There are currently three Flsun 3D printers on the market.

Each model is equally impressive in its own right, specializing in speed, power, or accuracy. So it’s a little tricky to know which one you should add to your cart.

Here we’re going to look at Flsun’s small but impressive range of 3D printers to help you decide which is right for you.

At a Glance

Flsun’s 3D printers are all delta 3D printers, meaning they have three supports instead of the standard two. This design reduces shaking while printing to prevent warping and disfigurement.

The frames of each are also all-metal, making them very sturdy 3D printers overall.

Each model comes semi-assembled, so they’re easy to put together and ideal for beginners, so if you’re new to 3D printing then you’ll have no trouble setting a Flsun 3D printer up right out of the box.

Flsun Printers 2

Accessibility is further guaranteed through the easy set-up, beginner-friendly interface, and multilingual touchscreens available with each model.

Essentially, even the most advanced Flsun 3D printer offers a smooth setup and easy use, so there’s no need to be intimidated by better specs if you’re not used to them.

When it comes to Flsun 3D printers, the name of the game is speed.

Even their slower models, the Q5 and QQ-S Pro, are capable of printing up to 120mm/s and 170mm/s respectively. And that’s not even mentioning the Super Racer, which prints at a whopping 200mm/s.

This speed is in thanks to them being delta 3D printers.

Flsun 3D Printers

Each model has auto-leveling and print resuming as standard, and they all look fairly alike. You’d be forgiven for not really seeing where the models differ at a glance, so here we’re going to look at what makes each one special.

Flsun Q5

  • Price: $252.99 (Available Here)
  • Build Volume: 200 x 200mm
  • Max Print Speed: 120mm/s
  • Compatible Materials: PLA, ABS, and PETG
  • Connectivity: USB and TF Card
  • Ideal For: Hobbyists on a budget
The Flsun Q5 2


A well-rounded machine that’s highly accessible.

An impressive 3D printer for under $300.

Large build volume and automatic bed leveling.


Fairly basic as FLSUN printers go.

Beginning with the first in Flsun’s 3D printer line, the Q5 is a well-rounded machine that’s highly accessible to beginners on a budget or those of you who simply want a good printer for simple projects.

For under $300, the Flsun Q5 is an impressive 3D printer.

With a large build volume and automatic bed leveling, it’s sure to meet the needs of any of you who are looking for your first FDM 3D printer without any confusing additions.

Large enough to handle some decently sized projects, and fast enough so as not to keep you waiting, the Q5 is a good choice for anyone who wants a good, high quality FDM printer that stays reliable without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

Flsun Q5 starting a project

Impressive as the Q5 is in general, it’s fairly basic as far as Flsun 3D printers go.

If you want something more powerful, larger, or faster, then you’ll want to look at their other models instead. If, however, you’re on a budget or otherwise don’t need anything too flashy, then the Flsun Q5 is definitely for you.

Flsun QQ-S Pro

  •  Price: $339 (Available Here)
  • Build Volume: 255 x 365mm
  • Max Print Speed: 120mm/s
  • Compatible Materials: PLA, ABS, and PETG
  • Connectivity: USB, SD Card, and Wi-Fi
  • Ideal For: Small Business Owners and Dedicated Enthusiasts
Flsun QQ-S Pro 3D Printer


Larger and faster than the FLSUN Q5.

Upgraded build volume and motherboard.

Good maximum print speed of 170mm/s.


Not the fastest FLSUN 3D printer.

The simplest way to describe the Flsun QQ-S Pro is by saying it’s a larger, faster version of the Flsun Q5.

With an upgraded build volume and 32-bit motherboard, the QQ-S Pro is ideal for those of you who want to work on larger 3D printing projects and don’t want to sacrifice detail for size.

The improved print speed is also ideal if you find the average FDM printer takes far too long.

This makes the Flsun QQ-S Pro the perfect machine if you’re looking for something a little bigger, or use your 3D printer to make money and need a faster turnover without diminishing your product quality.

While the maximum print speed of 170mm/s is a great feature, if you’ve got 3D printing experience then you’ll know all too well that these speeds tend to lead to less detailed prints.

In this case, you’ll be happy to know that the Flsun QQ-S Pro still produces high-quality prints even at around 100mm/s. This speed is still much faster than the average FDM printer at this price.

The QQS-Pro 2 starting a project

Fortunately for you 3D printing business owners, the QQ-S Pro’s size doesn’t lessen its accuracy.

The print quality is comparable to that of mid-level resin printers, which are known for their finer detailing, and all with a very affordable price tag.

If printing speed is your top priority, however, then you’re much better off looking to the Flsun Super Racer, one of the fastest FDM printers on the market at this price.

Flsun Super Racer

  • Price: $459 (Available Here)
  • Build Volume: 260 x 260 x 330mm
  • Max Print Speed: 200mm/s
  • Compatible Materials: PLA, ABS, and PETG
  • Connectivity: SD Card and USB
  • Ideal For: Enthusiasts who prize speed over Wi-Fi connectivity
Flsun Super Racer 3D Printer


One of the fastest FDM printers around.

Quiet operation of under 50db.


Not as big as the FLSUN QQ-S Pro.

Speaking of speed, the Flsun Super Racer (SR for short) lives up to its name by being one of the fastest FDM printers around.

At 200mm/s, you won’t be kept waiting around for your projects to be ready to use and display.

More than being fast, the SR is also very quiet for a 3D printer of this caliber. At under 50db, no louder than someone talking over a TV show, it won’t disturb you while it does its thing.

Resolution-wise, the SR is capable of making top-quality prints as fast as 150mm/s, 1/3 faster than getting the same results from the QQ-S Pro.

As well as its advanced speed and noise reduction, the Flsun SR has a build volume not much smaller than that of the QQ-S Pro. This effectively means that which of these two models you get depends on which you prioritize more, size or speed.

Flsun 3

These two factors are largely what the educated coin-toss between the machines comes to. If you want larger projects and don’t mind more of a wait, then the more expensive and smaller SR isn’t worth it to you.

But if you don’t mind the smaller size and need high-quality prints to be done yesterday, then you’re much better off opting for the Flsun Super Racer.

Our Verdict

Each of the Flsun 3D printers are more than worth their very low cost.

They’re all beginner-friendly, easy to use, and low maintenance machines that will fit well into any workspace, regardless of your experience with 3D printing.

While it is clear to see where each of the Flsun 3D printers excels over its siblings, it’s understandable if you’re still not sure which is the right model for you.

Here we’ll look at a more concise rundown of when you should opt for each model in the Flsun line.

When to Buy the Flsun Q5

The Flsun Q5 is especially ideal if, throughout this article, you’ve found the QQ-S Pro and SR to be a little too much.

Simply put, it’s the 3D printer to go for if you have only the most basic of needs.

That’s not to say that the Q5 is a low-level 3D printer at all. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find an FDM printer at this speed and quality at such a low price, especially one with automatic bed leveling.

If you’re on a budget or simply have no need to pay extra for the size and speed of the QQ-S Pro and SR, then the Q5 is the Flsun 3D printer for you.

A close up of the Flsun Q5

When to Buy the Flsun QQ-S Pro

If you’re in the market for an FDM 3D printer for larger projects, then the QQ-S Pro will be your go-to.

It’s the largest of the Flsun 3D printers and has a surprisingly fast print speed for a machine under $300.

I personally recommend the Flsun QQ-S Pro if you run a business that uses 3D printing. The speed and detail of the designs make for rapid turnover of products and pieces so you can keep yourself well and quickly stocked without sacrificing quality.

That’s not to say that personal users won’t get any use out of the QQ-S Pro, though. If you have the extra money to spend and want something a little beefier than the Q5, then the QQ-S pro should be what goes in your basket.

That is, of course, only if you’re not interested in the speed of the SR.

When to Buy the Flsun Super Racer

Simply put, the Super Racer should be what you opt for if you value speed over anything else.

While it has a smaller build volume than its predecessor, the difference is negligible if you don’t have bigger projects in mind.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the Flsun SR is more costly than its siblings.

If you don’t need or particularly want the extra speed, or if you want higher detail and believe you’ll just end up reducing the maximum print speed anyway, then it’s not worth the extra cost.

Overall, the Super Racer is a quality machine, but like avoiding the extra charge for priority boarding on a plane, there’s no real need to flash the extra cash if you’re in no particular rush.

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