Longer have released some of the most popular affordable 3D printers on the market today. With a range of both FDM and resin printers available at very affordable prices, Longer 3D printers make up places in many of the best-selling lists for 3D printers online, and when we were given a chance to test one of their most popular printers, the Longer LK5 Pro, for ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity.

But first, here’s a quick intro to the printer and its specs, as well as its price range and who we think would enjoy it.

What is the Longer LK5 Pro?

The LK5 Pro is their largest and most advanced 3D printer in Longer’s library, and is an excellent example of a 3D printer that’s versatile and easy to use for either beginners or as an educating tool.

Complete with a large touchscreen and stable frame, the LK5 Pro is a quiet but powerful printer that holds up against other FDM printers at a price that’s unbeatable for what it can do.

We at 3DSourced had the pleasure of receiving an LK5 Pro to try out for ourselves, and we’re going to look at what it is and what it can do.

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Longer LK5 Pro Main Specs

Longer LK5 Pro Price: $319.99 Available on Longer’s Official Store here

Longer LK5 Pro Build Volume: 300 x 300 x 400mm

How Long Does it Take to Build the Longer LK5 Pro?: Under 20 Minutes

Max Nozzle Temperature: 250℃

Building the Longer LK5 Pro

The LK5 Pro comes mostly assembled, and building it out of the box is no more complicated than putting together flatpack furniture.

The instructions included with the LK5 Pro are simple and clear, and Longer also has a tutorial video on YouTube if you need any extra help.

Included in the box are all the tools you’ll need to put the LK5 Pro together, all carefully labeled and easy to keep organized. This means you’ll spend more time using your new 3D printer, and less time ripping your hair out trying to find the right screws.

LK5 Pro Gantry

Finding the right way to attach the gantry to the x-axis beam was a little tricky at first, but with enough glances at the quick setup guide and confirmation through the tutorial video, it was simple to figure out.

The only real hurdle was attaching the gantry to the base, which was a little difficult to do solo, as it involved holding the gantry up while screwing it to the base. While you can put it together on your own, having a friend or partner help with this will make this step a lot easier.

From there, it was simply a matter of installing the filament holder and support rods for mid-print stability, and then setting up the touch screen, both of which were easy and intuitive.

Overall, the assembly only took about 20 minutes for someone less than handy, but experienced builders will find the process much faster.

Longer LK5 Pro Pros

Sturdy and Reliable

The LK5 Pro is designed with a triangle frame to reinforce the printer and keep it steady while printing. This strong, stable build prevents any vibrations or other factors affecting print quality, and helped with the print quality we achieved.

Fast Assembly

Despite one or two slightly tricky steps, assembling the LK5 Pro is quick and simple, with instructions even total beginners can follow with ease. Overall, the machine comes out of the box 90% assembled, so you won’t have to spend your whole afternoon putting it together.

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Large Build Volume

With a build volume of 300 x 300 x 400mm, the LK5 Pro can print some of the largest designs out there. It’s an impressive build volume for an FDM printer at this price, and those of you looking to print models of all kinds of shapes and sizes will be very happy with the LK5 Pro.

This competes directly with the Creality CR-10, a hugely popular desktop home 3D printer with a similarly large build volume.

Suitable for Beginners and Veterans

The LK5 Pro is very easy to assemble, set up, and use. The included software is very intuitive and explained very well to those who are new to 3D printing.

For experienced 3D printing designers, the LK5 Pro is open-source, meaning you can add whatever modifications and enhancements you like to get the most out of your machine.

Clog-resistant Nozzle

The LK5 Pro’s feeding mechanism includes a Teflon tube capable of withstanding temperatures up to 280℃. This heat resilience means more reliable printing over long periods of time with a reduced risk of nozzle clogging.


The sturdiness of the XYZ axis and heat-resistant tubing means the LK5 Pro is incredibly quiet during printing, which is great news for night owls who want to get printing late at night.

LK5 Pro Review Close Up

Longer LK5 Pro Cons

No Wi-fi Connection

The LK5 Pro only connects via USB or the included TF card. While this involves more manual work than printing over WiFi it isn’t a deal-breaker, you’ll just need to transfer your STL files from your 3D slicer to the card, and then insert it into the Longer LK5.

Open Build Area

The LK5 Pro does not come with an enclosed print area, meaning it can be susceptible to external variables that could increase the chances of warped prints.

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Manual Leveling

The bed leveling is not automatic, meaning you will have to do it manually. While not a deal-breaker, this can be a pain, especially if you’re used to printers with automatic leveling.

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Difficult to Build Alone

As simple as the assembly was, doing it solo felt more difficult than it should have been. Screwing in the gantry was finicky with only two hands. So while it’s a snap for two people, it’ll take a little longer if you’re planning on putting the LK5 Pro together yourself.

Good quality – but can’t compete with commercial 3D printers

While not unusual for an FDM printer, especially one this affordable, the LK5 Pro isn’t capable of the kind of detail and resolution that more advanced FDM and resin printers can do.

While this is fine for all your hobbyist fun projects, if you’re in the need of a commercial 3D printer for rapid prototyping or other uses, you may want to look elsewhere.

LK5 Pro Review Plate

Longer LK5 Pro Full Specs

  • Build Volume: 300 x 300 x 400mm
  • Price: $319.99 — Available on Longer store here
  • Weight: 13.5kg
  • Slicer: Longer 3D Slicer, Cura, Repetier-Host
  • Layer Heights: 0.1 – 0.4mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Nozzle Temperature: 250℃
  • Heated Bed: No
  • Compatible Filaments: PETG, ABS, PLA, and Wood
  • Connectivity: USB Cable or SD Card
  • Enclosure: None
  • App Connectivity: None included, but possible via modifications due to open-source hardware
  • Extruder Type: Aluminum
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Type: FDM 3D Printer, 3D Printer Kit
  • Single or Dual Extruder: Single
  • Wi-fi: No
  • Frame: Aluminum, reinforced triangle design for stability and reliability during printing
  • Touchscreen: 4.3’’

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