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Main Specs: Labists X1 Mini

  • Company Manufacturer: Labists
  • Labists X1 Price: $149Available on Amazon here
  • 3D Printing Technology: FDM
  • Assembled or Kit: Kit
  • Labists X1 Mini Maximum Build Volume: 100 x 100 x 100 mm

Introduction: What is the Labists X1 Mini?

The Labists X1 Mini 3D printer was designed around the idea of introducing a small, affordable machine for newcomers and youngsters to begin their 3D printing journey.

One of the cheapest machines on the market, the X1 Mini offers an accessible way to engage in 3D printing without extensive engineering skills.

Labists X1 Mini Review

Shipped in only three parts, which take only around 30 minutes to assemble, the X1 should be any curious consumer’s first step into the world of 3D printing.

Mainly marketed as an educational tool, the X1 is one of the most popular 3D printers for beginners on the market today due to its easy setup, affordable price, safety of use, and relatively silent printing process.

While many newcomers to 3D printing have expressed enthusiasm for the machine, experienced 3D printers may overlook the X1 due to its simplicity and restricted options for size, accuracy, and compatible printing materials.

*Please note that the Labists X-1 Mini is currently sold out from all major online retailers. 

Labists X1 Mini Features

The Labists X1 Mini is easily assembled and ready to use right out of the box. Its lightweight frame makes it ideal for portability.

The printer includes three silenced motors, so it runs at only 60 decibels, making it ideal for home printing while you work or sleep.

As well as the necessary software, the X1 Mini comes with 10 meters of PLA plastic for immediate use, and a USB cable for computer connectivity.

The Labists X1 Mini is compatible with Cura, which comes with custom templates to ensure fast and easy printing projects from the very start.

Labists X1 Mini 3D Printer review

While it can only print using PLA material, 10 meters of which are included, the filament is fairly cheap to replace. Because of this, the X1 is an ideal tool for smaller 3D printing projects that don’t need to be particularly complex or accurate.

Labists X1 Mini Pros

  • Affordable: One of the cheapest 3D printers on the market, and well worth its price.
  • Beginner-Friendly: Easy to set up and use even for newbies.
  • Silent: The Labists X1 Mini prints quietly, making it ideal for overnight use.
  • Mobile: The X1 is lightweight and compact, making It easy to transport.
  • Eco-Friendly: With a low power consumption of 30W, the X1 mini is not only a greener machine, but also cheaper to use.
  • Out of the Box: This printer comes factory calibrated and ready for immediate use, making it a lower-hassle machine for those who just want to get up and go!
  • Safety Features: The power supply is safety-protected to avoid damages or accidents due to overheating or surges.

Labists X1 Mini Cons

  • Small Build Size: The X1 Mini is, as the name implies, a mini 3D printer. The build size limits the user to smaller 3D printing projects.
  • Simplicity Over Range: The X1 Mini is not built for more complex builds, and those looking to make bigger 3D printing projects may be disappointed by the limited options.
  • Light But Weak: The plastic frame, while light and easily mobile, is easily broken and susceptible to vibrations.
  • Short Shelf Life: The magnetic build plate will become warped by heat over time and need to be replaced sooner than most would like.
  • Limited Connectivity Options: The X1 Mini does not support WiFi printing, which may leave users used to wireless connections frustrated.
  • Limited Material Options: The X1 Mini is only compatible with PLAs. While this is enough for a wide range of projects, it does limit available projects.
  • Not Enclosed: The open printing area increases chance of warping.

Labists X1 Mini Full Specs

  • Labists X1 Mini Dimensions: 450 x 400 x 500mm
  • Weight: 1.9kg
  • Labists X1 Mini Minimum Layer Height: 50 Microns
  • Labists X1 Mini Print speed: 10 – 40mm/s
  • Heated Bed: No
  • Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
  • Single or Dual Extruder: Single
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature: 180°C
  • Maximum Heated Bed Temperature: N/A
  • Recommended Build Surface: Polyetherimide
  • Connectable: Yes
  • Touchscreen: Printing done through USB connection to a computer
  • Automatic Leveling: No
  • Frame Material: ABS Plastic
  • Build Platform Material: Plastic

What Parts Does the Labists X1 Mini Come With?

  • 10M 1.75mm PLA filament
  • Power supply cable
  • USB cable
  • Card reader
  • Filament holder
  • TF card

Material Specs

  • Compatible Materials / Filaments: PLA only
  • Material Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Third Party Material Compatible: No

Software Specs

  • 3D printer software: Cura
  • Compatible File Types: .STL / .OBJ / .GCODE
  • OS Compatible: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 (32bit & 64bit) and Mac OS

Where to Buy Labists X1 Mini


The Labists X1 Mini Printer isn’t taking home any awards for its complexity or range of uses, but for its price it is an excellent introduction to 3D printing for kids, teens, or adults.

While not a machine for connoisseurs, the average hobbyist will find the X1 to be very much worth the low price tag.

The small printing volume may turn most people away, but the size is ideal for 3D printing toys, figurines, and statuettes. However, the X1 is incapable of handling more intricate prints that require high accuracy.

Many people who get into 3D printing are often put off because of the complicated assembly process, but the Labists X1 Mini comes in only three parts that are easily put together.

If bought first-hand, the X1 comes with a 2 year worry-free warranty, though this is largely to compensate for the fragile plastic frame and magnetic bed that can become warped over time and with overuse.

Overall, many consumers praise the X1 Mini for its quiet printing and low price. While experts and 3D printing veterans will be underwhelmed by the limited project and material options, 3D printing beginners will find the X1 Mini an affordable and accessible introduction to the medium.

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