy car, and keeping yours clean is a matter of pride whether you’re a driving enthusiast or you just don’t want to be embarrassed next time it’s your turn to carpool. This 3D printed car accessory is a simple dedicated mini trash container in which to throw your used gum, old chip wrappers, or even cigarette butts.

The link above is just one example of this simple and practical 3D printed car trashcan. I find it especially useful as an ashtray to save cigarettes being thrown out the window.

Handy Bag Hanger

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: MUZZ64

Regardless of what you’re grabbing from the store, no one wants their groceries to be rolling around while you drive.

bag holder car headrest

These bag holders are 3D printed car accessories that keep your shopping upright and unmoving while you’re in motion, keeping your shopping where it needs to be to stop problems caused by jostling about on the road. The hangers attach securely to any car seat.

Tablet Holder

This 3D printed tablet holder mounts to the back of the diver or passenger seat, and is perfect for keeping kids entertained on long drives.

3d printed car ipad holder

This bracket is designed to be universal, fitting almost any tablet securely. It’s an easy print that’s simple and quick to both make and assemble, but don’t forget to measure your car’s headrests before you print to ensure a comfortable fit.

Handy Seat Belt Retainer

seat belt clip

Getting your seat belt caught is a frustrating experience that no one likes. One of the most sanity-saving 3D printed car accessories out there is this great seat belt clasp that keeps the strip in the right place, preventing your seat belts from getting tangled.

Photo Holder

Whether you’re on a business trip or a long-haul driver, there are plenty of 3D printed car accessories to keep your loved ones in view at all times, like this cool customizable photo holder.

car photo hanger

The print-in-place holder can be hung from your rearview mirror and modified to fit any size photo you’d like.

Air Freshener

Sometimes the aircon your car vents provide simply doesn’t do the trick, and once the new car smell inevitably fades you’re going to want to replace it with something different. This interior car fan made as both aircon booster and air freshener to keep your car smelling great!

3D printed car accessory air freshener

This simple but unique 3D printed car air freshener is designed to be swabbed with your preferred scented oil and attached directly to your car’s aircon unit. Once the air is flowing, the fan will help disperse the pleasing smell throughout your car and make drive time more relaxing for you.

Personally, I prefer vanilla, but of course, you can always choose your own favorite. The best part is, when you want to change scents all you need to do is wash the fan off and re-dab it with whichever oil you like! The model’s curved shape even makes it completely safe for use while driving, so you won’t hurt yourself on the ‘blades’.

Honorable Mention: 3D Printed Car Accessories for The Ford Maverick Pickup

Learn More: Ford

In response to the growing trend of people using 3D printed car accessories to enhance their vehicles, Ford designed their Maverick Pickup with what they call the Ford Integrated Tether System, or FITS.

This system is designed to house both official Ford add-ons as well as home 3D printed parts. By using Ford’s official STL files, or simply ensuring your builds are made with the matching attachment, you can fit any number of 3D printed car accessories into the Maverick without having to make any serious alterations to your car.

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