3D Printer Rankings

The 16 Most Valuable 3D Printing Companies & Manufacturers 2022

Media headlines concerning 3D printer companies are usually reserved for breakthroughs in 3D Bioprinting, or a metal 3D printer that can reduce part cost by 90%. These discoveries and innovations come with … Read more

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11 Great Online 3D Printing Services 2022

Despite 3D printers becoming significantly cheaper over the years, many individuals and companies are still understandably reluctant to purchase a printer outright. But though they cannot justify the cost based on limited … Read more

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7 Best Delta 3D Printers 2022 in Every Price Range

Named after the delta robots which inspired the RepRap Rostock and Kossel 3D printers, there are a number of small yet key differences between a delta 3D printer and a standard Cartesian … Read more

professional 3d software

Top 10 Professional 3D Modeling Software Tools 2022

Having previously scoured the best free software tools to create our best free software ranking, we felt we had to create a professional 3D software list for 3D design experts. We therefore … Read more

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The 7 Best 360 Cameras 2022 For All Price Ranges!

360 cameras, or 360 degree cameras, open up a whole new world of possibilities with photography and video, allowing you to capture scenes, landscapes and action sequences in a way that traditional … Read more

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Top 43 Fun 3D Printed Toys You Can Download Today!

3D printing has made exciting strides in practical uses over the years, but that doesn’t mean there’s no fun to be had. 3D printed toys can make for a great way to … Read more

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6 House 3D Printer Companies Constructing Our Future

With the house and construction 3D printing sector predicted to become a $40bn market by 2027, a number of companies have raced to create the first house 3D printers that can reliably … Read more

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The Complete Clay & Ceramic 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide

Whereas most 3D printing involves plastics or metals, a growing area is in ceramic 3D printing, especially 3D printing clay. Ceramic 3D printers can create intricate and precise clay 3D models, including … Read more

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The Top 10 Best Photogrammetry Software 2022 (4 are Free!)

The best photogrammetry software is a vital tool for architects, surveyors and engineers for creating topographic maps, meshes and points of clouds based on the real world. It’s also the easiest way … Read more

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The Top 10 Best Architecture Software 2022 (Beginner & Expert)

The best architecture software is a crucial tool for architects working on the digital design of buildings. It is used by architects to visualize, create, render, and document building designs using powerful … Read more

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Top 10 Most Stunning 3D Printed Jewelry Pieces 2022

Jewelry has always been associated with class – from the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London to the jewelry-clad ‘flapper’ dresses of the 1920s. Diamonds are a a girl’s best friend, … Read more

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16 Best Sites To Download STL Files & 3D Printer Models 2022

Downloading amazing STL files has never been easier. Not everyone has the time to develop their 3D design skills, and many just want to print fun models with their limited spare time. … Read more

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The 10 Most Exciting 3D Printed Cars & Supercars 2022

Cars are made from thousands of parts, including some that are incredibly intricate and difficult to make. Enter 3D printers — especially metal 3D printers — that can create these 3D printed … Read more

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The 10 Best 3D Cameras 2022 (For All Uses!)

3D cameras have gained massive popularity in the last few years, promising to revolutionize how we record ourselves and markedly improve drones and robots. What were once stereo cameras which created 3D … Read more

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The 10 Best Food 3D Printers 2022 (All Price Ranges!)

They’re here, and shaking up how we view and prepare food. Food 3D printers are usually hybrid FDM 3D printers that print food pastes rather than plastic filaments, printing delicious chocolate, jam … Read more

Best Cheap LCD 3D Printer Ranking Cover

5 of the Best Low Cost LCD 3D Printers 2022

Within the last year, cheap LCD 3D printers have completely changed how we perceive resin 3D printing. Once considered a more industrial 3D printing technology costing thousands of dollars for an entry-level … Read more

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The 10 Best Free 3D Printer Models on Thingiverse To Download Now!

So you’ve bought yourself a 3D printer, but now what to print? You’ll need some 3D printer models. The largest database for these 3D printer models is Thingiverse, with over a million … Read more

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20 Metal 3D Printer Manufacturers To Watch in 2022

While they used to be only industrial 3D printers, metal 3D printing is now becoming cheap and accessible enough for use in far lower cost rapid prototyping — thanks to companies like … Read more